December 18 Zodiac: Astrological Sign and Horoscope

December 18 Zodiac: Astrological Sign and Horoscope

December 18 Zodiac

What do you do when you have a love affair? One way is to get advice from friends and seniors, but there are times when that doesn’t help.

Fortune-telling is recommended at such times. Among them, the birthday fortune-telling is popular.

You can even know the tendency, personality, and compatibility of romance! Let’s improve your luck with birthday fortune-telling to have a more wonderful romance.

Basic personality born on December 18 “I hate to lose”

For women

  • Pros: Hard worker
  • Pros: High management ability
  • Pros: Sociable
  • Cons: Strict to others
  • Cons: Unplanned cannot be forgiven
  • Cons: I’m not good at spoiling

She is talkative, friendly, and hardworking, so she is quick to get used to the group, but she is quite stubborn on the inside. It seems that it is easier to be alone because there are strict points for myself and others and I am not good at spoiling. I have a habit of being extremely competitive and disliked, comparing myself with others and becoming isolated.

Because of her independence, she rarely relies on friends and lovers and wants to solve everything herself. I’ll do my best to plan so that I can do it alone, but if something unexpected happens, I’ll be overwhelmed. At work, I usually go according to plan, but love doesn’t go so well, and I can’t hide my clumsiness.

For men

  • Pros: Logical
  • Pros: Clean
  • Pros: Confident and clear
  • Cons: arrogance
  • Cons: I hate to lose
  • Cons: selfish

It has a refreshing and a little cold impression, but its logical and clean attitude gives it such an impression. I am confident and determined in my judgment, so it seems unlikely that I will overturn my decision or regret it later.

A clear attitude is easy to interact with and there is no indecision. However, it seems that it has become self-centered because it is too much, and it keeps people around. The cause of a lone wolf is the unyielding nature that he always wants to win compared to others. Because of his independence, he has a strong personality to move forward without worrying about being isolated.

Compatibility diagnosis born on December 18th

The love tendency is “I can’t throw it out”

For women

In the case of women, the spirit of hard work is demonstrated and they dislike throwing out on the way. Even if there is a crack with my lover, I try to repair it by force and it seems that I often get hurt as a result. Even if I lose my feelings, I tend to have a romance that leaves nothing behind because I have a sly relationship with them.

If something unexpected happens, your planning will be blown away and you will not be able to pass through your core. You will not be able to express your opinion clearly and it will frustrate the other party. Since I don’t have the ability to correct the trajectory, I need to be patient with or rely on the other person, but my personality that I can’t rely on others obediently makes love difficult.

For men

Normally, clear judgment and cleanliness shine, but when it comes to romance, the opposite is true. The indecisive side confuses women. It seems that once you have a bond, you lose sight of yourself because of the obsession that you have to work hard to make yourself happy.

Basically I like one person, so I often get confused when I have a lover, and the strength goes somewhere. I want to realize my dream of being a lover, but I ignore each other’s emotions

It seems that it will run. Since they try to manage to the very limit of bankruptcy, there is a possibility that after getting married, they will act in an impossible way, such as “let’s get married, let’s break up.”

Destined person’s birthday

  • December 22

It is a partner who seems to have the same values ​​and similar values. The difference is that you are good at spoiling. It teaches us the importance of spending time with a moderate amount of respect and respect for each other. I am very shy, but once I open my heart, I try to understand my lover thoroughly.

A birthday that goes well with being born on December 18th

  • March 18
  • June 17
  • September 16

On March 18th, flexible and keen insights will reveal your true intentions. It has a strong ability to correct the trajectory even if a crack occurs. June 17th is full of kindness and will be generous even if the other party is clumsy. On September 16th, you won’t get tired even if your energy is strong and you are swayed by you. Rather, it is the property of being able to lead others with accurate judgment.

Birthday that is incompatible with being born on December 18th

  • January 27
  • March 7
  • April 16

January 27th is impatient with high ideals. I hate indecisive people and will cut them off. March 7th is affectionate but very delicate. It’s going to hurt your words and actions. On April 16th, we will prioritize ourselves over others, so we will not be able to get closer to each other.

