December 27 Zodiac: Astrological Sign and Horoscope

December 27 Zodiac: Astrological Sign and Horoscope

December 27 Zodiac

Basic personality born on December 27, “active”

For women


  • Pros: Hard worker who can identify the essence of things, quick change of mind
  • Cons: weak constitution, weakness of one person, low self-evaluation

She has the power to discern the essence of things and can work diligently toward her goals, but she is not confident in herself because of her low self-esteem. I’m often losing because I’m not confident.

In addition, as you push forward to achieve your goals, you may find yourself on a difficult path, but your friends, family, and other people close to you may also be involved in the suffering.

For men


  • Pros: Hardworking, strong-willed, well-planned
  • Cons: withdrawal, weakness, narrow vision

He has a strong will, strives from a young age, and accumulates experience, so he is trusted by others. With this strength of will, you will be recognized in your work, and you will be confident in yourself and will be approached in many ways. However, there are some aspects that I am not good at taking action from myself because of withdrawal thinking.

Compatibility diagnosis born on December 27

The tendency of love is “Women are positive, men are withdrawn”

Those born on December 27th have slightly different romance tendencies between men and women. Women approach aggressively, but men are not good at taking action on their own.

For women: For women, you want to love rather than be loved, and when you find someone you like, you can actively hit your feelings against the other person. I can’t give up on a few things, and I will patiently hit the opponent.

If you have a lover, you don’t have to flirt at all, but when your love ends, you tend to switch your mind to the next love because you are not good at being alone.

For men: When it comes to romance, I’m not good at taking action on my own. In many cases, even if you have a favorite person, you end up with a single thought, or you end up just looking at Takamine’s flowers from a distance.

However, it is approached by many women. Therefore, you can gain a romantic experience and get a happy marriage.

Destined person’s birthday

  • December 31

Compatible birthday

  • March 27
  • June 26
  • September 25

Incompatible birthday

  • February 5
  • March 16
  • April 25

Changes in the fortunes of life born on December 27

Changes in overall luck

Overall luck slowly and gradually rises from teens and peaks around the age of 40. At the age of 42, you may be forced to make life-changing choices. After that, luck will slowly decline, but the good season will continue until the 70s, so you will be able to lead a relatively stable life.

Transition of love luck

Love luck gradually rises from teenagers, peaks once around the age of 20 to 25, and you may experience a lot of love in a short period of time. From the 30s to the 40s, luck will be sluggish, chances of encounters will decrease, and you will be involved in troubles in love. From the late 40s, luck will rise again and new encounters and good luck will come.

Transition of money luck

Fortune is in good shape until the 40s. By the time you are in your thirties, you will be successful at work and have a strong fortune to earn more income and wealth than you are tall. After that, luck gradually declines from the 40s.

After that, it will enter a period of stagnation, but since you have a fortune when you are young, you will not be in trouble with money. However, you have to be careful not to overuse it as your fortune will drop.

Transition of work luck

Work luck, like money luck, gradually rises until the 40s and peaks in the 30s. After that, when you enter your 40s, it will gradually decline. You will be very successful in your 30s, but you can also find the right job, so you will not make a big mistake at work even during the slump after your 50s.

Advice for your life

Overall, luck continues to be strong, so you can live a calm life. Love luck has been sluggish since the 30s, but it will rise again, so let’s wait quietly for the passage of time during the sluggish period. Unlucky luck doesn’t last long. It’s important to note that you don’t have a work- or money-related romance.

Love luck will rise again even if it is sluggish once, but once money luck and work luck fall, it will not rise significantly after that. If work or money is involved when love luck declines, subsequent luck will decline further, which can lead to great misfortune.

Birth flower and birthstone on December 27

Birth flower is “holly”

The birth flower on December 27th will be holly. The name of holly is derived from holly, which means that it hurts when you touch the spines of the leaves. It has long been believed to be a talisman, and it is recommended to plant holly in the northeast of the garden of the house.

It blooms in early winter and has a scent similar to Kinmokusei. Flower language is vigilance, foresight, and protection. The cautiousness of the flower language comes from the fact that the leaves have thorns and cannot be touched unnecessarily.

Birthstone is “Freshwater Pearl”

The birthstone for those born on February 27th will be freshwater pearls. The big difference from ordinary pearls is that freshwater pearls grow in freshwater such as rivers and lakes. It lives in pond butterflies and is made of nacre to the core, so it is stronger than ordinary pearls. Freshwater pearls have the power to repel disasters.

It also has the power to prepare the environment so that you can spend happiness. It has strong protection and protects the owner. It protects you from accidents and troubles, so it also dispels illnesses and injuries. Like pearls, it is also used as a talisman for pregnancy and childbirth, and can be expected to have the effect of being blessed with children.

Good compatibility items that you want to check together

Astrology-based herbs and essential oils

The vetiver is perfect for Capricorn, who strives hard to reach their goals. Extracted from the roots, it can help you to set foot on the ground and reach your goals, and can also encourage unexpected breakthroughs. The deep and sweet scent heals the mind that you try too hard, and it is also effective for arthritis, which tends to cause problems.

Cedarwood has a similar effect. The deep and soothing scent will support you even when it is likely to be washed away. We also recommend Cypress, which brings a new leap forward, and Birch, which gives you the power to steadily move toward your goals.

Lucky item on December 27 is “steamed vegetables”

The lucky item for those born on December 27th is steamed vegetables. Steamed vegetables have been a hot topic among women for some time, haven’t they? If it’s steamed vegetables, you can buy your favorite vegetables and easily make them at home, so it’s easy to incorporate them into your daily diet.

Lucky color on December 27 is “indigo”

The lucky color for those born on December 27th is indigo. Indigo is a more subdued and deeper color than blue, so it’s easy to incorporate into both tops and bottoms. It can be used not only in clothes but also in small items and shoes, so please wear it when you have a chance to meet.


How was it? Those born on December 27th are active, can work hard, and can achieve big goals. You can play an active part especially when you are young up to 30s. There are times when you are unlucky in love luck, but not for a long time. Money luck and work luck will drop from your 40s, so be sure to save money while you are young.

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