Dreams about Birds: 18 Types & Their Meanings

Dreams about Birds: 18 Types & Their Meanings

Dreams about Birds

Birds express hope in dream fortune-telling. It is characterized by many interpretations that suggest auspicious signs such as good luck and chance, probably because many birds can fly freely in the sky.

Having the ability to fly, which people do not have, may lead to hope and a bright future. The habits and appearance of each bird are well reflected in the dream fortune-telling.

This time, we will introduce each type of bird’s dream.

Crow dream

The crow, which is a fairly large species for familiar birds, expresses fear of bad news and unfamiliar, unexperienced things in oneiromancy.

If you get used to crows, it’s a sign that your love luck is rising! However, it should be noted that it also has implications for poor family health.

The dream of a crow clinging to you may come closer to someone who wants to take advantage of you. If you can quickly get rid of the approaching crows, your troubles and worries will go to a solution.

But if you’re having a hard time getting rid of it, it means things aren’t going well and it takes time to resolve your worries and troubles, so be careful.

The dream of a pigeon

The dreams of pigeons, which are often seen in open places such as parks, mean peace, romance, and relationships with people close to us. The dream of a pigeon in a basket or box freeing up and flying into the sky is a sign of good news and ceremonies!

The more pigeons that are free and take off, the greater the joy you will receive. It is in a mentally stable state, and even if you have trouble, it will go in the right direction without much pain.

When pigeons are poking food in a flock, it becomes a dream fortune-telling that represents an increase in interpersonal luck. Even if you have a problem, you will be able to reach out for cooperation and support from various directions.

If pigeons were flying in a flock, it would be a dream fortune telling that with the help and cooperation of many people, work and study would be successful.

However, be aware that if there are too many pigeons and you feel tired or scared, it will imply your dishonesty.

Are you doing something like giving back the benefits you received from others? That dishonesty can lead to trouble with the people around you, so please try to treat people in good faith, not just those who have taken care of you.

Owl dream

Owls, sometimes called Morinokenja because of their big-eyed gestures, mean intelligence and intuition in dream fortune-telling.

The dream of seeing such an owl is a suggestion that the talent that sleeps in you will bloom. It’s a good time to overcome your weaknesses and start studying for a new qualification.

A white owl means good luck. If such a white owl is attached to you, love luck and interpersonal luck are in great shape! You may be blessed with nice opposite sex and good friends.

If the brown owl is impressive, it is a dream fortune telling that you are in a state of physical and mental well-being, healthy and fulfilling.

Also, the dream of keeping an owl is a sign that you have good control over your relationships with the people around you.

However, if you are poked or bitten by your owl, you need to be careful because it has the meaning of warning you that you are looking from above when you come in contact with people.

Also, owl crying dreams imply bad news and health problems, so be careful.

Colorful bird dreams

If the colorfully colored birds are impressive, it’s a dream come true that your free creativity and creations will be recognized and appreciated by those around you.

However, such evaluation is different for each person. It can be highly supported, jealousy and criticism.

Be aware of your relationships with those around you, and don’t forget to make an effort to get more, if not all, recognition.

Dream of a duck

As you can see from the idiom “being made into a duck”, the duck represents sacrifice and use in dream fortune-telling. A dream with such an impressive duck implies that you need to sacrifice instead of being lucky.

You may be sacrificed for some reason, or you may be able to strengthen or benefit from your own position by using someone.

Don’t just take the sacrifice for granted, but try to make it as small as possible.

Also, be aware that the dream of keeping a duck implies that you take care of someone too much and deprive them of their freedom. Be careful not to let your love become too heavy and be overwhelmed by the other person.

Peacock dream

The peacock, with its striking bright feathers reminiscent of the eyeballs, means glitz, prosperity, and temptation in a dream. The dream of seeing a peacock at a zoo is a sign of good luck and good news.

The dream of a peacock approaching you means that a sexy type of opposite sex that has never existed before is approaching. However, that person may have a negative effect on you.

