Dream About Father (Dad): 48 Interpretations and Meanings

Dream About Father (Dad): 48 Interpretations and Meanings

Dream About Father

The presence of a father is great. When a father comes into a dream, what does that mean in dream divination? I will explain in detail the meaning of my father’s dream in each situation. Remember the situation, such as when your father has fallen, divorced, injured, eating, etc.

This article is about the message of my father’s dream. Understanding what your father symbolizes in a dream fortune-telling and what his father means means that you can understand what his father’s dream is trying to tell you.

What is the meaning and psychology of dreaming about a father’s dream?

The role of fathers in the home is changing compared to the past, but what the father symbolizes in fortune-telling is the image of the father, who is a pillar of the family, such as power, dignity, pressure, protection, morality, etc. Thing.

For example, if you feel the pressure of your boss or superiors in your daily life, or if you want to be protected by someone, your father may appear in a dream. In addition, fathers may emerge from guilt when they do something wrong.

In any case, it is a dream that reflects the inner voice of the dreamer, and the message transmitted through the father’s dream is often an advice or warning to himself. In some cases, the relationship with the father in reality is expressed as a dream.

Each one has a different meaning depending on how his father appeared in his dream, so let’s look at them together.

Divorced father’s dream

When a divorced father appears in a dream, you often want to simply meet him. It is the parent’s convenience that they divorced and separated. In fact, you may want to live with your father. Even so, you may feel nostalgic with your father.

However, this dream has another meaning. It is meant to imply a restoration of relationships with estranged people. In this case, the partner is not necessarily the father. If you have a person who wants to restore a relationship, it may be that person.

The dream that the father is hurt

The dream of a father getting hurt is a sign of trouble. Pay particular attention to interpersonal problems. This can lead to annoying troubles with your workplace boss or superiors.

Just because the other person is the other person, trouble will affect the work surface. It seems better to spend a while quietly to avoid trouble.

You also need to pay attention to romantic relationships. The fight with your lover may go too far, leading to a farewell story. Always try to maintain reason.

Dream to Dine with Father

Eating with someone in your dreams means that you are loved by the other person. So my dream of eating with my father is that you are loved by your father. It is a sign that the relationship with the father is good and a good relationship has been established.

However, the meaning is different if the atmosphere during the meal is harsh. In this case, a warning dream implies that passing may occur due to lack of communication with the father. Because you are a family with blood, you really want to understand each other. It’s important to walk to each other.

Father’s dream to die

The dream of his father dying has a signal that it is time to become independent. It’s a dream, but if your father dies, you have no choice but to become independent.

Don’t think it’s still possible for you, just try it. If that happens, you may unexpectedly adapt.

It is also a dream for those who are thinking about starting a business, letting them know that the perfect time has come. You may be depressed by your father’s dream of dying, but it’s not a bad dream, so take a chance to pick it up positively.

My father’s dream of becoming a stranger

In your dreams, if you’re dealing with your father, but you’re different from your actual father, you’ll end up wondering who that person is.

An unknown father who appears in this dream is probably projecting you. When you stand in your father’s position, when you have the feeling that you will probably do this, you will appear using a stranger.

So I guess there was a lot of sympathy in the behavior of strangers who existed as fathers in dreams. Conversely, it’s also a sign of dissatisfaction with his father.

The dream that father laughs

When his father dreams of laughing, his luck is up. Once you have this dream, you should take an active part. If there is something you want to do, try doing it drastically.

It is a dream that implies that a powerful ally will appear to you, sometimes your father or someone other than your father. Either way, you’ve got an environment where you can show off your strength, so you just have to act.

When a deceased father comes up with a dream

When a deceased father comes up with a dream, think of it as trying to tell you something. Listen to the words your father spoke in your dreams. The hint should be hidden in the words.

If not, how was your father’s expression and gestures? If you remember your angry, laughing, happy, sad, facial expressions and gestures, you should be able to read what your father wants to convey.

