Dream of Talking: Meaning and Interpretation

Dream of Talking (Speaking): Meaning and Interpretation

Dream of Talking

Meaning of “talking dream” in dream

The act of talking(speaking) = some kind of communication sign

Now that you know the tips of dream divination, let’s talk about the specifics. This time, the dream you saw was a “speaking dream”. The act of speaking is a sign of some communication for yourself. Let’s take a closer look at whether it was repressed during the day or unconscious.

Listening side

If you have a dream to tell in a dream fortune-telling, you can read the implications from where you stand. First, if you are listening. Listening is probably a close consultation about your concerns. If someone talks about a conversation in a dream, you probably want to do something with them.

Or maybe the person is actually in trouble. Instead, ask your partner about your “speaking dream” and get a consultation, which may be a hint from dream divination.

Talking side

On the other hand, when you are on the talking side. An indication from the dream telling that if it can be spoken happily, things will go smoothly. Studying and work may be what you want. Also, if you can talk with the person you are talking about in a light rhythm, like making rice cakes, you may have come up with a dream of expressing your desire to know each other more.

16 meanings symbolized by “talking dreams”


From this section, 16 specific examples will be selected. As mentioned above, the point of Dream Fortune Telling is also a point, but the place where you are talking is also meaningful. In this article, I will roughly describe one-to-one and close relationships, but here we will talk about a large number of people such as conference rooms and stages, assuming you are talking.

If you have a dream you talk to in front of a large number of people, you want to stand out more! It is a sign of a desire to be recognized by the public. Also, if it was before those who knew it, it would have been a hint from the dream divination that they wanted to be recognized.


Now what is the meaning of a dream to talk with a tool called phone to focus and talk to one person? If you don’t know who you are calling, it’s a hint from a dream telling you something important that you haven’t noticed yet. If you are a close friend or lover, your dream tells you that you have something to tell you.


Unleash the strings for each character in your dream. In a speaking dream, the opposite sex may appear. Dream horoscopes imply masculinity if you are female and feminine if you are male.

Favorite people

It’s nice to meet and talk to your favorite people in your dreams. If you’re being watched by someone you like in your talking dream, they’ll point you to your flaws. It might be better to improve it little by little. On the other hand, if you are talking to your favorite person smoothly, your luck is up. Let’s ride the waves.

Disliked people

Someone who is not good or dislikes may appear in their dreams. You may get up a bit with a bad aftertaste, but don’t worry. A dream to talk to a hater and speaking smoothly is proof that your mental growth is being encouraged. In the real world, talk as if you were dreaming to speak.


A lover in a dream fortune tells you the affection you have and your feelings for the other person. If you’re talking with your lover, it’s a nightmare. Conversely, if you are fighting or your lover is crying sadly, it has the meaning of upside down that progress can be seen in the relationship between the two.


When a friend appears in a dream, it is an indication that your interpersonal relationship is growing. It can be said that this is an expression of a desire to expand human relationships. Also, if in your dream of talking with a friend, if you have any unpleasant feelings, the other party is your own mirror. A message from a dream teller is coming to remedy the shortcomings in me.

Dead People

If a deceased person comes into your dreams, you’re receiving a message to you, meaning you miss that person and another important one. Remember what you are talking about.


Teachers are the ones who will guide you. From the content of the story, an important message to you now will be put. Trouble-shooting measures and tips are hidden. If the teacher only speaks brightly, the hint that luck will rise is a message from the dream teller.


I want to have good relationships at work, both for my boss, my colleagues and my subordinates. In particular, if you have a good relationship with your boss and have a dream to talk, it is a sign that your work luck is rising, as you have enough power to try a job that is a little higher than the current situation. If you’re too close and working together, be autonomous.

I’m discussing

Let’s take a look at what you are talking about. If your dream is to talk about the situation, it’s an indication of your relationship with you. Since discussions consist of a balance between listening and speaking, it can be said that they promote mutual growth by interacting with the people around them.

Enthusiastic discussion

But what if the discussion is enthusiastic? Hot, talking dreams often indicate good luck, but if you’re talking eagerly, it’s a sign that you want more recognition. You may have lost confidence.

Just talk

It is a “speaking dream” that has a meaning to show your feelings and thoughts, but if you are just talking about a small, common small talk, your motivation and luck are increasing, and the hint that it is going well is Suggested.


If you’re fighting in your dreams, focus on your opponent. If you are a lover or a friend, your relationship will be strong and imply that you will be better friends, even if the situation is not going well. If you’re fighting with a boss or other work-related person, the fact that you’re really jerky may just be repeated in your dreams.

And if you’re fighting with your parents, it’s a message from a dream that encourages you to be independent. The desire to stand on their own feet, separate from their parents, stand alone and live their lives appeared in their dreams.


It’s very exciting to confess or confess to someone. Confessing in a dream is just the desire to tell someone in your heart. A successful confession is a sign of rising luck leading to good results. On the other hand, if the confession goes wrong, it is an indication that your aggression will not work.

Can’t speak well

Even if you want to talk, it is not a word. can not say anything. There will be such a dream. Being unable to speak well is an indication that you are now frustrated with the people around you. Or, fortune-telling tells you that you are anxious about lacking confidence.

“Talking Dreams” is your thought and heart

How was the message from dream interpretation(divination) that “Talking Dreams” tell you? During sleep, we organize information that is unconsciously input from the outside world when awake. The collective unconscious proposed by Jung may be showing you a universal story.

Remembering the whole picture of the dream you saw, rearranging the story nature from start, end, turn, and close based on color, background, characters and state, and trying to make a story, from the current situation where you are, You may find that you haven’t noticed yet, or that a big dream is hidden!

It is a theory that Freud’s “dream is the royal road leading to unconsciousness”, but if you receive the message that “speaking dream” teaches, if you know that you have accumulated unconsciously under consciousness at the time of awakening, It will be easier to find remedies and my mind will be lighter and I can send a stable day. Please receive a wonderful message from a dream teller!

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