Dream of hitting a cat: Meaning and Interpretation

Dream of hitting a cat: Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams can be interesting, confusing, and often times difficult to interpreted. Many people have dreams involving animals, which can lead to confusion and wondering what those animals might represent. Cats specifically are a popular animal to dream about. Hitting a cat in a dream can have different meanings based on the interpretation of the dreamer.

There are many interpretations of dreaming of hitting a cat. One interpretation might be that the person who hit the cat did so because they felt threatened in some way. The cat might represent something that is unknown or dangerous. In this instance, the dreamer might need to take a step back and assess whatever situation they are in that is making them feel threatened. Alternatively, this could be a call to action for the dreamer to take more risks.

Another interpretation for dreaming of hitting a cat comes from Ancient Egyptian times. In Ancient Egyptian culture, cats were seen as sacred animals. To hit or kill a cat in a dream would be viewed as an exceptionally bad omen meaning that someone close to the dreamer would die soon. While this might not be the most popular interpretation nowadays, it is still an interesting cultural perspective. The takeaway from this interpretation is that the dreamer should spend time with loved ones and cherish their time together.

The final popular interpretation for dreaming of hitting a cat has to do with feelings of guilt. The dreamer might have done something recently that goes against their personal morals or values. The cat in this instance symbolizes purity. harming an innocent creature such as a cat can leave someone feeling immense guilt. If this is the interpretation that resonates most with the dreamer, then they should spend time reflecting on whatever it is they might have done and why it made them feel guilty.


Interpreting dreams can be difficult, especially if the dream contains elements which feel out of our control such as animals. Dreams involving cats specifically can often leave people feeling confused due to the many different interpretations available. The three most popular interpretations for dreaming of hitting a cat are based on feelings of threat, guilt, and bad omens respectively. It is best to spend time after having such a dreams thinking about which interpretation makes the most sense given recent events in your life. Doing so can provide some clarity and peace of mind.

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