Dream of cats fighting each other: Meaning and Interpretation

Dream of cats fighting each other: Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams featuring cats fighting each other can be interpreted in a few ways. The first is that the dream may be a representation of some inner conflict you are currently experiencing. Alternatively, the cats fighting may be symbolic of some actual altercation taking place in your life that you are aware of. In Chinese culture, cats fighting are thought to be a bad omen signifying upcoming arguments or even physical altercations. If you recently had a dream in which you saw two cats fighting each other, read on to learn about what it might mean.

One interpretation of dreaming about cats fighting is that the cats represent different aspects of your personality that are currently in conflict with one another. Perhaps you have been feeling pulled in different directions and are struggling to make a decision. The two battling cats could represent the two options you are considering and the inner conflict you feel as a result. Alternatively, the dream may be a manifestation of some unresolved issue from your past that continues to cause inner turmoil.

Another possibility is that the dream is symbolic of an ongoing disagreement or fight that you are aware of in your waking life. This could be indicative of some tension at work or problems within your personal relationships. If you have been bottling up your feelings about the situation, the dream may be prompting you to address the issue head-on. Alternatively, the dream could also be warning you of potential future conflicts if things are not resolved soon.


Dreams featuring cats fighting can have a few different interpretations depending on the context surrounding them. In most cases, however, they are symbolic of some kind of inner conflict or actual dispute taking place in your life. If you recently had such a dream, try to take some time to reflect on what it might mean and how it might be relevant to your current situation.

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