Banana Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Banana Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Banana Dream

What does banana mean in dream interpretation?

Financial wealth

The banana dream represents “financial wealth” in dream fortune telling. It means that you can afford to live a prosperous life because you can afford it. It also expresses your desire to be financially rich, even if you are not really late for your rich life. Bananas are rich in nutrients, so that’s why they are expressed in richness.


Banana dreams also have other implications in dream fortune telling. It represents your potential. It may be the power to love. Maybe it is the power to work. It has the power to boost your fortune in your power.

However, there are many situations with bananas. The interpretation of fortune-telling varies depending on who handles bananas, what happens to bananas, and the content of dreams. Let’s take a closer look. This time I would like to introduce it along with 15 examples.

Dream fortune telling from the situation of bananas

Dream to buy a banana

If you dream of buying a banana, dream divination implies that your luck is rising. The luck in this case is not particularly fixed, which means that the luck will increase overall. It may be love luck or health luck. Or it may meet the desire you want to fulfill now.

Bananas are a symbol of good luck. So, if you dream of buying a banana, you are happy. Also, considering the situation of buying bananas, the action of buying is an expression of the desire to satisfy the desire. By buying it and getting it, your happiness is increasing.

Dreams of cutting bananas

If you dream of cutting a banana you bought, dream divination means that you are in a state of mental stability. Are you now living without stress and dissatisfaction and without stress? This spiritual allowance also leads to increased financial luck.

Cutting a banana has the meaning of cutting off something you don’t need. So even if you have been wasting money, you will not waste more and your wallet will be rich enough to save.

Dreams of eating bananas

If you dream of eating a banana, dream fortune telling describes the state of your life. If you have a dream of eating a banana deliciously, it means that you are not only financially healthy, but healthy and healthy. Isn’t your life very enjoyable and fulfilling now?

But if your banana was a bad dream, dream fortune telling you’re in a bad shape. I’m in a situation where I’m having trouble, and things aren’t going as expected, and I’m having trouble getting results.

Stress relief is key!

Even if you eat a delicious banana and lead a fulfilling life, or if you are suffering from the situation where eating bad bananas does not make things go as you want, it is important not to save stress. If you try to relieve stress moderately, your luck will increase.

A dream to get a banana

If you dream of getting a banana, dream fortune telling shows that your fortune is going up. However, it is not a sudden increase in fortune and winning a lottery, or such an increase in fortune. It means that you can finally see the results of the work you have accumulated so far and be evaluated by others.

And if you can be promoted by recognizing the achievements, your salary will also increase, which means that your luck is rising. I’m glad that I’ve worked hard up until now, but it’s a dream that it will increase my fortune.

A dream to throw away bananas

If you dream of throwing away bananas, dream fortune telling means throwing away the things you no longer need. Perhaps you are having a bad day and want to refresh your mind. And if you’re dreaming about throwing out rotten bananas, there’s a hint that the spending habit will heal.

On the other hand, if you had a dream of throwing out a fresh banana, it means you’re just starting to make money. If you go out shopping, you may end up buying that too, so it’s best not to go where you shop.

Dream fortune telling from the state of bananas

Dreams of banana decay

If you have a dream of rotting bananas, dream fortune telling means that relationships have fallen. You may have been swayed by people around you. My body and mind are very tired. There is a possibility that you have fallen into a poor physical condition due to the unstable situation.

Now that the relationships have deteriorated and it may not be possible to rely on other people, there is always someone who can assist you. Let’s rely on the person you trust the most. If you are unwell, you should immediately take a rest and see a doctor.

A dream with many bananas

If you are dreaming with lots of bananas, dream fortune telling has different meanings depending on how you feel and see many bananas. If you feel a lot of bananas and are positive, it means that you are living a rewarding life.

I am busy every day, but I am able to spend fulfilling days with satisfaction. But if you’re tired of seeing so many bananas, dream telling means you’re dissatisfied with the situation. Moreover, it can be said that the dissatisfaction is deep-rooted.

A dream with insects in the banana

If you have a dream that a banana contains insects, dream fortune telling means that you will be in trouble. It’s not a big problem, but many small ones. Many insects that attach to bananas are small, so it can be interpreted as a small problem.

If it’s a small problem, you don’t have to worry so much, but if you continue to do so many times, you will get tired. Moreover, since troubles are likely to occur at work, you must be careful even though it is small. Keep an eye out for it.

Dream fortune telling from the type of banana

A dream that bananas are fresh

If the kind of banana you dreamed of was a fresh banana, dream fortune telling means that your love luck will continue to rise. Is there someone you are interested in or who has a crush on you now? If so, you may develop into a romantic relationship with that person.

If you have a dream of a fresh banana, there are hints that even a little ambition about love will come true. So even if you have a single-minded person who you thought was impossible, don’t be afraid to be brave and confess. Also, if you already have a lover, you will get closer to that person.

Dream of green banana peel

If you have a dream that the banana peel is green, dream fortune telling means you can’t afford it. In particular, it means that you can afford to live in financially. If your dream is to turn a green skin into a yellow one, you’ll be able to afford it little by little.

A dream that bananas are ripe

If you dream of a ripe type of banana, dream fortune telling has the opposite meaning of a green banana, which means you can afford. It means that we are very happy, financially and mentally. Ripe bananas may have appeared in my dreams because I can live a happy life every day.

Dream fortune telling from the results of bananas

Falling on a banana peel

If you have a dream of falling on a banana peel, dream fortune telling shows that you are inadvertent and make a big mistake. It’s a dream of warning you. What I want to pay particular attention to is work. Are you in charge of a job that can make a big difference in your work? If so, proceed carefully.

If you work with caution because you are used to working, you will definitely make a big mistake. Try to work more carefully than ever. Instead of trying to do something on your own, try to act carefully with the help of others because you have this dream.

A dream of cooking with bananas

If you dream of making delicious food with bananas, dream fortune telling you will change your life. Perhaps living with your lover may begin. Or you might get married. In any case, it makes sense to add happiness to your life.

A dream of missing a banana

If you dream of a banana that you missed eating, dream fortune telling means you’re not satisfied with the status quo. Your desires are not satisfied in all aspects, such as work achievements and appetite, and you are frustrated. It may be stressful.

However, if you keep doing this, you will feel sick. To avoid stress, try to improve your life now first. This will gradually improve your unsatisfied desires.

Dream of harvesting bananas

If you dream of harvesting bananas, dream fortune telling means that your achievements will be evaluated. You must have worked hard and worked hard every day. The result will finally take shape. Your fortune will also rise and you will be able to lead a comfortable life every day.

Banana dream fortune tells you to be financially and mentally rich!

Banana’s dream fortune-telling results were mostly financial and mental. After all, dreaming of a banana seems to have a meaning related to money and work luck. What banana dream did you have? Based on the interpretation of dream fortune telling, let’s make an effort to become more economically rich.

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