December 28 Zodiac: Astrological Sign and Horoscope

December 28 Zodiac: Astrological Sign and Horoscope

December 28 Zodiac

Basic personality born on December 28, “Serious and highly friendly”

[Women] Overview of personality

It’s okay if you’re shy and once you make friends, but it takes time for people you meet for the first time to get through. I have a strong sense of companionship, and I take great care of people who share my destiny, such as work and romance, and I will do my best for my companionship. As a result, I don’t have much interaction with people other than my own, and sometimes I look cold.

Since she does things seriously and patiently, she has a strong ability to accomplish things and is reliable. I am not very good at troubles in human relations, and I try not to cause them, but when troubles occur, I tend to run away.


  • Take good care of your friends
  • Modest and serious
  • Stable spirit


  • Shyness is intense
  • Don’t give your opinion
  • Escape from trouble

[Male] Overview of personality

I have a lot of trust in the people around me because I have the power to do everything in a stable manner. A type that is more about support than doing it creatively. Its support is so strong that it is needed and depended on by everyone. He has a strong mentality and is not defeated in a few ways, so he has the power to push toward his goals.

He has a high sense of companionship and devotes himself to his companionship, but on the other hand, he is not interested in other people and may look a little cold. In reality, he has a strong sense of in-law, so he is loved by his friends.


  • Has the power to go through stably
  • Mental strong
  • High sense of companionship


  • Too feudal
  • Not interested in others
  • Vulnerable to temptation

Compatibility diagnosis born on December 28

The love tendency is “passive and confess from the other party”

In the case of women, it is difficult for them to be active in romance, and although they give out what they like in an atmosphere, they are the type who wait for the confession from the other party without confessing themselves. Even if the other woman goes to another woman, if it can’t be helped, she may give up. In the case of women, men think that they want to protect them and are cherished.

You also like to take care of the other person, so when you start dating, you become a good couple who cares for each other. Basically, he has a gentle and gentle personality, so he rarely quarrels, and you try to avoid quarrels as much as possible.

Once you get into trouble, your feelings may cool down and your surroundings may break up surprisingly easily. It also has a delicate temperament, so be careful.

In the case of men, in the case of men, it is the type that tickles the maternal instinct. You, who are honest and serious, are clumsy about romance and cannot easily act positively on your own. Women often confess to you because they want to do something about you and help you.

When you go out with each other, they take good care of you, but because you take good care of your peers, sometimes you prioritize your peers and work promises over your promises.

She has a strong feudal idea and is particular about what it should be, and the women she associates with may become stuffy. He’s not very interested in people, so he doesn’t understand what he’s thinking and sometimes looks cold.

Destined person’s birthday

  • December 30

Born December 30th, a bright and active leader type, so straightforward and reliable, you will be a strong partner for that person. By admiring, devoting themselves, and devotingly supporting this person’s artistic sense, we can move in the right direction and enhance each other’s abilities.

A birthday that goes well with being born on December 28th

  • March 28
  • June 27
  • September 26

You who have a strong admiration for people who are highly artistic and who have their own style. I am delighted to support people who have parts that I do not have and to work together. Your sensibility will be stimulated and a new door will open.

Birthday that is incompatible with being born on December 28th

  • February 6
  • March 17
  • April 26

Sincere and serious, you are not good at people who are gorgeous, have a good sense of humor, and have many friends. It would be nice to be friends, but if the relationship is weak, we will not actively engage. The other person also feels it and will not try to get along unless there is a chance for each other.

Changes in the fortunes of life born on December 28

Changes in overall luck

You who are always calm and mentally stable. It reassures the people around you and is blessed with friends. Love luck goes up and down a little, but everything is balanced and there is no big rise, but it is a stable fortune that does not fall. Be careful that you are swayed by love luck and your work and money luck fall together.

If you are blessed with a good partner, you are stable, but if you get caught by a bad man, you will be affected by the partner and splurge on your money, and your work will be neglected.

If you are not the type to take the lead on your own, your luck will change greatly depending on who you support. Cultivate your eyes and find someone you can truly trust. If it can be done, stable fortune will continue.

Transition of love luck

The luck of love fluctuates especially violently when you are young. With a short cycle of relationships, you tend to get the impression that your boyfriend will change all the time, even if you don’t intend to.

If you have a quarrel with him, don’t give up right away and talk to him. Also, having a lot of love affairs with your friends can cause trouble. It’s easy to get caught up in jealousy and love triangles, so look outside and expand your friendship.

The peak of love luck is in the early 30s, and after that it will be a long-term relationship. Around this time, there are also relationships that lead to marriage. Late years are a gentle love luck. It can be said that there are people who have been dating since they were young, and there are almost no people when they are alone.

Transition of money luck

Fortune is better when you are young. Since you are financially blessed with the financial strength of your parents and the power of your ancestors, not your own strength, you will be able to receive luxurious education such as cram schools and lessons from an early age. Fortunes from the 20s will gradually decline, but it will not drop that much and you will not be in trouble with money. Try to save money from a young age.

Transition of work luck

You will always be able to devote yourself to your work in a stable manner. You can secure a stable position by working hard at one company without big waves such as changing jobs. Rather than the challenge of changing jobs or companies, you want to continue doing one job and move up.

Birth flower and birthstone on December 28th

Birth flower is “Strawberry Candle”

Strawberry candle, Japanese name is safflower clover. It’s a kind of clover, and because it blooms red flowers, it has red letters instead of white clover. The clover flowers you see often are white, but you can think of them as the red version.

The name comes from the fact that the flowering appearance resembles the fire of strawberries and candles. Originally it was a plant introduced from Europe as a pasture, but the one with beautiful flowers was selected for ornamental use.

The flowers open from April to June and are vulnerable to heat. The flower language is “remember me,” “light on my chest,” and “glittering love.” It’s a word that expresses your serious personality. The lovely and unobtrusive flowers are perfect for your image.

Birthstones are “Road Crosite” and “Turquoise”

Road Crosite is a beautiful rosy stone. The stones, which seem to reflect a rosy life, make you imagine a bright future and make you feel excited about new encounters. This stone has the power to help you break away from the past and will help you break away from the painful past and take a new step.

Turquoise is an opaque ore from green to blue, which is often processed into familiar accessories, and many people may have picked it up. Since ancient times, it has been held as a talisman to protect yourself from danger when you go on a journey. It is also a stone that gives positiveness.

There is also a legend that “a stone that can detect a lover’s affair”. When a person who has an affair touches a stone, the color changes. I would like to try it when in doubt.

Good compatibility items that you want to check together

Astrology-based herbs and essential oils “Elderflower” and “Vetiver”

An herb that goes well with it is elderflower. The sweet scent makes you feel calm and promotes a good night’s sleep. If you feel uneasy, take Elder Flower Tea for peace of mind. It is effective when you want to be healed.

Vetiver, also known as couscous, is said to be the base of many perfumes. Also known as the “essential oil of silence,” it can be expected to have the effect of relieving tension and reducing stress. The scent is an exotic scent.

Lucky item on December 28th is “hat”

You who do not show your weaknesses to others. A hat to protect yourself is your lucky item. When you have a deep relationship with others, you also need to expose yourself. Your hat will protect you where you need to be, so treat people with a more honest feeling.

Lucky color on December 28th is “red”

“Red is the red of passion,” but it also has a mission to push toward its goals. It’s a color that suits you devotedly, in the sense that it makes a way for others even if you sacrifice yourself.


Born on December 28th, he is a companion and devoted to doing anything for his companions. We have summarized the strengths, weaknesses, and love affairs of your personality. If you are serious and honest, accomplishing something with everyone will enrich your life.

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