Dreaming Of Shooting Stars: 19 Interpretations and Meanings

Dreaming Of Shooting Stars: 19 Interpretations and Meanings

Dreaming Of Shooting Stars

A shooting star that is hard to find in everyday life. What is the meaning of a dream to see a shooting star? Detailed explanations for each situation, such as wishes, meteor showers, fireworks and UFOs. Please confirm while recalling the dream you had.

Many people have heard the theory that granting wishes to a shooting star will come true. Maybe some people have actually entrusted a wish to a shooting star.

Although it is a shooting star with such a romantic image, what does it mean if you dream it? I wonder if it has a positive meaning or a negative meaning as in reality.

This article explains the meaning of a shooting star’s dream.

What is the meaning and psychology of a dream to see a shooting star? Your dream come true?

The dream of seeing a shooting star has the meaning of Good luck. In the case of good dreams, it means a rise in luck, implying that wishes and dreams will come true.

You can expect an overall rise in luck, such as romantic luck, personal luck, and work luck, but the romance is particularly strong. You will have happiness when you can share with your favorite people or experience a fateful encounter.

On the other hand, a shooting star has the transience of disappearing into the night sky in an instant when it appears, which may mean missing or losing a chance.

However, in both cases, when dreaming of a shooting star, the dreams, goals, and desires that you want to fulfill are considered to be in the psychological background.

The meaning of the dream depends on what kind of situation you dreamed, so let’s look at the meaning of each situation.

Dream of making a wish to a shooting star

If you dream of making a wish to a shooting star, it implies that your wish is likely to come true. If you’re dreaming of what you’ve dreamed of and what you’ve been aiming for, it’s almost time to become a reality.

In addition, those who have been in difficult situations may turn around and turn positive. Some may wonder, “Why did you make such a wish?”

But in fact, that wish may be what you really want. My dream is to make myself aware and realize that I am not even aware of.

Dream of seeing a lot of meteor showers

If you see a large number of meteor showers in reality, you will surely be impressed. What was your feeling in your dream? When you dream of seeing a large number of meteor showers, what image you have of the dream is an important point in interpreting the dream.

If you’re overwhelmed or scared and have negative emotions, it’s likely that you’ve advised that you have too many dreams and goals. If you don’t focus on just one, you may lose all your dreams and goals.

Conversely, if you have a positive image, such as being impressed by seeing a large number of meteor showers, it is a hint that many fortunes will come. If you have something that you want to try or do, you should try it out.

A dream to see a shooting star during fireworks

Fireworks and shooting stars that shine and disappear in an instant seem to be similar. What is the significance of dreaming such fireworks and shooting stars?

Looking at a shooting star is looking at the sky, so the fireworks in this case should show launch fireworks.

Fireworks launched in dream divination represent a big goal. The goal for you may not be reachable without a little stretching. So, if you dream of seeing fireworks alone, your goal is too big.

However, the appearance of a shooting star changes the meaning of a dream. The shooting star in this case is an opportunity and tells us that now is a chance to reach the goal.

If you dream of seeing a shooting star during a fireworks show, it’s a good idea to rush to the target. Depending on your efforts, results beyond your own strength may be waiting.

Dreams of seeing shooting stars and UFOs

UFO is an unknown substance that is rarely seen by many people. Such a dream of seeing a UFO and a shooting star together implies the flowering of a sleeping talent.

You may have hidden talents and abilities that you do not even know.

It is very positive that it blooms, but you may be puzzled by the changes that take place around you at first. Some may feel anxious or fearful.

Also, even if a talent blooms, it is meaningless if it cannot be used. Once you have this dream, it’s a good idea to understand your talents and think about how they can be used.

Dreams of many shooting stars

If you see a lot of shooting stars, not as much as a meteor shower, it means you have a lot of dreams you want to fulfill. It may be a bit greedy, but it’s also a dream that shows you are energetic.

If the reality is substantial, you will not have to reduce dreams and goals. They seem to motivate you and have a good effect.