For example, when you’re angry, are you doing something that is real and angry if your father is alive? In this case, it is a warning from a deceased father. Review your actions.

Dreams of deceased father getting sick

When a deceased father dreams of becoming ill, he warns his family that danger and calamity is imminent. The father would have dreamed to advise his family on the daily life of “don’t do this.”

If the illness of a father in a dream is an impressive dream, you may have a similar illness. If there are any issues with your family’s attitude, tell them to change them as soon as possible. Let’s not waste our father’s advice.

Father’s cheating dream

If you know that your father is cheating, you will be sad and sad. But rest assured that this dream does not imply a father’s affair.

This dream means that your self-esteem has been hurt. There may have been events that upset the common sense and values ​​of the past, such as losing what we believed was right. The bigger the belief, the bigger the sense of loss.

Perhaps it was a shock that turned the heavens and the earth upside down. You may not be able to recover right away, but if you don’t forget your positive feelings, time will be resolved.

A dream that my father gets angry

A dream that your father gets angry means that you are receiving affection from your father. Being angry requires that you have the feeling you want. Once you say that, it’s a turn of love. So this dream is that my father is thinking about you. It means that you are facing me firmly.

In reality, you may be angry and frustrated, but remember that your father treats him with affection even when you are calm.

Father’s dream of getting sick

My father’s dream of getting sick is an indication of disaster in his family. It is possible that your family or your body is upset or you are in trouble. The more serious the condition of the father in the dream, the greater the disaster will be.

You and your whole family may not be able to get over without a strong mind and unity to confront difficulties. Conversely, adversity can strengthen family ties. Let’s get together and get through.

Dream to fight with father

There may be people who have experienced fights with their father, even in the real world. Usually, children often get angry without hearing what their parents say and develop into a fight.

Even in dream divination, the dreams of fighting with his father indicate repulsion and opposition. In this case, it may be the feeling you actually have with your father, or the feeling you have with someone who puts pressure on you other than your father.

If you think and give advice and advice about you, you should listen to it, and if you think it’s wrong, don’t repel it. But if someone is trying to hold you down with power, you don’t need to follow it.

My father’s crying dream

Seeing your father crying, how did you feel in your dreams? If you feel sad or painful, the dream is a warning dream for you.

Are you doing anything that makes your father look sad? A dream tells you that there is something to review. In this situation, even in reality, your father may be sadly crying.

On the other hand, if you see your father crying and feel refreshed and refreshing, it is likely that your father in the dream was crying for you. Perhaps there have been tough or forgotten events recently. Your father’s voice for tears should have healed the wounds a little.

Dream of killing father

If you dream of killing your father, it is a hint that happy things will happen to your father. For example, you may be able to hear news about promotion at work. Also, the more shocking the impression when his father is killed, the more lucky the hint.

In other words, the more brutal the way you are killed, the greater the fortune that comes in. You don’t want to dream much about killing your father, but please be assured that it’s not a bad thing for your father but a good thing.

Dream of kissing father

If you dream of kissing your father, you really think that you want a gender relationship with your father. For those who love their father and have no choice but to do so, their strong feelings have come to light as a dream, but they basically have a different meaning.

This dream is a hint to love men like fathers. Soon, you may fall in love. And that person will have something similar to his father. There are actually many people who like men like fathers. Even if you aren’t conscious, you may be looking for a father-like man somewhere.

Dream of father becoming criminal

Having a father dream of becoming a criminal means that he has some sort of distrust in his father. Your father is a signpost for you, and should be a reference. However, there are some parts that are unconvincing in his father’s actions and ideas.

Please be assured that this is a sign that self-reliance has begun to emerge and is not only bad. Many people have such feelings during the rebellion period. However, if you have such feelings when you are not in rebellion, you may have a feud with your father.

Father’s dream of driving a car

If you dream of riding a car that your father drives, you know that you are heavily influenced by your father. It is also a dream that means you are not yet independent from your parents.

