Dream of Potatoes: 14 Types & Their Meanings

Dream of Potatoes
Dream of Potatoes: 14 Types & Their Meanings

The characteristic of potato dreams is that they tend to represent good luck, love luck, and health. The interpretation changes depending on whether the potatoes were delicious and what kind of potato dishes were.

Basic Meaning & Psychological State

In dream fortune-telling, potatoes represent good luck, profit, and desire for love, and it seems that luck itself is often good. It can be said that the body and mind are stable because the work is going well and the economy is in good condition.

The yield is high, and the potatoes that can be eaten deliciously depending on the idea have many auspicious signs even in dream fortune-telling. However, be aware that bad or rotten potatoes can be a bad sign.

Potato dreams: by situation and location

Under what circumstances did you see potatoes in your dreams? It is characterized by a large number of auspicious signs, but it should be noted that there are also bad signs depending on the number and condition of the potatoes. Here, we will look at the situation and the location of the potatoes.

There are a lot of potatoes [trouble / poor health]

If you have a lot of potatoes, potatoes are a dream fortune that means that you are having troubles, troubles, or worries at home.

Also, a large amount of sweet potatoes implies poor health luck. Please note that there is an increasing risk of getting sick.

I don’t know the type, but the dream of having a lot of potatoes is a suggestion that finding one disease reveals other diseases. It is also called a sickness, so if there is nothing, it is okay, so it is a good idea to take this opportunity to practice health management.

Digging potatoes [Good luck]

The dream of digging potatoes is a sign of increasing luck! The steady efforts so far may be rewarded, and you may have a crush or be blessed with a celebration. You will be able to achieve higher results than you expected at work and receive high praise.

Get potatoes [increased luck]

If the dream of getting potatoes from someone other than yourself was impressive, it’s a suggestion that dream fortune-telling is making you more attractive. You may have a nice encounter with the opposite sex.

It’s also a dream fortune telling that you can get useful information for yourself. By making full use of the information obtained, you will be able to streamline your work and study.

If the potatoes you get are big, it’s a sign of rising fortune. Oneiromancy shows that you will get unexpected profits.

Eat potatoes [healthy luck / isolation]

If the dream of eating potatoes is impressive, it is a dream fortune telling that you are in good physical and mental condition. If the potato dishes you ate were delicious, you could be lucky.

Also, even if you are sick now, dream fortune tells you that you will recover in the future. However, if the potatoes you eat are bad, it may indicate isolation or loneliness, so be careful.

Buy potatoes [increased luck / health anxiety]

If the dream of buying potatoes is impressive, it is a sign that you will get unexpected profits and achievements with dream fortune-telling. It shows that the efforts made so far are highly evaluated. Don’t be afraid of this result, and don’t forget to keep working hard in the future.

However, if a person who is aware that he / she has recently been unhealthy dreams of buying potatoes, it implies that his / her health luck is declining. It indicates that you are worried about your health due to lack of nutrition or poor nutritional balance on a daily basis.

Big potato [increased fortune]

The big potato is a suggestion that you can get more than you expected in dream fortune-telling. Also, if you get a big potato from someone, it will be a dream fortune telling that your fortune is rising.

You will be unexpectedly blessed with extra income, and you will be able to make much greater profits than you expected.

Growing in potato fields [Efforts]

The dream of growing potatoes in the potato field is a dream fortune that means that you are now recognized as a full-fledged person by your parents and those around you, and that you are currently striving for independence.

Potatoes rot [decreased love luck]

Perhaps it’s been a while since the harvest, and if the dream of rotting potatoes was impressive, it’s a sign that love luck is declining in dream fortune-telling.

Please note that it is more likely that you will not be blessed with good encounters or that your relationship with the lover you are dating will be jerky.

Throw potatoes [I want to tell you]

Oneiromancy shows that the dream of throwing potatoes at someone has something you want to sue or convey to the other person.

Warm, freshly prepared potato dishes [increased fortune / improvement]

Warm or freshly prepared potato dishes represent an increase in fortune. You may be blessed with unexpected extra income.

It is also a suggestion that a situation that has deteriorated for some reason will improve.

Cold potato dishes [decreased fortune]

It should be noted that if the potato dishes that are originally eaten in a warm state are cold, it means that the economic situation is unstable.

Potato dreams: by type

There are various types of potatoes. There are various dishes that can be prepared. The feature is that there are basically many auspicious signs. Here, let’s look at each type of potato.

Potato [increased luck]

Potatoes, one of the most popular potatoes, are hints of marriage and fertility. If you can harvest a lot, it means an increase in luck. Your steady efforts will be rewarded and you will get the results.

Delicious potatoes are a good sign of good luck.

Sweet potato [increased love luck]

If the sweet potatoes are impressive, it’s a dream fortune telling that your love luck is rising and your desire for sexual matters is growing. You may be blessed with an actual encounter with a wonderful opposite sex.

If you have a partner you already have a relationship with, you will have a better relationship with them.


Delicious but less addictive potatoes are an ingredient that makes a great contribution to cooking and sweets. Because of its cost performance and ease of use, there are many auspicious signs even in dream fortune-telling.

However, be careful about interpretations related to illness. There is a possibility that one illness will find another bad part.

Please take care of your health on a daily basis, and if there is nothing, it’s okay, so be sure to have your beans undergo regular medical examinations.

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