However, if the reality is full or halfway, it may be better to think once about what is the dream you really want to fulfill.

A dream where a shooting star slowly progresses

If you have seen a shooting star in reality, you will know that it is only a fraction of a second that it runs through the sky, and it is actually difficult to fulfill your wish three times. If the shooting star advances slowly, it will be possible to fulfill your wish three times before it runs through.

This dream shows that you have the psychology of wanting to fulfill your wishes and change the situation. Perhaps you want to get out of a very tight situation.

However, there seems to be a strong part of the other powers, and you may be lacking in having the feeling of trying to do something by yourself or trying to make an effort.

The dream that a shooting star explodes

When you dream of a shooting star exploding, your dreams reflect negative emotions, such as your anxiety and fear. He seems to be expecting that his current work will not work.

You may know, but you don’t want to admit it, and you’re struggling desperately, but it’s likely that you’ll end halfway. Instead of turning your eyes, it may be a good idea to think twice about why it doesn’t work.

Also, if a woman has this dream, it may be a sign of pregnancy.

Dream of a falling star

If you dream of a falling star, you should be on your guard. The dream that a shooting star falls is a sign that something unexpected or an ominous thing happens.

Even though things seem to be going well now, they may start to rattle soon. There may be pitfalls in unexpected places, so be careful.

Also, if there is not one falling star, it warns you that you are seeking too much. If you seek too much, it can kill you. It’s a good idea to stay humble without seeking much.

Dreams of seeing a shooting star with a favorite person

If you can see your favorite people and shooting stars, you’re very romantic. It sounds like a good suggestion of a relationship with a favorite person. Unfortunately, the dream of seeing a shooting star with a favorite person is not a good dream.

Shooting stars are ephemeral, and your love is likely to be ephemeral. Have you missed an absolute chance? Did you have the opportunity to convey your thoughts or appeal to yourself?

Love is about timing, and if you miss it, your relationship will progress without progress. This dream implies that you missed a chance and increased your distance from the people you like.

Dreams of lovers and meteor showers

Dreams of lovers and meteor showers are also romantic and lovely dreams, but not good dreams. This dream implies that something big change will occur in the relationship with the lover.

For example, it is likely that a mentally shocking event will occur, such as a sudden separation from a lover who did not feel any sign of separation or a betrayal of the lover.

The more meteor showers you have in your dreams, the more likely it is to be a shocking event, so you may want to be prepared for your mind.

Many people who dream of this dream have excessive confidence that “lovers like themselves.” I can’t remember being shaken, so if I’m mishandled about my lover, it may hurt me.

A dream where a shooting star flows through the starry sky

The starry sky has the power to heal your heart, right? Such a starry sky symbolizes hope and longing, and the dream of a shooting star flowing through the starry sky has two meanings.

The good point is to signal that you are about to reach what you are aiming for. By continuing your efforts as it is, you may see the light of hope.

The bad meaning is that troubles occur around us, and the environment and position change drastically. In addition, people who are a little anxious about their health may be better to be careful, as they can be easily affected by poor physical condition.

A dream that a shooting star falls and burns

When you have a dream that a shooting star falls and burns, you are likely to encounter unexpected trouble. Natural disasters that you can’t help yourself, or you’re involved in troubles around you, may happen.

The dream also shows that it can lead to an even worse situation. Just as the fire waits for the fire to extinguish, we have no choice but to endure the disaster.

However, depending on the location of the fire, it may be a good dream. For example, if your home is set on fire, your home luck will increase. Life-changing events can occur, such as winning lotteries.

A dream to see aurora and shooting stars

The light belt is a mysterious aurora, but you cannot see the aurora unless certain conditions such as location and time are met. When you have such a dream of seeing the northern lights and shooting stars, you are informing now that you have very good conditions.

People who are in trouble can get out of there, or confession or marriage is coming.

Those who have been waiting for pregnancy may be able to have a child soon. With good luck, it’s a good time to start something new.

