December 19 Zodiac: Astrological Sign and Horoscope

December 19 Zodiac: Astrological Sign and Horoscope

December 19 Zodiac

What kind of personality do people born on December 19th have? Looking at and knowing your personality objectively will surely help you when you have trouble later. Also, when you want to make a decision, you are worried about your fortune. Introducing the transition of luck such as love luck and money luck. We also introduce lucky items and oils that go well with each other, so please try to incorporate them into your daily life.

Basic personality born on December 19th “Energetic and positive”

Blessed with talent, always energetic and positive. Remarks and actions have a great influence and have a charm that moves people around them.

He has a desire to face any difficulties and challenge anything. This power affects not only work but also romance. You may be damaged, but you can overcome it with a personality that you don’t like to lose.

For women

  • Pros: Active
  • Pros: Affectionate
  • Pros: I hate to lose
  • Cons: Hardship
  • Cons: There is a dark side
  • Cons: I’m not good at patience

Everything has the power to move straight and steadily. I don’t like to lose, so sometimes I’m so depressed that I can’t recover from my failure, but I’ll start to get up again soon. You can also care about your surroundings, so basically you will follow them as well.

However, if you don’t always get the attention of others, you may become a selfish dictator when you are not satisfied and uneasy.

There is also a slightly dark side, so sometimes you may feel depressed and lose the energy to live. Also, suddenly you may get caught up in violent emotions. It may affect not only your personal life but also your work.

For men

  • Pros: Powerful
  • Pros: Insightful
  • Pros: Bold
  • Cons: Lack of humor
  • Cons: Strong desire for self-revealing
  • Cons: Hardship

Very powerful, dynamic and insightful. Because you can think boldly, you can be trusted by others and make the most of your talents. You can work hard and gain experience from a young age.

I choose to struggle because of my personality, and sometimes I feel like I’m being swept away by negative thoughts, but I also have the strength to overcome it. I am not good at relaxing my shoulders because I am strict about my actions. Therefore, it also has a stiff image. It will be liked by young people such as juniors because it has a free spirit at its own pace.

Compatibility diagnosis born on December 19th

Love tendency “keeps lover under control”

A powerful and dynamic personality also affects romance and tends to unknowingly try to put a lover under his control. You will ask the other person for the same affection as you, and you will interfere in various ways. It’s easy to forget to be considerate of the other person just by giving in to the other person and hitting your feelings.

For women

She has a loving personality, and when she was young, she had many intense romance. If you find someone who feels compassion for each other, you will be able to build a long-term relationship like a lover.

She is also very active in romance. This power of action can sometimes be brave, or you can rush too fast and stumble, but in most cases you will get good results.

For men

When you are young, the push is strong, and it may appear that you are sticking around. However, as you get older, you will become more attractive by gaining experience and knowledge, and you will be approached by many women.

We value relationships of trust in romance. As a result, they tend to have romantic relationships with people who are close to them, such as colleagues at work or private friends, and who know each other well. Therefore, you can maintain a passionate relationship like a lover even in your marriage.

Destined person’s birthday

  • December 21

A birthday that goes well with being born on December 19th

  • March 19
  • June 18
  • September 17

Birthday that doesn’t go well with being born on December 19th

  • January 28
  • March 8
  • April 17

Changes in the fortunes of life born on December 19th

Changes in overall luck

Overall luck tends to go up and down extremely. Fortunes decline in the 20s, and the slump continues until the 40s. Behavioral power is required, but intense action and emotional ups and downs can raise or lower luck. Fortune gradually rises from the 40s and peaks in the 50s. It will fall again after the 50s, but will rise from the mid-60s.

Transition of love luck

Love luck peaks in the teens and 20s. After that, it begins to decline gradually, and luck does not rise until the 70s. Therefore, there are many chances of romance in teens and 20s, and if you can find a fateful partner at this time, you also have a chance to get married.

However, since people in their thirties will enter a period of stagnation, chances of encounters will decrease. It seems that the period of not being convinced of the reality and not developing into romance or marriage will continue.

Transition of money luck

Money luck rises from teens, and luck peaks in the thirties. However, this boom does not last long and will soon begin to decline. If you enter a period of stagnation from your late 40s, it will not rise in a favorable period thereafter. Fortune enters a period of stagnation, but the rate at which luck declines depends on how much you save by your thirties.

Transition of work luck

Work luck will rise until the 40s, and it will be a good period. You will be successful at work during this time. However, it starts to decline gradually after the 40s, and tends to decline significantly in the 50s. After that, luck will continue to be sluggish.

Advice for your life

People around you are also swung around by your behavior and emotions, and your luck goes up and down. By thinking about your surroundings and taking careful actions, you can minimize the ups and downs of your luck. Also, regarding love luck, although it was good when you were young, your luck declines as you get older.

The life after that will change greatly depending on whether you can meet your destined partner during the good season. If you want to get married, it’s important not to miss this opportunity during the boom. It is necessary to try to look deeply inside the other person, not just the appearance and surface.

Work luck and money luck peak in their 30s and 40s. Your luck will be stable by continuously demonstrating your innate ability to act. Sometimes it is necessary to take a drastic action, but it will greatly affect your fortune, so be sure to act systematically. In addition, having an older counselor will stabilize your fortune.

December 19th birth flower and birthstone

Birth flower is “Begonia”

Begonia is the birth flower for those born on December 19th. There are many varieties of begonia, and among them, the ornamental ones that produce beautiful flowers are called flower begonia. Begonia has multiple flower words, but the meaning depends on the color of the flower. There is also a flower word called unrequited love, but it comes from the fact that the shape of the leaves looks like a distorted heart.

Birthstone is “opal”

The birthstone for those born on December 19th is opal. Opal is a bright stone that brings hope to the darkness of life. There are stone words to get rid of melancholy, to cheer up the body, and to bring good luck.

It also acts like a teacher who teaches you how to hold your heart to enjoy life more. It broadens your horizons and invites new values.

Good compatibility items that you want to check together

Lucky item on December 19th is “Ribbon”

The lucky item for those born on December 19th is the ribbon. It is good to attach a hair accessory with a ribbon motif, and if you are uncomfortable with attaching a ribbon to your head, it is also recommended to attach it to the back accent. Ribbons are feminine items, so just attaching them will increase your female power.

Lucky color on December 19th is “blue”

The lucky color for those born on December 19th is blue. There are various colors even if you say blue in a word. A refreshing blue, a deep blue that calms you down.

It is good to find your favorite blue and incorporate it into clothes and accessories, and it is a color that is easy to incorporate into a part of the interior. Please try to incorporate it into your daily life.


How was it? Those born on December 19th are active, and their power affects their surroundings. However, it can sometimes make you look selfish or swing around, and even your fortune can be greatly up or down.

You can also change your fortune by caring for others and acting carefully. It is also important to look after yourself in order to stabilize your luck.

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