In this case, the car you ride is your life and the person driving it is your father. When you have the desire to leave the rest of your life to your parent, or when you rely on your parent mentally or financially, you may dream like this.

It is possible that your dream is telling you that you should be independent. It may be a good idea to think about whether you can just rely on your parents.

The dream of my father dying and crying

Please be assured that just having a dream that your parents die and cry doesn’t mean it’s a dream. It is said that crying in a dream is basically a good dream.

Because a dream to cry implies the relief of stress. A dream of a parent dying and crying means relieving anxiety and lost confidence. It can also mean overcoming the complex.

Thus, a good change will come to you after this dream. However, if you have a bad relationship with your father and have this dream, it is worth noting that it is too late to regret losing your father.

Dream of meeting the father of the person I like

If you’re not a lover, just dreaming of seeing the father of the person you like, your feelings for the person you’re looking for may be too big. Note that there may be a bit of a runaway.

It’s more a dream than a dream, rather than a dream to predict something. However, the meaning is different if you dream to meet your lover’s father. In this case, you are concerned about how your girlfriend’s father looks. It is also possible that a psychological state in which you are not confident appears. If your lover cares for you, don’t worry too much about it.

A dream to beat my father

When you dream of hitting your father, you are dissatisfied with someone who is above you, such as your boss or senior at work, or a teacher at school. However, this dissatisfaction comes from the desire for approval, and there is a psychological background that wants you to see more about yourself. The act of beating is violent, but it is an expression of a desire to get stuck.

Surprising dreams in dream divination are often surprisingly good dreams, and are viewed as one of interest and communication with the other party. It is only because of respect and admiration that the desire to be recognized is strongly expressed. Don’t do violent behavior in reality, but try to see yourself.

Dreams Beaten by Father

The dream of being beaten by a father implies that you have humility. No matter how talented you are, people like you who can thank you without showing your confidence and excellence.

If you have this dream, you should have a good relationship. Let’s live with humble feelings as it is now.

That way, not only personal luck but also work luck will come naturally. Don’t be overpowered, even if you’re in a great position. Such your charm will attract people.

Dreams that hate my father

If you had an aversion to your father in your dreams, that is a sign of your aversion to your father even in reality.

If your father has absolute rights, you can’t follow your will and you’re frustrated. At that time, you will feel depressed about your father’s existence.

In addition, women often have a strong aversion to their father during puberty. You don’t have to worry more than you need, as it’s part of the growth process. It will be okay because the day will come when it will be accepted as nature.

Dream to escape from father

When you dream of escaping from your father, you may want to do something back. Perhaps he had escaped from his father in a dream because of secrets and secrets, for some reason he couldn’t be proud of. If it is against your morals and you are aware of it, why not go back to doing right?

Dreams reflect the voice of your heart. You can also think of it as a warning to yourself. Let’s do what we can to face our father, even in a dream.

A dream chased by my father

Those who dream to be chased by their father are those who have a fear of being at their father. Or, a strong presence that you can’t resist.

This dream shows that there is a desire to escape from such a father. The dream of being chased is the feeling of stress and pressure.

Father’s dream of living away

Many people live apart from their fathers in Tokyo or living alone. Even if you get married and leave your home, you may be worried about your father who lives away.

This dream expresses my feelings about my father living away from home. Why do not you contact your father after this dream? If you have the time, you will be more pleased when you return home.

Also, rarely, this dream is the news of insects. Try to get in touch as soon as possible, as it may be a sign that something will happen to your father.

Dream to Get Advice from Father

If you receive advice from your father in a dream, remember that advice. That’s because it’s a hint to help you solve your troubles.

By recalling and implementing your father’s advice, you will be able to see the light of hope even for those who used to be in tunnels with no visible exits.

Even if someone who has no major troubles has this dream, it is definitely something useful. Now, following his father in a dream will lead to better luck.

Dream to Get Something from Father

The dream of getting something from your father means that he has trust and love for you. If you find yourself happy, the relationship between parent and child will be very good. There is a strong bond between you and your father that allows you to share your thoughts.