Dream of a red shooting star

A red shooting star implies a fall in love luck. A person with a lover may develop into trouble with the lover. In the worst case, it may lead to parting. It’s better to be calm and not emotional.

If you don’t have a lover, beware of gender entanglement. Red has a strong affection.

Especially if you are a woman, make sure you control your emotions, especially as it often symbolizes jealousy and jealousy of women. If you’re a man, watch out for casual remarks and actions.

Dream to see shooting star in first dream

If you see a shooting star in your first dream, you are likely to be happy that your wish will come true, but unfortunately this dream is not a dream that your wish will come true. This dream means that you have hope for a new year.

What you wish for a shooting star in your dream is your hope. Even if you don’t remember what you wanted, you may still be able to find what you want to do and what makes it worthwhile.

Motivation and energy, fortunes are rising, but it’s also a dream that means it won’t last long, so you’ll have a good year if you are aware of continuing.

A dream to catch a shooting star

If you have a dream to catch a shooting star, think it’s time to make the most of your efforts. If you’ve been working towards your goals, you’re right at hand.

If you’ve been working hard to turn around your favorite people, you may be close in love with your favorite people.

But don’t be alarmed if you have this dream, as your dream will only lead to your results. Reach for yourself and go for good luck. Good luck pushes your back.

A dream that a shooting star does not disappear

Originally, shooting stars disappear in an instant, but if they stay in the night sky without disappearing, the dream is a warning dream.

Bad luck continues around you, and you may have to struggle for a while without being able to get out of a state of poor luck. The bad luck is likely to come suddenly, so don’t be alarmed if it’s great now.

What you need to do to recover your fortune is to be calm and do not panic if anything happens. With a certain level of mind, you may not be distracted more than necessary when something happens.

The dream that the shooting star disappears

Shooting stars are vanishing, but when the shooting star disappears and you have an impressive dream, it is likely that the chance has passed.

You may have missed a great opportunity to be valued at work, or missed a chance to meet.

You can’t help what’s gone, but you certainly have the chance right before your eyes. The next time you have a similar opportunity, don’t miss it.

Dream to see a shooting star in the blue sky in daytime

In the daytime, if you dream of seeing a shooting star in the blue sky, it’s just before lucky things happen. You may get a good job at work, you may be able to date someone you like, or you may be able to move forward one step.

You might be lucky in an unexpected place, so it’s a good idea to take a different action than to do the same.

If you always choose the right, choose the left. New discoveries and new encounters may be waiting.

Difference between shooting star and comet

Now that we have explained the dream of a shooting star, what do you mean by saying that, do you know the difference between a shooting star and a comet?

Comets are small objects in the solar system that consist of ice, dry ice, dust and rocks. The size of a comet can be tens of meters for small ones and tens of kilometers for large ones.

Comets are famous for having long tails, but the identity of the tail is gas and dust emitted from the comet. They are swept away by the solar wind bleeding from the sun, creating a tail.

And the dust that the comet has scattered becomes “shooting stars”. When dust enters the atmosphere due to the gravitational force of the earth, the gas emits light and appears to glow.

The difference between shooting stars and meteorites

So what is the difference between a shooting star and a meteorite? Shooting stars are born from dust scattered by comets, and can be as large as a few centimeters. And many things burn out in the atmosphere.

On the other hand, meteorites are formed by the collision of small rocks that did not become planets called asteroids, and are blocks of rock and iron. Small ones can be a few millimeters, large ones can be several meters. If meteorites fall on the earth, it will be devastating.

In this way, the shooting star and the meteorite have different origins, and the shooting star often burns out in the atmosphere, whereas the meteorite falls without burning out.


Perhaps the shooting star’s dreams seemed to have many negative meanings, unlike real images. In particular, there are many dreams that suggest trouble, so if you dream of a shooting star, you may need to be prepared to some extent.

However, being able to anticipate a problem in advance can be a plus from a different perspective, so let’s do our best to lose the negative implications.

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