Dream about being someone else: 13 Types & Their Meanings

Dream about being someone else: 13 Types & Their Meanings

Dream about being someone else

It’s a dream that you become a different person, and when your face or another person becomes a different person, you really wonder what it means. The interpretation changes depending on whether the figure reflected in the mirror becomes a different person or whether you yourself become a different person.

Dream of becoming a different person: Basic meaning & Psychological state

Being a different person in a dream fortune tells you that you want a substitute for yourself = you want to change to something other than yourself. You can say that you are dissatisfied with yourself and are worried because you just want to change.

It seems to be a positive thought in many cases because it tries to overcome the situation by changing oneself rather than relying on someone. Please make efforts little by little so that you can become the person you want to be.

What does it mean to dream of becoming a different person?

If you often dream of becoming a different person, you may be in a situation where you want to change yourself and have to change.

Dream of becoming a different person: Who will you be?

What kind of person did you become in your dreams? Perhaps because it often reflects the desire to change, on the other hand, it is characterized by many interpretations such as teachers and desires for transformation. Here we will look at who you will be.

The face reflected in the mirror is another person

If the face in the mirror is a different person, dream fortune-telling is a sign that you are at a turning point in your life.

The more magnificent and imposing the different face in the mirror, the more successful you will be.

Become a stranger

If you become a stranger, that stranger is your own symbol.

Did you find any part of your actions or remarks when you became a different person that made you worried or frustrated? That is considered to be the downside that others feel to you.

Be aware of how people see your statements and actions on a daily basis.

Become a friend

If you’ve become friends with your dreams of becoming a different person, and if you don’t have any particularly unpleasant feelings, it’s a suggestion that you respect or yearn for that friend. It is thought that he expressed his desire to become himself like that friend.

However, if you are a friend and feel frustrated, it is a sign that you have a strong rivalry and jealousy towards your friends.

I understand that my friends are better than me, but I can say that I’m frustrated and can’t admit them honestly.


If you have an impressive dream of becoming a different person from the gender you were born with, such as a woman if you are a man if you are a woman, dream fortune-telling seeks talents and qualities that your original gender does not have. It means that you are.

If a man is a woman, it may be delicate, attentive, and housework ability, and if a woman is a man, it may be a little unreasonable physical strength and strong strength.

It may be difficult at once, but it should be closer to the ideal by continuing efforts such as accumulating knowledge and experience. Please do your best from what you can do every day so that you can become the person you want to be.


If you dream of becoming a different person and become a child of a completely different age, it means that you now have something to escape or look away from.

You may be busy with work or study and exhausted both physically and mentally, or you may be at a loss when faced with problems that you cannot deal with on your own.

It can be said that the more you become a different person as a child, the more you can do whatever you want, and the more you annoy the people around you, the stronger your desire to escape from reality. Oneiromancy teaches you to take a good rest before you get sick from tiredness and stress.

In addition, becoming a child = time will return, which implies that the situation will recede. Please be careful not to delay your work due to mistakes or troubles.


Even if you dream of becoming the same person, if you were a foreigner, you might discover a new side that you hadn’t noticed before. Or maybe I have some dissatisfaction with myself and my desire to change is reflected.

You will be able to open up your luck by working positively so that you can develop a new side and become the person you want to be.

Old man

If you’re an old man of a completely different age and don’t have a particularly unpleasant impression, it means you’re happy with your life so far.

However, if you have a feeling of refusal to become an old man, it implies that you are anxious or reluctant to grow older.

Aging is something that everyone will definitely visit. Think of it as a new stage, not afraid, and accept it with a positive feeling.


If your dream of becoming an insect, not an animal anymore, is impressive, it means that you are more likely to act instinctively, rather than being able to control your desires and urges with reason.

There is a possibility that you will be in trouble later by acting or speaking with the momentum of the moment. Dream fortune tells you to be careful on a daily basis.


Your dream of becoming an animal shows that you now want to have better motor skills and strength.

A sign that if you were a powerful animal, you would like to have more power. If you were a fast-paced animal, you could say that it reflected your desire to be faster.

Dream of someone becoming another person: By other person

The dream of becoming a different person, such as an acquaintance or family member, is a suggestion that the interpersonal relationships surrounding you will change. In addition, the relationship with the other person who has become another person and the luck of the other person may change significantly. Let’s see who was different here.

Appearance state

If your lover becomes a different person, but if the other person is a handsome person, a beautiful woman, or looks healthy, it is a sign that your lover’s luck is good. The good condition will continue for a while.

On the other hand, if the lover who became a different person seems to be sick, or if the impression of the face is bad, there is a possibility that the lover’s luck is declining. Also, be aware that your lover’s anxieties and bad thoughts may have appeared in your illness or bad impression.


If the dream of your parents becoming different in your family is impressive, oneiromancy implies that it is time for you to become mentally or financially independent. If you are thinking of becoming independent, such as going on to higher education or getting a job, this is a good time.

Also, if the family is a different person, there is a possibility that something big will happen to that person.

If you are a different person with a good impression, it is considered that your luck is rising, but if you are a different person with an unpleasant impression, it means that the other person’s luck is decreasing, so be careful.

Favorite person

If your unrequited love seems to be healthier than you really are, or if you’re a good-looking guy or a beautiful woman, it’s a dream fortune that means your luck is good.

However, if the facial features of a favorite person who has become a different person have a bad impression or looks unhealthy, it will be a sign of poor luck, so be careful.


If your dream of becoming a completely different person is impressive, it means that your friend has a good understanding of your inner self. Even if you think you’re hiding your true intentions well, you may be completely out of sight with your friends.

In a sense, it seems that he will be a partner who can be associated with the real intention without building. Please cherish your friends who can talk with you.


The dream of becoming a different person is that I am dissatisfied with myself. Since it reflects the desire to change and to look away from the unrelenting reality, it is characterized by the fact that there are many interpretations of the desire to transform rather than good or bad.

It’s up to you how much you can do to become the person you want to be. Whether you can be like another person is up to you.

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