Dream About Pattern: 14 Types & Their Meanings

Dream About Pattern: 14 Types & Their Meanings

Dream About Pattern

The pattern in the dream fortune-telling shows the state of your mind and the inside. There are many auspicious signs for cute designs and patterns that give a good impression, but patterns that receive an unpleasant image are characterized by a large number of bad signs.

Be aware that the impression of how you feel plays a major role in the interpretation of dream fortune-telling.

This time, we will introduce each type of dream with such a pattern.

Polka dot dream

A dream with an impressive polka dot pattern becomes a dream fortune that means that love luck is increasing. The clearer the polka dots, the more attractive you are! You may enter a little popular period.

Also, the polka dot handkerchief is a suggestion that you are thinking of starting a new thing or hobby. You will be lucky if you actively work on what you are interested in.

Striped dream

If the striped pattern is impressive, dream that the work, plans, and studies you are currently working on are still in progress and you will need to make your own efforts to complete them.

It’s also a suggestion that you now have the ability to do it.

Also, the dream of striped clothing represents the need for you to be a little lighter. It may be because the striped pattern gives a noisy impression if you do not pay attention to the pattern and color to match with others.

You’ll be lucky if you pick what you need and scrape off what you don’t need.

Plaid dream

If the plaid is impressive, then oneiromancy indicates that you are trying to organize your thoughts and ideas into a neat shape.

The rather rough and large checkered pattern implies that your motivation are increasing! You will be lucky if you keep things going according to the plan you have in mind.

A fine-grained plaid means that you are cautious at best, or a little unsure of yourself at worst, and you are not able to take bold actions. A little adventure will lead to better results.

Floral dream

A floral dream is a dream fortune that means that your luck is increasing. A sign that the efforts that have been accumulated so far will be rewarded and can be obtained as a result.

If the floral pattern is large, it means that there is a great talent in you.

The small floral pattern implies that there are many talents! Please find out those talents that are sleeping in you and make full use of them.

Also, if you wear floral accessories and clothes, it will make you more attractive. You may be approached by the opposite sex.

Zebra pattern dream

The dream of wearing zebra-patterned clothes and miscellaneous goods is a dream fortune that reflects the desire to change yourself, who cannot make clear decisions even with indecision. Perhaps there is a strong desire to clarify black and white like the pattern on the body of a zebra-zebra.

It’s not easy to change yourself, but first of all, decide on the menu when you eat out, and take on the challenge because it is harmless to others and causes little damage to you.

Camouflage dream

If the camouflage pattern is impressive, it means that you are rather introverted. It can be said that it reflects the desire not to stand out and to be quietly confused with many others.

Camouflage clothing also implies that you dare to hide your true feelings in order to protect yourself.

Snake pattern dream

It’s a punk image that seems difficult for ordinary people to wear, but if you don’t have an unpleasant image that the snake pattern is particularly creepy, it means that your luck is rising in oneiromancy. My physical and mental condition is good, and my work and study are likely to go smoothly.

However, if you have an unpleasant impression such as a creepy snake pattern, it is a suggestion that your luck is declining. It is a time when you are liable to get sick or have trouble, so please be careful about your physical condition and your actions and remarks on a daily basis.

Dreams of dragon patterns

A dream with an impressive dragon motif is a suggestion that you are now thinking positively if the dragon pattern does not have a particularly unpleasant image.

It shows that they take things brightly and have a lot of motivation and energy. That positiveness will open your luck.

However, if you have an unpleasant image of a dragon pattern that is somewhat scary or creepy, it will be a dream fortune that shows that you are completely backward thinking for some reason, so be careful. is.

Mottled dream

Especially when the mottled pattern without an unpleasant image is impressive, it is a sign that luck is increasing in dream fortune-telling. You may be in a leadership position to guide others, or you may get a position as a coordinator.

Interpersonal luck is also good, so you will be able to get the help of an authoritative person.

However, if you have an unpleasant impression of something creepy or mottled, you may be disliked because your remarks and actions will be seen from above, although you will be in a leadership position or a coordinator.

Please make a lot of people who understand yourself in advance so as not to cause troubles in person. And by not forgetting to be considerate of the other person, things will go smoothly.

If your face or body is mottled, oneiromancy shows that you want to have a deeper relationship with your loved one.

But that’s your thought, and it can be intrusive to the other person. Please think about the feelings and position of the other person.

If a mottled snake with a sober color or an unpleasant impression appears in a dream or is bitten by a mottled snake, it is a sign that your health is declining. Please note that you may be motivated or weakened, or you may be in poor physical condition.

However, the dream of a snake with an impressive bright and colorful mottled pattern is a sign that your creativity is increasing! If you have a creative job, you will be able to exert your full potential.

It’s also a dream fortune that suggests a turnaround in luck, so even if you’re in a difficult situation right now, things will turn around and things will go smoothly.

However, you are a little unique and it may be difficult for everyone to accept it. In order to deepen mutual understanding, please make sure to communicate with people close to you on a regular basis!

Plain dream

Plain means that there is no particular pattern and it is a single color. A dream of plain yet beautiful colors is a dream fortune that means that you are now positive thinking and mentally stable.

It’s a time of high motivation and energy, so things will go smoothly.

But if plainness works on the downside and gives a sober and dark impression, it’s a sign that you’re falling into backward thinking for some reason. It’s a good time to feel depressed, so be conscious of it and get angry.

Heart-shaped dream

If your heart-shaped dream is impressive, it’s a sign that your love luck is good! You may be blessed with a wonderful encounter with the opposite sex. We have a good relationship with the people around us, and it shows that we are having a good time every day.

If you have a partner with whom you are dating, your relationship with them will become more intimate in the future.

Insect pattern dream

A dream with an impressive insect pattern implies that you are a little tired now. You may not be getting enough rest because you are busy working and studying.

It’s a good idea to take a good break so that you don’t get sick due to tiredness or stress, or you don’t get into trouble with the people around you.

Also, please note that it is a suggestion that the way of thinking of things is backwards.

It’s a pattern, but it’s a dream of black clothes

It’s a floral pattern, a check pattern, or a dot pattern, but if it’s a black dress or skirt, the interpretation will change depending on whether the pattern has a strong impression or a black background.

Good-quality, black clothing implies an increase in luck. Or it means that you want to make yourself look more mature than your actual age. However, the dark black clothes are reminiscent of mourning clothes, suggesting poor physical condition and unhappiness in the relatives.

For example, clothes with a floral pattern on a black background that gives a good impression indicate an increase in luck, but if you have a strong impression that clothes on a black background that have a dark impression are patterned, you should think that they indicate poor physical condition.

If you have a good impression of the pattern even with black clothes, please refer to the increase in luck + interpretation of each pattern.

Psychological state when dreaming of patterns

When you dream a pattern that is particularly impressive, it seems that your inner self is often revealed, for better or for worse.

The cute impressions such as polka dots and floral patterns are a good sign of love luck and the rise of luck itself! It shows that you are also positive thinking.

On the other hand, it is necessary to note that the so-called subtle insect pattern or snake pattern, which selects a person as the pattern, may indicate a decrease in luck, depending on the impression received.

There is a difference between the pattern you like and the pattern that actually suits you. Wearing something you like will make you feel better. Let’s incorporate patterns that suit you well while having a good impression in your daily life!

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