Angel Number 101: What does this mean?

Angel Number 101: What does this mean?

Angel Number 101

What is the meaning and view of the number of angel number “101”?

An angel number is a message from an angel who brings happiness. The content of the message differs depending on the combination of numbers. If you often see the number “101”, read this article to understand what an angel wants to tell you.

How to read the angel number

The angel number does not interpret the meaning with the number “101”. Let’s interpret it including the meaning of the single numbers “1” and “0” that are composed, and the meaning of the number “2” that is the sum of all the numbers.

The angel number “101” can also be interpreted by dividing the number into “10” and “1”. Even with one angel number, the meaning of that number consists of various patterns. Let’s see the meaning of the angel number “101” in all patterns.

Meaning of the number of angel number “101”

Angel number “101” means that if you do things positively, things will go well. It’s not good to be obsessed with something. You need to think about timing and let go, and have a positive mindset.

Meaning of angel number “0”

“0” means the beginning and the end. In addition, “0” also has meanings such as origin, infinity, and eternity, and by including “0” in the angel number, the power of the number itself will be greatly strengthened.

Meaning of angel number “1”

“1” is also the beginning of the number and is a number that means a new start. If you’re wondering if you’re going to try something new, be willing to try to find yourself new. If you open a new door, you will grow bigger than ever.

Meaning of angel number “2”

“2” is a number that is divisible by an even number, and has the meaning of stability and gratitude as an angel number. There are many people who can’t express their gratitude to the other person. Be conscious of your words of gratitude so that you can say thank you. If you don’t forget to thank people on a regular basis, you will be able to live a stable life.

Meaning of angel number “10”

The meaning of the number “10” is confidence and balance. Besides, the angel is trying to give you a new spirituality. Therefore, different ways of thinking and values ​​will be born. At work, this spirit will help you grow and be successful at work.

15 messages from the angel of angel number “101”

What is the meaning of the message of angel number “101”?

Don’t forget to believe

Don’t you think “there is no message from an angel”? Angel number 101 is trying to tell you that belief is of utmost importance , even if you are invisible . People tend to believe what is good for them, such as fortune-telling and fortune-telling, but not what is bad.

Both are true. Be sure to accept and believe in bad things.

Calm no matter what

Angel number 101 tells you that even if you encounter any disadvantages or troubles, you will be calm and angry. If you hit a wall and deal with it with a calm judgment, everything will be fine. Being able to maintain a calm feeling at all times will lead to great mental growth.

Creative power dwells

Angel number 101 is trying to convey that by having creative power, you can succeed if you use that creativity in your work. When you look at the number 101, which is the angel number, you may come up with an idea. It could be the advice given by an angel.

I think there are many people who have suddenly come up with work ideas. It may be an idea given by an angel. Make full use of the ideas that come to your mind and make your work successful.

Decision is important

As the number “1” in angel number 101 means, it’s time for a new beginning. You may come across situations where you have to make various decisions. It is necessary for your growth to make confident decisions without fear of becoming a new self . Then a bright future will surely be waiting for you.

Keep peace in mind

“2”, which is the sum of the three digits of angel number 101, means stability. In that sense, he tells us to act with a peaceful heart. If you spend your time without competing with anyone, your relationships with your friends and colleagues will be good and you will be able to feel calm with each other.

Be confident in yourself

Angel number 101 is trying to tell you to choose and act with confidence. Everyone has anxiety and hesitation, but if you believe in yourself and push forward, you can lead to success and growth. Believe in the advice of angels and guide your problems to a solution.

Have a goal

Angel number 101 tells us that we always have goals, such as work. It is important to have goals to grow yourself. Set goals for everything you do, and if you don’t seem to be acting, set solid goals and work hard to achieve them. The angels will also help you succeed in the goals you have set.

Infinite possibilities

Angel number 101 is trying to tell you that you have infinite power. Not aware of that power, the angel is sending a message to unleash the unknown power that lies within you.

Do not set your own limits, but try new things and challenges. Then you can grow yourself further and succeed in various genres.

When you start seeing the number “101”, it’s time to believe and do what you may be sleeping in. I’m sure angels will help you too. Don’t hesitate to push forward and grab your success.

Discard negative emotions

Angel number 101 is trying to tell you that you are always positive thinking, throwing away negative thoughts. Angels hate negative emotions. Therefore, it is trying to get rid of the negative parts in your mind. By making everything positive, things that go wrong can lead to success.

Don’t forget your honest feelings

Angel number 101 is trying to convey that you will never forget your honest feelings. Honesty can be useful with friends and at work. Also, being honest will allow you to see your surroundings better and allow you to think and act flexibly.

Keep positive feelings

Angel number 101 is trying to convey that we will continue to be positive about the new beginning. Positive feelings can lead to success in your growth and work. A positive attitude also affects the people around you, so you can expect a synergistic effect.

