Lilac Flower: Meaning & Symbolism

Lilac Flower: Meaning & Symbolism Flowers have always been with people’s lives. Flowers are everywhere around us, so we sometimes wonder about the meanings and symbols behind them. In this article, let’s learn about the meaning and symbol of the lilac flower. The meaning of lilac flowers All flowers are known to have different meanings, … Read more

Hydrangea Flower: Meaning & Symbolism

Hydrangea Flower: Meaning & Symbolism Origin and culture of hydrangeas Hydrangea is native to Asia and South America. It is said that the flower was brought back to Europe on the first Dutch East India Company ship. The word hydrangea is derived from the Greek words hydros meaning water and angos meaning pot. The plant … Read more

Viburnum dilatatum: Everything about this plant!

Viburnum dilatatum: Everything about this plant! Tree The leaves are serrated and wrinkled. It is a wonderful plant with beautiful fruits like jewels in autumn. The color of the fruit is mainly red, but it also has various colors, including yellow. Also, it is a shrub that grows up to 2 to 3 meters tall. … Read more

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