Angel Number 123: What does this mean?

Angel Number 123: What does this mean?

Angel Number 123

For those who often see the number 123 or are curious for some reason.

It is believed that the numbers have waves and frequencies. Scholars such as Pythagoras have also preached that the essence of all things is numbers.

Angel numbers are basically three-digit numbers, but each number and the way the numbers are arranged are also meaningful. What kind of message is contained in the numbers we see, or the numbers we see over and over again?

The meaning of angel number “1” is “take a step”

First, let’s look at the meaning of each number in the angel number “123”.

The number “1” begins

The number “1” marks the beginning. It also means upgrading everything from new plans to decisions. It is also a “1” to remind us that we are all one and that our thoughts are connected under the subconscious.

Take a step towards achieving your life goals and missions

Taken together, it hides the meaning of letting go of all negative emotions such as fear and suspicion, and now it’s time to take a step towards achieving your life goals and missions. If we can take that step, the angels will surely watch over and support us.

The meaning of angel number “2” is “keep courage”

Next to “1” is “2”. According to numerology, which has been used as a fortune-telling since ancient times , “1” stands for yang and “2” stands for yin.

The number “2” is peace and cooperation

As you can see from the Yin-Yang symbols, they appear to be paired, the two are relative, and the other in one keeps them in harmony with each other. For this reason, the number “2” is a number that represents peace and cooperation.

Keeping courage and trust

When the number “2” is included in the angel number, it means that you want peace and are supportive of others. On top of that, the angels send a message to maintain courage and trust.

In “123”, “2” is the middle number, but in the 3-digit angel number, the message of the middle number is said to be particularly strong.

The meaning of angel number “3” is “follow your intuition and achieve your goals.”

Looking at the meaning of “3” in numerology, “3” is 1 + 2. It is also a symbol of newly born life because it is a number born from two numbers, “1” and “2”. And because it’s something new , it’s also related to creativity.

The “3” is also a symbol of the Trinity, but the soul, spirit, and body show the essence of God.

Ascended masters will help

For this reason, angel number “3” contains the message that you should achieve your goals and aspirations by using your creative abilities according to your inner wisdom and intuition.

It also shows that there is an ascended master nearby to support it. Ascended masters are priests and healers who have existed in the world, such as Christ and Buddha. Generally, it is thought that there is an ascended master who is close to your religious view and way of thinking.

The numerological meaning of angel number “123” is “let go of material attachment”

In numerology, each number is added up to a single digit, and the meaning is deciphered from that number. Since “123” is 1 + 2 + 3 = 6, the essence of the number 6 is also hidden.

The “6” symbol is a hexagram, which is a combination of two triangles. The “3” symbolizes creativity, but it is made up of a combination of creativity toward space and creativity pointing to the earth.

Letting go of attachment to material things

Also, if you think of “6” as 3×2, you will arrive at “love” by multiplying the “3” of creativity and the “2” that represents harmony. “Love” is unconditional love that does not seek or impose in return.

The hidden meaning of “6” is that we must balance mental and material life. It tells us that we must let go of our attachment and worry about material things.

Basic message of angel number “123” “Simplify your life”

The angel number “123” contains a message from the angel to simplify life. Or it may mean that it’s time to reset your life.

Entrust everything to the great wisdom and God

Please let go of irrelevant and unnecessary items. In particular, remove things that try to keep you away from your goals and objectives, waste time, and thoughts.

Great wisdom, ask God for help and entrust everything. By doing so, angels and ascended masters will surely support you.

Message about the course of life of angel number “123” “Concentrate only on what you really need to do”

What is blocking your goals may be unnecessary stress. Don’t be distracted by things or people unrelated to you. The angels warn you to focus on what you really need to do and not use extra energy.

You may be the one who makes life difficult. The simpler your thoughts are, the faster your direction and purpose will be clear and real.

Listen to your inner voice and focus only on what’s important

If you’re wondering what to do now, ask the angels for help. Listen to your inner voice. Inspiration and intuition are the answers that angels give.

New beginning

“123” is also a number that means a new beginning. Focus only on what’s important to your life and let go of all the old things, such as your thinking and behavioral habits.

Then a lot of new things will come in. And your potential will expand and you’ll get something better than ever.

Message about the work of angel number “123” “Review the current amount of work and its contents”

The angels are telling us to review the current amount of work and its contents. If you have a lot of work and you feel that you are not getting good results, think about ways to do it more efficiently.

Let’s organize the work procedure a little, such as whether there was any wasted work. You may be able to save time by reviewing the method. If you have time to spare, you can try things you couldn’t do before.

Think of a new way without sticking to the old way

Or, instead of sticking to the old way, think of a new way. Rather than holding everything on your own, sometimes you need to ask the people around you for help. By sharing the work, you will get results, which will lead to your evaluation.

Message about money of angel number “123” “Review the balance”

Angel number “123” tells you to review your balance. By reducing unnecessary expenses, you may have more money than you think.