However, if you get money, it means lower luck. Loss of opportunity to gain profits seems to be noticeable, such as missing the talk of raising salaries that has been around. When you come to a point where you have to make a decision, think about what is best.

Dream to care for father

Now my cheerful father is getting older and may need care. Thinking about the future, you may feel uneasy or feel pressure.

When I dream this, I am worried about my future and the future of my family, regardless of care. Don’t worry too much about not knowing what will happen, but it’s important to take the time to think in the future.

It may be a good idea to talk with the whole family instead of holding it alone and think about what to do in the future.

My father’s dream of a traffic accident

Father’s dream of having an accident implies that his actions can lead to major troubles.

If a dream accident is a sudden accident, it implies that you will be involved in an unexpected accident or trouble even in reality. It is difficult to avoid unexpected accidents and troubles, but it is advisable to increase your vigilance.

There is a concern for his father, and if a father who has the meaning of protection in dream divination encounters an accident or trouble, it is likely that his family will be affected.

Father’s dream of leaving home

If your father has dreamed of leaving home, check to see if you have recently become selfish. You may be a source of stress for people close to you, not just the father who appeared in your dreams. Isn’t it too sweet to think “I’m OK because I’m relative”?

Even if they are relatives, there are limits to how humans interact. The longer they spend together, the greater the impact they have on each other. Once you have this dream, you may want to review your actions once.

Divorced father dream of remarriage

It is a hint that good news will come to you and your family. You may feel lonely if you know your father’s remarriage in reality, but I’m glad he’s happy.

In a dream, his father decided to walk his life with a new person. It is a dream for both father and mother to signal a restart, meaning a better home environment.

However, if it is a dream that you can not please your father’s remarriage, it is thought that the dream that you do not want your father’s remarriage appears in the dream as it is, there are parts that are not yet satisfied with the divorce of the father and mother.

Dream of Divorce between Father and Mother

If a father and mother dream of divorce, they may be worried about their father’s and mother’s incompatibility even in reality. If we could get divorced as it is, the anxiety we felt somewhere in our hearts would have manifested in our dreams.

However, this dream has the opposite meaning. It represents a very happy and happy situation in the home right now. The reason why you dream of divorce in such a situation is that fear of breaking happiness is such a dream. rest assured. If you can thank the whole family for being loving and happy, you don’t need to worry.

Dream to travel with father

You go on a family trip, but you rarely go on a trip with your father. Those who dream of this dream want more time to face their father. In fact, you probably want to talk or travel with your father.

You may also dream of this when you are having difficulty dealing with your father or being obedient during rebellion. If your father knows your true intentions, you will be delighted.

Dream to go shopping with father

The dream of going shopping with your father means that you are not yet independent from your parents. It’s great to be on good terms, but maybe there’s a clause that depends on your parents for everything.

Above all, if the father pays a lot of money, it means that he is not financially independent. I think it’s really time to be independent. Maybe the dream is telling you that.

Father’s Sleeping Dream

The dream that his father is sleeping implies his illness and illness. You need to be especially careful if you try to wake up your father in a dream, or if you dream of staying asleep. In that case, it is likely that the father in reality is predicting a serious illness.

If you have this dream, keep an eye on your father for a while. If you see a gesture or behavior that you suspect is sick, you may want to do some testing, etc. just to make sure that you are alright. That’s fine if there is nothing.

Dream to cure father’s illness

How happy a sick father would be if he was free from illness in a dream. In reality, you are really hoping for your father’s illness to heal. Such a desire appears in this dream.

You might have been happy if you had a dream, but I’m sorry that it wasn’t. However, your feelings about your father and his illness are very positive. If it is passed on to his father, it will be a great force to overcome the disease.

Father’s Funeral Dream

If you dream of your father’s funeral, it’s a reminder that a big change will come to you. Funeral rituals tend to be considered negative, but they mean good luck in dream divination.

