What Does It Mean When You Dream About Water?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Water?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Water?

Water gives life, but it also has unimaginable destructive power. It can give life to millions of living souls on Earth, but in a matter of seconds it can devastate the same life to the ground.

Water is perhaps the most valuable material on our planet, one that has immeasurable biological, physical, material, spiritual and symbolic value.

In biblical terms, she is also the essence of life, but also a powerful destroyer.

The symbolism of water is vast and full of meaning. Like many other words and terms, water is used as a metaphor in many of the Bible verses. Of course, water is also mentioned in its original meaning.

The dry climate and lack of adequate water sources in ancient biblical lands were the main reasons for the great appreciation of water in the cultures of the region.

Almost all of ancient Israel’s life depended on rains. All ponds and wells, all kinds of natural and man-made water sources were a common symbol for life and existence.

Ancient peoples stored water for their needs, filling large basins, swimming pools and tanks with precious water, but everyone also knew the true importance and beauty of living and moving fresh water; rivers or lakes have always been considered precious and important to human life.

Not only was water used to plant crops, to cool down or to satisfy thirst and hunger, but it has always been an important element of many spiritual and religious rituals and practices.

Water symbolizes purification and transformation.

The practical use and need for water made this life giving matter an incredibly powerful symbolic fluid.

People have been using water to wash their hands both before and after a meal for a long time.

Water has been used not only for regular baths, but also for ritual baths. Some of the most important Christian practices involve the use of water; for example, the christening.

In the biblical, religious, spiritual and symbolic sense, water represents the abstract and non-physical aspect of the human soul.

Water also symbolizes regeneration, rejuvenation and refreshment, purification and spirituality in general, so it is not strange that it also represents the Holy Spirit.

The Bible tells how the Holy Spirit ‘flows’ and how believers are ‘fulfilled’ by his presence.

All sources of water have been praised, admired, adored and haunted since the dawn of time.

The Biblical Symbolism of Water in Dreams

What about dreams of water, in general and biblical terms?

The symbolism of the dream related to water is quite similar from any point of view, be it biblical or spiritual in general terms. Water is one of the common dream motifs and it occurs in different ways in our dreams.

In most cases, water represents the flow of time, our destinies and life. Running water, like a river or a stream, embodies the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeternal and infinite change.

In dreams, water also represents energy, creative energy, refreshment, vitality, longevity and activity. Since it comes in many forms, dreams can vary in meaning.

For example, one might dream of a river or a lake. You can spill some water, drink water or bathe in water.

There are also dreams about rain, floods, big waves and many other destructive manifestations of water. The emotions you had in the dream are important for the interpretation.

If we analyze the water motif in the dream from the standpoint of biblical interpretation, we can summarize the most common meanings.

Water can be seen as God’s blessing, the ultimate creative force, an inevitable destructive force, a cleansing agent, one that promotes abundance, fertility and all life.

These meanings are close to any other approach to interpreting water motifs in dreams. What are the most common dreams related to water and what are their meanings, let’s find out.

Dreams about calm and pure water

Dreams about clean, calm water are always good, especially if you dream, for example, of clear lake water that is also calm. Such dreams indicate that you feel calm and satisfied with your real life.

Pure water in dreams means your thoughts are pure.

Even if you still feel a little nervous or anxious in reality, this dream is calming and means you’ll soon have relief from the worries of your waking life. Seeing pure water in dreams is encouraging.

Symbolizes vitality, purity, youth and good health. You can dream of seeing a glass of pure water, a pool of clear water or something else.

No matter the source, the meaning is always positive. Pure water symbolizes purity of mind and soul; it is a symbol of inner harmony. Pure water in dreams bodes well and encourages us to breathe and enjoy life to the full.

Dreams of muddy and impure water

Impure water represents negative emotions and worries that surround you in your waking life and fill your mind and heart with sadness, discomfort and frustration. Dreams about cloudy water often occur in people who have many worries and problems in reality or who have an impure conscience.

This dream means that you are being misunderstood and rejected in reality. It feels as if there is no way out of a currently bad situation and a negative environment. This applies especially to dreams of falling into muddy waters. It means that we feel lost and very insecure about ourselves.

Perhaps we see certain problems much more dramatic than they really are. In fact, you are the one who creates them and gives them fuel to develop. Dreams of falling into muddy water remind us that we must fight and move forward, not letting negative circumstances drown us.

Dreams about the sound of water

If you hear the sound of running water in your dreams, it’s usually a good sign. It can be any sound; for example, sunken water, the sound of waves, a stream or a river. Even rain can be interpreted as the sound of running water in dreams.

This dream is neither extremely positive nor extremely negative. This dream means that you are in a deep thinking stage.

Perhaps you are summarizing your decisions, actions and steps taken in life so far. Perhaps they also think about the future. The sound of running water symbolically represents your fluid thoughts. You feel relaxed, calm but thoughtful.

This dream often occurs in people who have reached the end of something they were planning or working on, so they have to see if those things are worth it and decide what to do next.

Dreams about the sound of running water are common in generally calm people, in moments of introspection and retrospection, as well as those related to future steps.

Dreams about drinking water

Drinking water dreams are good. As we’ve said, water represents life, rejuvenation, vitality, longevity and good health. Drinking water in your dreams is a positive omen, meaning you will feel energetic, vital and upbeat in the next period.

Dreams about drinking fresh, pure water symbolize peace, tranquility, fortune and general well-being.

However, if you dream of drinking spoiled water, it can symbolize illness, misfortune and bad luck.

If you drink salt water in your dream, it may reflect an emotion of sadness, even if you feel calm outside.

Sometimes we yearn and are saddened by things that we actually don’t even know about.

However, if there is a situation in real life that triggers such emotions, it is not unlikely that we would dream of drinking salt water. Salt water symbolically represents human tears, so the association is clear.

Dreams about walking on water

Dreams of walking on a surface of water without falling into the water are rare and incredibly inspiring and interesting. These dreams are positive and can give you great encouragement.

Such dreams symbolize control, self-confidence, strength and ability.

It means that you are aware of your own abilities and that you have taken your life into your own hands. If you feel like you don’t really control things, the dream reminds you that you have all the resources you need to do so.

Walking on water in your dreams means that you are really in full control of your emotions, thoughts and decisions.

You conquered your fears and worries and, even if there are problems and difficult times, don’t let them get you down.

This dream is a reflection of your self-confidence, an encouragement to defend yourself and an omen of hope. If you dream of walking on water, you are truly blessed because such things are miraculous.

Dreams about flooding water

Dreams about a flood always reflect the emotional life of a dreamer. This dream means that you are busy and overwhelmed with your emotions, usually in a negative sense.

If you dream that your house is being flooded, it means that you feel powerless in certain situations in life, because you let your emotions prevail over your meaning. You feel fragile and vulnerable, so others manipulate you easily.

This dream is a warning sign; you must defend yourself and resist those whose ideas you disapprove of. Even if it means fighting, you must stick to your own wishes.

If you dream of a big flood, for example, in your city or something, it means that you feel desperate about the future.

This dream also reflects your worries, concerns and reluctance to accept changes. You know that time changes and that both negative and positive changes will definitely come your way.

You are comfortable in your routine, so that idea frightens you.

This dream reminds us that change, regardless of its nature, is an inevitable and essential part of everyone’s life.

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