Changes in the fortunes of life born on December 18th

Changes in overall luck

It will be sluggish until the 20s, but he has great luck to continue to rise from there for the rest of his life. Since I am in my twenties, I have been suffering from financial luck, and my love luck has temporarily declined, but I am always confused.

If you can control your feelings of love, your overall luck will be more stable and you may be influenced by love. However, since he is a hard worker and has management ability, he can meet a profession that suits his body while he is young, and he seems to be able to spend a fulfilling time even if he fails a little due to romance. If self-control is demonstrated even in love, you will be able to get a lot of happiness.

Transition of love luck

The chances of romance and marriage continue until the age of 30. However, if you do not overcome the indecisive part of love and leave it alone, you will miss the marriage period.

There is a high possibility that not only the marriage period but also the chance to start a love affair will be passed through. Whether or not you can express your opinion clearly in a love scene without being swayed by emotions will determine your love luck.

Transition of money luck

Although it has been declining since the 40s, it is normal for people to fall because of their strong fortune. It seems that if you enrich your private life and get a sense of spiritual satisfaction while you are young, you will be able to use your money correctly and your income and expenditure management will be successful.

Transition of work luck

You can work harder than others, and at work you can control your mind and move, so you will continue to be blessed with opportunities. If you are not overconfident and humble, you will have long-lasting success.

Advice for your life

Although you are blessed with overall luck, in the second half of your life you will see some troubles with your partner and a decline in your fortune, so please do not judge by inertia. The first half of my life up to my 40s is very important. If you have enriched your personal life and gained spiritual affluence to that extent, you will be able to solve any difficulties you face.

On the other hand, if you close your eyes to your weaknesses and pretend you don’t know, you may be greatly frustrated and fall to the bottom. The more you improve your sense of balance between emotion and reason, the more your life will blossom.

It’s good to interact with different types of people and broaden your sense of values, so sometimes you can spend your time alone with friends and lovers to discover new things.

December 18th birth flower and birthstone

Birth flower is “cherry sage”

It is a Labiatae plant called cherry sage, and its flower language is “burning thoughts,” “wisdom,” and “respect.” The place of origin is the warm region of southern America and Mexico. The flower is shaped like a cylinder, and the tip is divided into two parts, which is characterized by the shape of a human lips.

As the name suggests, the leaves give off a sweet scent like cherries. It is used as an herb because of its fragrance, and is especially effective as an insect repellent. It is often used to exterminate aphids.

It is a plant that many people love for gardening because its flowers continue to bloom from May to November and have an insect repellent effect. Since it requires sunlight, it is more suitable for garden planting than indoors, and it is taller, so it is often grown in a large garden.

Birthstones are “Chrysoprase” and “Tanzanite”

Chrysoprase is a stone with an impressive gentle green.

It’s a good idea to wear it if you want an axis for love or work, or if you want stability. It is a gemstone that works on the mind, so it is useful when feelings are unstable. Tanzanite is a birthstone with an impressive deep blue color.

An ore that works at the beginning and end of things. Recommended when you want to complete your work or start a love affair. If you use it in a romantic scene where you wish for a good relationship, it will give you power. In romance, it not only supports the start, but also has the effect of leading to true love.

Good compatibility items that you want to check together

The lucky item on December 18th is “Sky Photograph”

It’s a good idea to decorate a photo of the sky that will expand your mind. Try to fit the large format in the frame you like. It’s also good to go take a picture of the landscape yourself. Now that you can easily buy a single-lens reflex camera, you can take a photo as a hobby.

Lucky color on December 18 is “blue purple”

The melancholy bluish purple brings luck. It’s a color that you don’t often see in clothes, but it’s easy to incorporate in accessories, so please use it as a casual dressing item.


I don’t know what happens in the middle of life. Especially love. Since there is no correct answer like this, I am worried, and in many cases my feelings go up and down and it does not go well.

In such a case, it is important to take a deep breath slowly and look at yourself calmly. Try to evoke a feeling of being obedient to others and rely on your lover. If you think you are stumbling on the same thing, stop and look back and the hint of happiness may be hidden.

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