Dream About ATM Machine: 16 Types & Their Meanings

Dream About ATM Machine: 16 Types & Their Meanings

Dream About ATM Machine

ATM dreams are often interpreted as expressing how much experience and knowledge you have, or how much you miss someone. The interpretation depends on whether you can use the ATM without any problems, how much money you have withdrawn, and how much money you have.

ATM Dreams: Basic Meaning & Psychological State

ATMs in oneiromancy represent the experience and affection you have gained through your efforts. Money and balance are a symbol of your strength and knowledge, and also the affection you want.

If you have a lot of balance, you have enough ability and knowledge. However, if you make money at an ATM in the form of money coming out or picking up money, it implies lack of affection, so be careful.

A dream that you can’t withdraw money at an ATM

Dreams of not being able to withdraw money at an ATM due to an ATM malfunction or overtime show that you are now hungry for love or feeling lonely.

Dream of finding an ATM

If you’re looking for an ATM to withdraw money, oneiromancy shows that you’re in a hurry to get results faster.

However, it seems that there is still a lack of effort and time to achieve the desired results. Make sure you do what you can without hassle, and acquire solid experience and knowledge.

Also, if you’re looking for an ATM to deposit money, it’s a dream fortune that means you have a growing desire to be valued and recognized.

Dream of ATM failure

A dream that an ATM breaks down for some reason is a dream fortune telling that your luck is low. It implies that things are not going well and that no matter what you do, you will not be able to think.

Now is the time to reopen and stop at that timing. Oneiromancy tells you to do what you have in front of you and wait for your luck to change.

A dream that doesn’t turn around at ATMs

If you’re impressed with a dream that the ATMs don’t turn around because it’s messed up or the previous person’s errands aren’t done, then oneiromancy shows that you’re lacking in independence.

A sign that is swept away by the opinions and thoughts of the people around you, and eventually ends up in a state of irrelevance. Instead of relying solely on the opinions of others, it is better to make your own conclusions at the very end.

Dream of withdrawing money at an ATM

The dream of withdrawing money at an ATM is a sign of increasing luck! It will be a dream fortune that means that the efforts made so far will bear fruit and can be unexpectedly achieved as a big result.

However, if the amount of money you have withdrawn at the ATM is large, you may be involved in urgent troubles and business matters, and you may unexpectedly spend time, so be careful.

It also implies that if you withdraw money at an ATM less than you think, you are rushing to get results faster. Just because you’re in a hurry doesn’t mean that things will go well. Make sure you do what you can, one by one.

Dream of depositing money at an ATM

The dream of depositing money at an ATM shows that your experience and learning are firmly in your hands.

If you are in trouble or have to work on something new, you will be able to overcome those past experiences and learnings.

Dream of transferring money at an ATM

If the dream of transferring money at an ATM is impressive, it is interpreted as a reverse dream in oneiromancy, implying that the possibility of being blessed with extra income is increasing.

It’s also a oneiromancy that means someone needs your power. Using power for others in such situations will eventually help you around.

Dream of bookkeeping at ATM

The dream of keeping track of your current balance and deposit / withdrawal movements at an ATM becomes a dream fortune that means that you are trying to objectively know your current ability and what you are lacking. increase.

If you have a large amount of booked balance, it means that you have more ability and knowledge than you think. It can be said that it is in a state of financial stability and a state of mental comfort.

Oneiromancy shows that if your booked balance is low, you don’t have as much ability or knowledge as you might think. It is possible that they are actually in financial distress and that such anxiety may have been reflected.

Convenience store ATM dreams

ATMs located at convenience stores, which are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, are convenient when you suddenly need money. The dream that the ATM of such a convenience store is impressive shows that you are a little off guard now.

It’s easy to cut corners in efforts to achieve dreams and goals. Even if you actually have that ability, you may be scooped up because of your carelessness. Oneiromancy teaches you to stay calm and face things.

Bank and post office ATM dreams

If the ATMs at banks and post offices are impressive, it’s a sign of luck in dream fortune-telling. It is a good sign that the efforts that have been accumulated so far will bear fruit and can be obtained as a result.

Dream of entering a PIN at an ATM

The dream of entering a PIN at an ATM is a sign that you are at a turning point in your life. The PIN you entered may imply a specific date or time.

If you can’t think of anything in particular, you may want to try using the number that was your PIN when you have to choose an arbitrary number.

If you enter your PIN incorrectly at an ATM, you may make a mistake in your love affairs.

If you inadvertently call your current lover’s name by the name of your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, or if you take good care of gifts and emails from your ex-girlfriend, there is a growing risk of extra trouble. You should be careful.

A dream of money coming out of an ATM

The dream of money coming out of an ATM is a dream fortune that means that you are hungry for love and feel lonely.

It can be said that the desire to fill that loneliness is reflected in the dream of the money that comes out of ATMs = the love that is given free of charge.

Dreams worried in front of ATMs

For example, if you have multiple ATMs and you are wondering which one to use in front of the ATM, the dream shows that you are unable to express your true feelings and essence as a result of making good faces in many directions. increase.

Dream of breaking an ATM

If for some reason you’ve broken an ATM, dream divination shows that you’re pretty tired now. It’s a suggestion that my mind and body are at the limit of my busy schedule.

If the current situation continues, you may get sick in earnest due to stress and tiredness. It’s important to do your best, but if you fall down, you won’t have any children.

Only you can help yourself in the end. Make sure you have a good rest before you get sick.

Dream of picking up money at an ATM

If the previous person forgot or dropped it, or if you were picking up money at an ATM, it’s a sign that you’re feeling lonely now. You may feel lonely because you are separated from your lover or someone you were close to because of a long-distance relationship or transfer.

There are some bad people who take advantage of such gaps in their hearts, so please be careful.


What you are trying to bring out in your ATM dream is the ability and knowledge you have accumulated through your efforts. The balance is that amount. If you have the balance you expected, or more than you expected, you can assume that you have a solid ability.

However, be aware that if you get money at an ATM that you shouldn’t own, it means you’re hungry for love.

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