It is also important to let go

Angel number “101” tells you that it is important to let go in order to change to your ideal self. What you let go is negative things such as attachment, ownership, worries, anxieties, and fears. Instead of trying to solve the problem on your own, letting go will make you think brighter and more optimistic than ever before.

Think flexibly

Angel number “101” tells you to think flexibly. If you’re having trouble with something and you’re stagnant, you may need to change your mind. Let’s think flexibly without changing the direction. That way, good changes and stagnant things should restart.

When changing to a new self

Angel number “101” tells us that it’s time to change to a new self. It’s time to change our values ​​and behaviors and move on to a new stage. Let’s graduate from our old self and change to our new self. That way, not only your appearance but also your inside will be polished and grown.

Leave yourself to the flow

Angel number “101” tells you to let the flow go. The “1” in angel number 101 means “turning point”. Therefore, some changes will occur to you. That change or turning point may not be what you want. But the changes and turning points needed to grow you. Let’s leave it to that change and turning point.

Message of angel number “101” <love>

What does the angel number “101” mean in love?

Feelings are transmitted

Angel number 101 is trying to tell the other person that their feelings are conveyed and their wishes come true. If you haven’t met, you can expect to meet the ideal man, and if you have a crush, you can expect to fulfill your love affair. If you already have a lover with both feelings, that feeling will come true if you have a desire or desire from the other party.

The number that you can’t get out of your head without being aware of it is the angel number. Be sure to understand and act on the messages of the angels, especially when it comes to love.

Abandon attachment

Angel number 101 tells us that if we have an obsession with an unforgettable person, we will abandon that feeling. If you lose your love, that feeling may not be cut off for a while. However, even if you are obsessed with it forever, you cannot proceed to a new romance and you cannot look forward.

Believe in the new beginnings contained in Angel Number 101 and break your existing attachment.

Believe in yourself and act

Angel number 101 tells love that if you believe in what you think and act, it will work . If you want to make a lover, your actions will have a big impact on your future romance. By actively going to various places in search of encounters, you can meet various men.

Accept the flow

Angel number 101 has a turning point included in the number “1”, so there is a change in romance. It may not be the romance you envisioned. However, it is a good idea to accept it for various experiences. That way, you can grow up for your love affair.

Message of angel number “101” <marriage>

What does the angel number “101” mean for marriage?

With honest feelings

Angel number 101 tells us that if you want to marry the person you’re currently dating, it’s important to speak up about that feeling. The discussion will lead to a marriage.

Value each other’s feelings

Angel number 101 is a number that symbolizes a new beginning. It can be said that this is the perfect time to get married. But while your timing is good, I don’t know if the other person has the same desire to marry as you. It is necessary to firmly judge with your own eyes whether the other person feels the same.

Marriage is only possible if the feelings of each other are in agreement. Let’s not proceed with the marriage story at our own discretion.

At important times such as marriage, angels may also send messages to matching couples. If you often see the same numbers at the same time, it’s a sign that the angel is trying to tell you something.

In particular, the number “101” informs each other that it is the best time to get married. If you get a message, let’s think about marriage.

It is important to be considerate of the other person

As is the case when you are dating, it is especially important to be considerate of the other person after you get married. As the years of marriage pass, the compassionate heart gradually diminishes. Angel number 101 tells us that we will never forget our compassionate heart even after we get married.

Message of angel number “101” <unrequited love>

Let’s see the meaning of the message for the unrequited love of angel number “101”.


Angel number 101 tells you to remember your positive mind, even if you are unrequited love and not confident in yourself. If you can’t get along with someone you have a crush on, and you have other rivals, everyone will give up.

However, even if you think that it may be difficult to fulfill your love affair, if you continue to attack positively, your strong feelings will be conveyed to the other party. You can also increase the success rate of romance fulfillment.

Message of angel number “101” <Farewell, broken heart, reunion>

Let’s take a look at the meaning of the message regarding the farewell, broken heart, and reunion of angel number “101”.

New encounters lead to growth

Angel number 101 tells you that if you’re about to break up with someone, it’s time to break up. It’s hard for everyone to say goodbye, but if they meet, they will say goodbye. The farewell will lead to the encounter with new people and will greatly grow you.

Overcoming a painful experience will surely change the way you think about love.

Don’t forget your positive feelings

Angel number 101 tells you to remember your positive feelings and head for a new romance, even if you are depressed and unable to get anything due to a broken heart. The more you love the other person, the greater the shock you get when you lose your love, but even if you drag it, nothing starts.

Therefore, the angel wants you to quickly regain your usual self and find a better love affair. Broken hearts are sad, but what you get from broken hearts is great and you will grow up unnoticed.

As you think

There are two messages about the reunion of angel number 101. The first is when the other person wants you to be reunited. In this case, I am telling you that you should not accept the reunion from the other party obediently. If you are betrayed by the other person, refuse the reunion and wait for a new encounter. The second is when you want your opponent to reconnect.

