December 31 Zodiac: Astrological Sign and Horoscope

December 31 Zodiac: Astrological Sign and Horoscope

December 31 Zodiac

Basic personality “perfectionism” born on December 31st

For women

Basic personality born on December 31 (female)

  • Pros: Don’t give up until you achieve
  • Pros: Ambitious
  • Pros: Strong sense of responsibility
  • Cons: Suffering for perfection
  • Cons: Imposing thoughts
  • Cons: High ideal

It can be said that perfectionism from the ground up means being born on December 31st. With the guts and sense of responsibility that you will not give up until you set a high goal and achieve it, you will be able to clear any difficult task. That attitude will win many successes, but at the same time some will be lost.

There are some aspects that are willing to take measures to achieve this, so it is often the case that people cannot understand the feelings of others or give priority to their own opinions and get the antipathy of those around them. The spirit is demonstrated whether it is on or off, which is a cause of keeping loved ones away.

Since I have a strong sense of responsibility, I will keep what I have decided once until the end, and since I have a clear mind, I will proceed on the road while dexterously correcting the trajectory. She is a respected person because She has great ability to clear big problems.

For men

Basic personality born on December 31 (male)

  • Pros: Passionate
  • Pros: Sharp sensitivity
  • Pros: Good at expressing emotions
  • Disadvantages: Work with stereotypes
  • Cons: Can’t listen
  • Cons: Forcible

It is a type that creates success in relationships with people because it communicates well and can clearly convey opinions and affections. He has a keen sensitivity and charisma, and will compete with ideas that no one else can think of.

The perfectionist part has one side that both myself and others suffer, and in addition there is an extraordinary passion and it is a little too hot. People who like that passion can keep up, but it seems to shut out incompatible with the cool theoretical type.

There is stubbornness that moves with stereotypes and beliefs, cuts off opinions that do not suit you, and thinks on your own.

Compatibility diagnosis born on December 31st

Love tendency “suffers from the difference between ideal and reality”

For women

The personality of pursuing a high ideal without giving up no matter how much you fail affects romance. The bottleneck is that you can’t take it easy because you have aspirations and passion, and you always ask the other person for aspirations.

It seems that the other person becomes painful because she unknowingly imposes his opinions and ideals on her lover, “I want you to be like this” and “I want you to be such a man.”

The most difficult thing is to push it unknowingly. Since she is not aware of it, she is not blessed with a chance to improve. Therefore, I will continue to worry about the same thing. It seems that the person who gently follows and teaches such awkwardness will be nice.

For men

Passionate and can please women physically and mentally. He is pure and has a strong sense of responsibility, so he always thinks about the future if he continues to associate with him. It would be nice to go out on the premise of getting married, but even if the woman does not intend to do so, she will impose her thoughts on the future, so she may not be able to endure the heat and escape.

I’m looking for an ideal too much, and I’m having a hard time making up for it with reality. It doesn’t matter if it afflicts the other person, so you will choose a lot to develop your love affair. It seems to work if you have a super smart and elite woman who you can’t beat.

Destined person’s birthday

  • January 11

It’s modest, but it’s actually quite a cut. Take a step back and observe your lover closely and control it calmly. You’ll set up a tricky romance to get your lover in your hands. It seems that people with strong ambitions can sympathize with each other and spend time with each other.

A birthday that goes well with being born on December 31st

  • March 31
  • June 30
  • September 29

March 31st … Thoughtful and strong personality, he will continue to hold his own axis and treat him on an equal footing even if you ask for his ideals. June 30th … The love will develop slowly and calmly, so it will put a brake on you who are not good at stopping.

September 29th … I’m tired of it, so I like to change. The desire to partner with someone who is always looking up will match you.

Birthday that is incompatible with being born on December 31st

  • February 9
  • March 20
  • April 29

February 9th … Unpredictable and changing opinions on the spot. The direction is different from perfectionism, and you will feel a difference in values. March 20th … I can’t keep up with you, who has delicate emotions and is bullish, and seems to hurt you badly. April 29th … Off, I have a desire to live loosely and get tired when my lover asks for an ideal.