We tell people who are at a milestone in life, such as marriage or changing jobs, that it is a very good time. I have the potential to meet new people that I can’t imagine. Even those who have had a hard time in the past or regret the past will be able to spend the future brightly in the future.

Father’s dream to commit suicide

How sad he was when his father dreamed of committing suicide. To commit suicide means to kill your own life.

Death means rebirth in a dream divination, so it is an indication that the father changes his destiny by himself. Good luck is coming to his father. The benefits will come to you as a father’s family.

Father’s gentle dream

It is thought that a dream that a strict father is kind to usually means a desire to want your father to be kind. It is thought that the father of the ideal image that such a father would be happy came out into a dream.

If a gentle father always comes to mind as a gentle father, it means that you are protected by the father. The father is your help and will always be there if you ask for help.

A dream to embrace with father

Embracing dreams has the meaning of confirming affection. If you have a positive image, such as a tender feeling when you dream of embracing your father, it indicates that your father is important to you.

I often dream of this because I care about my father. However, when you dream of embracing your father, you may have a negative image, such as disgust. In that case, it is an indication that the affection for the father is fading.

The dream of a dead father coming back to life

The revival of a deceased father is a symbol of resurrection. In other words, what once lost is an indication that it will return again. Those who have failed or given up after trying something have a chance to try again. Anyone who has experienced a broken heart or a goodbye in a romance may be reunited.

However, to take advantage of this opportunity, it is important to act on your own. You can’t be resurrected just by waiting, so reach for yourself and grab it.

Cheerful Father’s Dream

The father’s dream, which is impressive and energetic, is a hint that a person who will support you appears.

There are people on your way to help you, so it’s a good idea to move forward with peace of mind. Conversely, now is the time to start a new thing.

They have good health and their fortunes are on the rise. You may want to make some big decisions now.

Dream to Be a Father

When you dream of becoming a father, it is likely to be a sign of pregnancy or childbirth. Do you have any plans to get pregnant or give birth to a woman or spouse you are dating? Or, the desire to be a father may have such a dream.

People who dream like this often respect their father and have a longing to be like a father. Surely you can be a good father too.

Dream of father committing murder

The dream of a father committing murder implies that he changes his mind and turns his eyes on a new direction. Perhaps there were many things that didn’t work out or that they felt bad luck. Once you switch your mind, your luck will gradually rise.

It is a dream that expresses the father’s ferocity. If you look at your father’s violence and ferocious aspects on a daily basis, it may have been a dream.

Father’s Arrest Dream

If you dream of your father being arrested, check to see if there are any parts of your life that need to be reviewed. This dream implies that this situation may disrupt our current life. Let’s change the habits that we continue while thinking that it is not good.

In particular, it seems better to fix loose money sensation immediately. The dream of your father being arrested has strong implications for you suffering for money.

Dream to play with father

Did you enjoy your dream of playing with your father? This dream means that the more fun you feel, the more unpleasant you are around you.

You may not have noticed, but it may be painful to hurt others. Once you have this dream, you should review your behavior once.

In particular, it seems better to consider your attitude toward familiar people. There seems to be a place where the relationship is lenient, but it is “a friendly relationship is also courteous”.

My father’s and childhood dreams

When I feel nostalgic, I often dream of my father and my childhood. You may have missed the old days and want to return, or you may just be immersed in memories. In addition, it is often a milestone in life to dream as a child.

When standing at a milestone in life, a person may look back once. I recall the experiences that are now my roots. Perhaps your father was great for you.

Dream of taking a picture of father

The dream of taking a picture of his father is a warning dream that tells his father that danger is imminent. For example, my father has an accident. In the worst case, the father can lose his life.

If you have this dream, it seems better to call your father’s attention. If you are acting vigilantly, you risk being avoided. Don’t waste your precious advice from your dreams, so your father can avoid danger.


Your father’s dreams had many meanings, from showing your father’s luck, to reflecting your mental state, to calling for action. In this way, knowing the meaning of a dream can be useful in real life. Please create a better future by referring to your dream divination.

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