What Does It Mean When You Dream About Airplanes?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Airplanes?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Airplanes?

Dreams about airplanes are among the most common, but not as frequent as, for example, dreams about cars or other land vehicles.

However, all these dreams have something in common and that is the very idea of ​​movement and travel.

Dreams about airplanes are like an “improved” version of dreams of traveling, traveling and moving, as they fly and put us among the clouds.

These dreams are symbolically related to dreams about flying. Dreams about flying come in different versions and one of the most exciting and interesting is the one where a dreamer flies on his own, just using his own body.

Sometimes people dream of having wings, but this is extremely rare. Dreams about flying on a magic carpet or an animal are also interesting but rare.

Using a vehicle to fly is the most common type of dreams related to flying; for example, flying in an airplane, a helicopter or even a rocket or a flying car. The common motive is the action of flight and movement.

However, dreams about airplanes also include the entire palette of dreams in which a dreamer does not fly alone. You can only see planes passing by, for example.

Dreams about planes

Dreams about airplanes can be full of hidden or obvious symbolic meanings.

People used to traveling by plane, as in business trips, for example, are very prone to dream about planes, but this is not an uncommon thing. It’s just a reflection of your reality and routine that has been repeating itself for a long time.

If you use airplanes often, it’s no wonder you dream about it.

However, everything changes if you don’t travel by plane as often. However, planning a trip that requires a flight would most likely induce a dream related to an airplane, which would be a reflection of your thoughts and possibly your intuition about the trip in question.

Excitement before traveling could be the simplest dream trigger.

However, the negative feeling that comes from within you can cause you to have an unpleasant dream related to an airplane.

There are also dreams in which a dreamer doesn’t have much to do with airplanes in the physical sense; he or she might dream of seeing them.

All dreams about seeing objects and phenomena are usually related to certain unfulfilled desires or ones that we are unaware of in reality.

Finally, all these dreams can have their subcategories and carry completely different meanings. Much depends on a dreamer’s personal experience of the dream (whether he or she felt good or bad about it) and, of course, the details present in a dream.

As for dreams about airplanes, the crucial factor in dream interpretation is whether or not you are afraid of flying an airplane.

For people who suffer from a phobia of heights and flying or, more specifically, a phobia of planes, you could experience real terror when dreaming of using one.

However, it could even happen that the dream was pleasant, which could say a lot about your attitude towards troubling situations in real life. Dreams about airplanes could say a lot about your real capabilities.

In dreams about airplanes, the person could only be an observer, but he could also be in contact with an airplane, in different ways. You could dream of being a traveler who uses an airplane as a means of transport.

It could be an airplane, but it could also be a private jet. It may also happen that you dream of flying a plane, as if you were the pilot.

Dreams of seeing planes

Dreams of seeing airplanes are the most common type of airplane-related dreams.

These dreams include any scenario where a dreamer sees a plane and doesn’t have to be seeing an actual plane in the sky or at an airport.

It also includes dreams in which you see pictures of planes, motifs that look like planes, and so on.

In all these dreams, planes represent something you desire, something you dream about, but which is still out of your reach.

Most likely, these dreams reflect your inner desire to change something in your life and routine; you feel inside like it’s time to move on, to move in any direction. You probably still don’t have any clue what to do exactly.

These dreams are about the first sign of life of an idea; they are guiding dreams that should make you wonder about things.

You shouldn’t take them as a negative sign, even though they can make you feel a little insecure about your current situation, triggering that strange and exciting feeling of wanting to wander.

The closer you are to real planes in your dreams, the more aware you are of your inner voices.

For example, dreaming of seeing pictures of airplanes probably means that you have this urge to move, but it is very likely that you have not spared a single moment in your waking life thinking about it.

If you, however, dream of standing outside and seeing planes fly by, it is very likely that you are indeed aware of the urge, but you are possibly suppressing it.

Seeing planes flying while you stay on the ground are dreams about missed opportunities or your unwillingness to change things, most likely because of the feeling that you are not ready.

This dream also has its variations, based on a dreamer’s feeling about it. If you’re a little sad to see these planes, it means what we’ve just described.

On the other hand, if your reaction is the opposite. The one of relief or even joy, means that you are ready to let go of the things that have been bothering you for a long time.

This dream could be a dream that represents an end to a phase of life, breaking with the past or even some rather unpleasant circumstances of the present.

It might be completely out of your reach, but you’re lucky to get yourself out of trouble anyway.

Dreams about airports

Dreams about airports have many meanings depending on what you are doing at the airport.

People often dream of being lost at the airport, looking for something or someone.

These dreams are all about certain insecurities and anxieties that normally arise as a result of lack of good plans or organization. Such dreams are about looking for your boarding gate and not finding it.

Such a dream reflects the chaotic nature of things in your own life. It can be a reminder that you should hurry less and spend more time planning things properly.

This dream occurs in people who take on a lot of responsibilities so that they become forgetful of some very important things.

Airports are also places where people meet and say goodbye.

If you dream of waiting for someone to come but he or she never came because your flight is delayed or the person just doesn’t show up after landing, this dream possibly means that you are foolishly investing your time and your emotions in a relationship that is One side.

On the other hand, it may reflect your overprotective attitude or your possessive nature.

For example, a parent might dream that the child does not show up, out of sheer parental anxiety related to their child’s well-being.

If the person appears, this is a dream of reuniting with someone, of missing someone, of the desire to see someone who is far away and usually of good relationships or fond memories about a certain person.

Wandering through an airport on your own, as if you were exploring it, seeing people pass by and planes fly by or land is a dream scenario with a similar meaning to seeing planes.

This dream suggests that you feel like there is something new for you, but you haven’t found it yet.

This dream reflects a phase of self-introspection, looking for directions, opportunities and directions in life in the most natural way.

Dreams about boarding an airplane

Dreams in which you actually board a plane, be it an airline or a small private plane or whatever, mean that you have finally decided to move on, or if you have not yet made any real decisions in your waking life, that you will do it very soon.

This dream indicates turning the tides, choosing a new path, starting over or fulfilling any of your desires. Depends on details.

If you are boarding a one-way plane, it means that you have already done certain things in your life and you want to start over.

It could be a normal end to a life stage or more dramatic circumstances; maybe you’ve grown tired of your life or you want to escape a toxic environment that you can’t change for the better.

In any case, boarding a plane with a one-way ticket means you are saying goodbye to your current life, willing to find some new avenues to discover.

If you have an accurate idea of ​​where you’re going, that means your decision will be based on something you’ve wanted for a long time.

If you have no idea where you are flying, it reflects a genuine desire to travel, a desire to get lost in the world and explore the myriad opportunities that life has to offer.

Dreams about traveling by plane are basically of the same meaning because you have boarded the plane and are heading towards new horizons, known or unknown.

They only confirm that the decision was made in your heart, if not in reality. If your ticket was a round trip, the dream has a different meaning.

It reflects your desperate need to take a break, but you want to go back because you are generally satisfied with your life.

Dreams about flying an airplane

If you dream of flying a plane, being a pilot or something like that, then the dream is taking control over your life.

This dream could indicate a change in attitude towards life in general; you have clear ideas about what you want from your life, you have an idea of ​​how to command the flight and you are very confident about it.

On the other hand, this dream indicates that you have had enough of others trying to control your life.

You want to take charge and champion your own causes. This dream could also be a dream about big responsibilities especially if you are an airline pilot.

It indicates that you are ready to lead others, to protect them, and to be responsible for their well-being.

The dream is likely to occur if you have taken charge of a serious business project, for example, but also any form of social activity that requires you to be accountable for others.

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