Changes in the fortunes of life born on December 31st

Changes in overall luck

When it works, you can see the ups and downs, and when it doesn’t work, you can see the violent ups and downs that drop to the bottom. However, money luck is not in sync with overall luck, and it seems that there are many situations where financial strength is stable and financially saved even if a difficult reality awaits.

It seems that the ideal height will lower your overall luck and you will not feel the joy of living in the present. Controlling your desires will help you control your overly high ideals and get real happiness. Don’t forget that the heart that has a sense of responsibility and does not give up until the end will definitely come to life.

Transition of love luck

I am blessed with a chance of love. Even if you miss a chance to get married, the next chance will come, so if you don’t become too passionate and have a relaxed and patient romance, it will lead to the future.

You will be lucky even if you are young and not thinking about getting married, but if you are in your thirties, your luck will gradually decline, so if you think about the future, it seems better to keep your love for play by your twenties.

Transition of money luck

There are mountains and valleys in life, but luck will surely come back. When you have a good income, you should definitely make assets without getting sick.

Transition of work luck

There is a high possibility that charisma and a sense of responsibility will make him a manager. If you stand at the top, you’ll enjoy both heaven and hell, but it’s okay if it’s a rewarding job. The ideal height seems to lead to successful work.

Advice for your life

The desire for perfection can bring great benefits, but on the other hand, you may have to be prepared to lose something. There are various happiness in the world and we cannot get all of them. You have the ability and a sense of responsibility, and you are born with the nature that you feel sorry if you do not get it once you think “I want this kind of happiness”.

That spirit leads to a certain achievement, but be aware that you are squeezing yourself. Sometimes you have to make a lot of choices in front of you. At that time, let’s move away from responsibilities and stereotypes and be able to calmly face our true intentions.

If you can be honest and have the power to look at the present, you should be able to relax your shoulders and discover your new self.

Birth flower and birthstone on December 31st

Birth flower is “Conifer”

It is not the name of a specific plant called conifer, but a general term for small conifers. If you give specific names of plants, gold crest and blue heaven that grow upward, Sayblock gold and mother rode that grow sideways, line gold and rose daris that grow into a cute round shape, etc. there is.

There are many shades, such as gold crest and line gold shine golden, and blue heaven and moon glow are bluish silver. As you can see, there are many types and you can enjoy them all year round, so they are often used in gardening.

It is a wonderful birth flower that has the meaning of swearing eternal hope and eternal love and is sometimes used for wedding decorations.

Birthstones are “Kaiya Night” and “Tanzanite”

Kayanite is a birthstone whose blue color gives off a mysterious light. It is recommended to use it as a talisman when you want to continue to make steady efforts and it is crystallized by stacking several layers.

It is said that it has the power to make efforts and at the same time gives kindness. Use it as an accessory when you want to warm up your love affair.

Tanzanite is the same blue ore, but with different power. It is said that it exerts its power at the beginning and end of things, and it is recommended to have it when you want to complete your work or when you start a love affair. It will increase your flexibility and adaptability, so it’s a good idea to keep it in your room as an interior when you start a new life.

Good compatibility items that you want to check together

Astrology-based herbs and essential oils

I would like a cinnamon leaf that gives you the power to feel the happiness of today. If you are too inclined toward the future toward your ideals, you will miss the little happiness that is falling at your feet.

It is of course important to have hope for the future, but at the same time, look at the present as well. If you cherish the present, the connection between nature and the surroundings will be strengthened and human relationships will deepen. It also gives you the power to face reality, so it’s perfect for when you’re worried about the gap between your ideals.

Lucky item on December 31st is “soap”

Soap that is less irritating gently purifies the body. Please cherish the bath time that you can heal with your favorite soap.

Lucky color on December 31st is “blue”

Blue system to cool down the heated passion. You will be able to discover things that you have never seen before, giving you calm and leeway.


It is difficult to set goals and worry about how to draw love and how to proceed. The more you seek perfection, the more painful it is in love. But that’s why it’s interesting.

Love will be even more enjoyable if you can understand the depth of love and forgiveness of imperfections. If you relax your shoulders and look at your current happiness, you may realize, “Why, happiness has fallen in such a place!” Surprisingly, happiness is at my feet.

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