Dream About Belt: 23 Types & Their Meanings

Dream About Belt: 23 Types & Their Meanings

Dream About Belt

A dream of just tightening a loose belt is a dream fortune telling that your motivation are increasing. The dream of buying a new broken belt represents an increase in luck, such as career advancement.

If the championship belt is impressive, it implies that you can master difficult skills.

What is the basic meaning?

Most men’s belts are made of leather, but women’s belts are often made of cloth or metal to match clothes, and many of them are bright in color and beautiful in appearance.

Belts that stabilize skirts and trousers mainly on the waist may cause a little trouble if they come off, suggesting social status and position, and expressing your energy and motivation to face work etc. There are many interpretations.

Tightening the belt is a sign of increased motivation, but on the contrary, loosening the tight belt is a dream fortune that means that you will be released from the tension that has been going on.

Dream of getting a belt

When you get someone to belt you, oneiromancy means that someone has an interest in you. If the size of the belt you receive is just right, it implies that the other person’s evaluation of you is correct.

However, if the size of the belt you receive is too large, it means that the other person overestimates you.

Also, if the belt you receive is too small to be used, it means that the other party’s evaluation of you is irrelevant and does not fit the situation at all, so be careful.

Dream of selling a belt

Oneiromancy shows that if you sell your belt, you’re in luck if you sell it well. It’s a sign that things are going well.

However, be aware that if you are not able to sell your belt well, it will imply poor luck. In the first place, it may be difficult to plan or proceed, or there may be a problem with the approach.

Please note that this is an implication that things will not go smoothly.

Dream of breaking the belt

If the dream of breaking the belt is impressive, perhaps because it was forced to be tight, it becomes a dream fortune-telling that indicates a loss of luck. The pressure and stress from your surroundings implies that your gaman is at the limit.

If the current situation continues, you may not be able to control it and your emotions may explode, so please refresh yourself with your hobbies and sports.

A dream of tightening the belt and cutting it to just the right length

Oneiromancy shows that if you tighten a loose belt just right, or cut a thin and unfit belt and adjust it to just the right length, your motivation are increasing.

You can open your luck by challenging what you want to do with positive thinking.

Dream of buying a belt

When you buy a new belt, oneiromancy means that your social status and role have changed.

If you buy a new one because the belt is broken, it implies an increase in luck. It will be a dream fortune-telling that represents career advancement and career change.

A dream of strangling with a belt

Oneiromancy shows that the dream of yourself strangling someone else’s neck is frustrating, even if you have something to say, it’s hard to tell the other person.

It also implies that you have the feeling of “don’t overdo it” or “don’t just assert your own opinion” to the person who was strangled. It may be that I wasn’t hungry on a daily basis, and that I wanted to say something like that once.

A dream of being strangled with a belt

If someone other than yourself is strangled by a belt and you feel painful, it becomes a dream fortune that means that you are under stress and pressure because you are expecting more than you can.

A dream that the wristwatch belt breaks

If the dream of a wristwatch belt breaking is impressive, it means that your luck is low in oneiromancy. It implies that you are now in a fairly mentally demanding state from the impatience of time.

If you feel that you can’t do it on your own, talk to someone you can trust and have them follow you as soon as possible.

Seat belt dream

If the dream of properly fastening your seatbelt is impressive when you get in a car, the dream is that you are a serious person on a daily basis and that you are thinking of fulfilling your social responsibilities and obligations.

Champion belt dream

A dream with an impressive championship belt becomes a dream fortune-telling that means a rise in luck. It implies that you will acquire skills that are difficult to acquire.

It’s a good time to challenge what you’ve given up because it’s difficult.

Dream to loosen the belt

If the dream of loosening a tight belt is impressive, it becomes a dream fortune telling that you are finally released from the long-lasting mental tension.

Please rest your mind and body for a while.

Dream of a new belt

If a new belt is impressive, oneiromancy shows that you are in a state of curiosity and that its aggressiveness and positiveness raises your social status.

Dream of old belt

If you’re worn out, but the belt that suits you is impressive, it’s a dream fortune that means you’ll have a social position that’s commensurate with your achievements and talents.

It’s a good idea to think that you can get a mentally calm position without any extra stress or pressure.

Dream of picking up a belt

The dream of picking up a new clean belt shows a rise in luck. It means that your efforts and talents that you have accumulated so far will be highly evaluated and your social status will improve.

However, if the belt you pick up is old and tattered, it implies a loss of luck. Please note that there is an increasing possibility that you will be involved in troubles such as being involved in troubles.

Dream of throwing away the belt

The dream of throwing away a belt that is no longer old is a dream fortune that means that you are trying to take a step forward with a new feeling, stopping clinging to the past conditions and glory.

Acting with positive thinking will open your luck.

Dream of presenting a belt

If the dream of giving a belt to someone other than yourself is impressive, dream fortune-telling means that you will be intimately associated with someone superior to you or someone with a higher social status.

However, be aware that if you try to give a belt but are refused to receive it, it implies that your relationship with the other party will worsen.

Dream to put away the belt

If the dream of putting a belt you no longer need in a chest of drawers or a closet is impressive, it means that you have decided to let go of your past achievements and glory and live with your current abilities and talents.

It can be said that it shows that you are thinking positively.

A dream hit with a belt

The belt has its own thickness and weight, so hitting it like a whip is very painful, isn’t it?

Be aware that a dream that is struck by a belt like that is a dream fortune that means that you are controlled in a way that suits someone, or that you are forced into physical and mental obedience.

Belt color dream

I think you have several belts to match the color of your clothes, but the interpretation depends on the color.


If the black belt that businessmen often wear is impressive, they want to make others think that they can “do” themselves, and that they are in a stronger position.


If the brown belt, which is relatively easy to match with any color of clothing, is impressive, then in oneiromancy it means that you want a calm interpersonal relationship in your social life.


If the color is a bit difficult to match, but the clean red belt is impressive, the oneiromancy shows that you want more attention from the people around you and want you to see yourself.


If you are impressed by the colorful belts that are used in various shades instead of a single color, it will be a dream fortune that means that your efforts that have been accumulated so far will be appreciated and noticed.

It is also a dream fortune-telling that reflects your desire to make yourself look better and be evaluated. Please judge which one applies to you based on your current situation.


If the beautiful golden belt is impressive, it implies that you are lucky in your dream fortune-telling. It means you get what you think is important and what you find wonderful.

It may be a social status or honor, or it may be a partner with whom you live. Please take good care not to lose such important things.

What is the state of mind when dreaming of a belt?

When you dream of a belt, it often reflects your thoughts on how you are standing around in your social life and how you want to be seen.

When you buy a belt, it’s a dream fortune telling that there is a change in your social status and position. When you put away or throw away your belt, it means that you are about to take a new step by letting go of past achievements and glory.

The dream of giving someone a belt implies that you’re going out with a superior.

If you stay tense all the time, even if it works, it may fail. Please relax moderately and refresh well.

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