Savings increase by eliminating waste

For example, are you spending unnecessary entertainment expenses? If you’re invited, don’t you just refuse and act together? Only deepen relationships with people you think are really important. Savings will increase by eliminating waste.

Decluttering is also effective. Let’s sell the disused items in the room and make your surroundings refreshed.

Message about the health of angel number “123” “Are you mentally tired?”

“Are you mentally tired lately?” The angels say. Even if you don’t feel any physical discomfort, you may be tired or stressed at work. Let’s take a little rest.

Review your lifestyle

Also, if you are feeling sick, it is time to review your lifestyle such as eating. Eat as much food as you need. And try to live a regular life.

Message about love with angel number “123” “Think things a little simpler”

The angels are telling us to think things a little simpler. If you’re having trouble with a person you’re dating, just think about what makes them happy. Anxiety and such negative emotions may complicate the relationship between the two. Don’t worry about it.

The romance that you envisioned will come true

Also, if you have a crush, please be honest with your feelings. If you decide to confess, let go of the fear of what to do if you refuse … and tell with courage.

The law of the universe is simply made. The romance you envisioned will come true.

Message about broken heart of angel number “123” “There is an encounter that heals a broken heart”

Frequently seeing angel number “123” when you are depressed and broken heart implies that you have an encounter that will heal your injured heart. I have a feeling that a new love will begin.

Leave yourself to the flow of nature

You may not be able to act positively yet, but believe that there will be more wonderful encounters in the future.

Don’t pretend to be yourself by acting cheerfully. The point is to let the flow of nature take over.

Message about the reunion of angel number “123” “Let’s let go of attachment”

If you are thinking about reunion, you need to take some time to organize your mind. The angels are urging you to let go of your attachment.

Think slowly about why you want to reconnect with that person. Is that person really indispensable in the future of life?

Perhaps you are suffering because you can’t throw away the memories you had when you were dating.

Try to cut off the things around you

Organize your mind and cut off the things around you. What emotions do you have after that?

If there is only love and gratitude for the other person, please convey that feeling honestly. After that, it’s up to you, so don’t be obsessed with it, even if you don’t get the results you want.

Message about marriage of angel number “123” “Please calmly think about whether you can share the future with the other person”

The angels are telling you to calmly think about whether the other person is a good person to share with you in the future. Don’t put it off.

Life design

How will you live two people three years later, two people five years later, and ten years later? How many children do you have and where and how do you live? Think concretely about your life plan.

Can you imagine a happy marriage?

If you can clearly imagine a happy marriage, decide now to move towards it. If you can’t imagine, it’s not good for each other to continue this sly dating. You should think carefully and come to a conclusion.

Think about what you want to be

When you think about your marriage, you may be worried, but the important thing here is “what do you want to be in the future?” Think positively. The angels will help you in the best direction for you.

Message about divorce of angel number “123” “Think simple”

If you decide to divorce, just proceed. You should no longer be obsessed with your marriage. A new life is waiting. Break it down here and move on to the next stage.

Let go of negative emotions and think calmly

Also, if you’re worried about getting divorced, think about why you can’t make it. There must have been something that made me think about divorce. Please calmly look back on the history so far.

Think simple

When in doubt, the angels tell you to let go of negative emotions such as fear and attachment and think simply. Only you can make the decision.

When you see the angel number “123”, let’s look at yourself again

When you see the angel number “123”, look at yourself again. What was your original purpose and goal? On top of that, where are you standing now?

If there are any obstacles to achieving that, they need to be removed. Distinguish between what you need now and what you don’t, and let it go if you don’t need it.

Let go of everything you don’t need

Also, let’s leave it to others for work. Let go of what you don’t need in terms of time, space, and everything.

By doing so, new luck may come in. Think of letting go as not a minus, but creating a place for better things than ever before.


If you look closely at the angel number “123”, it may be a harbinger of new luck. Letting go of what you don’t need, both in your heart and around you, may bring you a wonderful turning point in your life. Believe in the messages of the angels.

Important meaning when seeing angel number “123”

  • The meaning of the angel number ” 1 ” is “Take a step”
  • The meaning of the angel number ” 2 ” is “Keep courage”
  • The meaning of the angel number ” 3 ” is “Follow your intuition and achieve your goals.”
  • The numerological meaning of the angel number ” 123 ” is “let go of material attachment”
  • Basic message “Simplify your life”
  • Message about the course of life “Focus only on what you really need to do”
  • Message about work “Review the current amount of work and its contents”
  • Message about money “Review your income and expenditure”
  • Health message “Are you mentally tired?”
  • Message about love “Think things a little simpler”
  • Message about broken heart “There is an encounter that heals a broken heart”
  • Message about reunion “Let’s let go of attachment”
  • Marriage message “Think calmly if you can share the future with your partner”
  • Divorce Message “Think Simple”
  • When you see the angel number “123”, let’s look at yourself again
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