The two are separated once for some reason, but if you still want to be reunited and want to be together again, the angel is trying to convey that feeling to the other person. Only God knows if he can reconnect with the other person. However, if the two people’s feelings match, the reunion will surely come true, and the two people after the reunion will be connected with an even deeper bond.

The angel number conveys the message of reunion, but in order to reunite, you must abandon your old self and change. When you receive a message from an angel, let’s do what you can to protect it and head for reunion. If you do so, your feelings will be transmitted to the other party and your reunion will be successful.

Message of angel number “101” <Cheating / Affair>

Let’s take a look at the meaning of the message for cheating on angel number “101”.

When to change your mind

Angel number 101 encourages you to stop and rethink if you are dating someone and you are having an affair with someone else. If you don’t know what to do, the angel will give you some advice.

If you’re serious about having an affair, break up with the person you’re currently dating and start a new love affair.

Timing to rethink

Angel number 101 tells you if you have an affair, rethink if it really is the romance you envisioned. Affair has no particular happiness for each other. There is no bright future even if we continue to have a romance. You can lose everything if you get caught around. Let’s seriously consider whether there is a merit of having an affair even if you take such a risk.

A message from an angel can make a big difference in your life. What you have learned from experiencing an affair can always be applied to your future romance. Let’s have a wonderful romance next time as we grow up.

Message of angel number “101” <work>

Let’s take a look at the meaning of the message for the work of angel number “101”.

No matter what you do

Angel number 101 tells us that work luck is on the rise. Your creative power will make a big difference, and even if the task you are assigned to is difficult, it will lead to success. By challenging various things regardless of work, you will grow yourself as a member of society. Your boss also appreciates your positive attitude toward work.

If you come to see the number “101”, you have a chance to grow up for your job. No matter what you do, you will succeed, so work with confidence. Also, if you want to be promoted, now is your chance, so it’s time to show your motivation to work and appeal to others. Also, by taking this opportunity, you will be able to achieve great growth as a member of society.

Believe in yourself

Angel number 101 tells you that if you believe in yourself and challenge yourself, you will succeed . If you work in teamwork, keep in touch with the people around you and work systematically. I’m sure your colleagues will follow you with confidence.

Message of angel number “101” <home>

Let’s take a look at the meaning of the message to the household with angel number “101”.

Be honest

If you have any concerns at home, Angel Number 101 is trying to tell your family honestly without holding it alone. Problems in the home can only be solved by ourselves, not by anyone else. The angels will do their best to support your home. If we all overcome it, we can achieve great growth.

Message of angel number “101” <money / fortune>

Let’s see the meaning of the message for money and fortune of angel number “101”.

Waste is NG

Angel number 101 tells us that we will save well for the future, and if we eliminate waste, we will recover our fortune. Even if you feel like buying on impulse, you need to calm down and think about it.

Many people use numbers when it comes to gambling, so I think many people think that there are numbers that you often see. Everyone is worried about money luck. It is decided that the higher the fortune, the better. If the number you often see to increase your fortune is “101”, be patient with buying useless things and don’t lower your fortune.

You can’t expect money luck

Angel number 101 tells you that your fortune is not going up easily. Even if you work hard at your part-time job or work to increase your income, you may not see the improvement in your fortune as you wish. However, if you give up, your fortune will drop further, so it is important to manage your money well and save money in a planned manner . If you do so, it will gradually lead to an increase in your fortune.

Angel number 101 is a message that calls attention to money luck, so detailed information about money luck will appear in the fortune teller. However, if you consciously improve your bad luck, you can prevent it from getting worse. If you get a “101” message from an angel, be more careful about your fortune.

Message of angel number “101” <health>

Let’s take a look at the meaning of the message for health of angel number “101”.

Firmly manage your physical condition

Angel number 101 advises you to be careful about your physical condition. It is unlikely that you will get a major illness, but be careful as it is easy to get sick. For example, if you think you have a mild cold, pneumonia may worsen, so get a medical examination at the hospital as soon as possible.

Stabilize mental health

Angel number 101 is facing a new beginning. The environment may change drastically, and you may be mentally tired because you care too much about your surroundings. If you feel tired, improve your eating habits and sleep to heal your mind. By reviewing your daily life so that you do not get tired of your heart, you can stabilize your mental health in any situation.

It’s not good to try too hard. It is also important to take a good rest as much as you do your best. When you receive a message from an angel, follow the message and deal with it before it breaks.

Angel number “101” is a new beginning!

I introduced the message that angels are trying to convey to us in various genres about angel number 101. How was it? Angel number 101 is a number that symbolizes a new beginning. Those who want to start new things, those who are facing a new environment, etc. should challenge with confidence. A new beginning will make you grow big.

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