There is a high possibility of calculation or malicious intent in the other person’s head, so even if you are approached by a handsome, beautiful and sexy opposite sex, make sure that you do not get hot flashes and firmly identify the essence of the other person.

A dream in which a peacock spreads its colorful feathers is a fortune dream that hints at the development and prosperity of all things! Business luck and money luck will rise significantly. Oneiromancy shows that you are blessed with good luck with the opposite sex.

If many peacocks spread their wings instead of one, there is a possibility that they will be blessed with ceremonies one after another. Don’t forget to be humble and respect the other person during such a good time.

Swan dream

In dream fortune-telling, the swan represents good luck, good luck, and love. The dream of seeing a beautiful swan is a suggestion that love luck is rising. For those who like it, taking positive action will open up your luck.

If a flock of swans is well organized, it’s a dream fortune telling that you have a good relationship with the people around you.

However, be aware that if the swans are disjointed and disorganized, or if there is only one swan that is far away, it implies that you are isolated from your surroundings.

The dream of a swan flying into the sky is a sign that the talent sleeping in you will blossom anew! It’s a good time to learn something new or start something that interests you. Oneiromancy teaches us that we can open our luck by acting positively.

Parakeet dream

Parakeets, which are familiar as pets, represent interpersonal relationships, stress, and affection in dream fortune-telling. The dream of keeping a parakeet is a sign that rumors about you settle down.

If you decide to keep it yourself, it means that you have quelled the rumors by your own actions and remarks.

If you were supposed to keep a parakeet in the form of being handed over to someone, the implication is that someone will help to calm your rumors. The person who gave the parakeet may be the other party.

A dream of parakeets means that love luck is rising. There is a possibility that the confession will be successful and you will be blessed with a wonderful encounter with the opposite sex!

The dream of talking to a parakeet is a dream fortune telling that the interpersonal luck is good. However, if the parakeet repeats the same words, it means that you do not doubt what others say and warn you that you tend to believe everything.

It’s good to be honest, but unfortunately not all people are good in the world. Oneiromancy tells us that if you are not a little more cautious, you may be scammed.

Please try to think and judge for yourself before taking a look at people’s stories.

Bat dreams

A bat that can fly in the dark represents an unconscious influence in a dream. If you were able to catch such a bat, it means that you have the strength to withstand obstacles and bad luck.

Even if you are caught in a wall, it shows the strength that you can take advantage of the bad conditions and change the situation to your advantage.

The dream of being bitten by a bat may cause some abnormality in the bitten part. If you have any discomfort or subjective symptoms, it is better to see a doctor as soon as possible without overdoing it.

Also, if you are bitten by a part that you are usually careful about, you need to be careful because what you are doing with good intentions may have a bad effect on your body.

If bats fly freely through a dark cave, it implies that your talents and abilities will be recognized by those around you.

Also, the fact that bats fly around over their heads is a sign that they and others close to them are in trouble. The dream of bats flying around in a horde is a dream fortune-telling that means the appearance of rivals.

Swallow dream

The swallow, which heralds the arrival of spring, means good news, good luck, and spiritual freedom in oneiromancy. The dream of a swallow flying in the sky is a sign that love luck is rising! The more swallows you fly, the greater your luck.

When swallows fly toward you, it means that the long-awaited good news and happy customers are coming. It may also imply childbirth.

When a swallow jumps into your pocket, it implies prosperity and ceremonies for your family rather than for you personally.

Also, if swallows make nests on the eaves of their houses, happy families and offspring will prosper! There is a possibility that you, your family, or people close to you will be blessed with a celebration. If there are chicks or eggs in the swallow’s nest, it indicates the prosperity of the offspring.

If swallows nest at the eaves of the workplace, it will be a good sign of the prosperity of the family business and the workplace.

Chicken dreams

Chickens mean timidity and lack of self-confidence.

If you have chickens in a mundane poultry house or aviary, it means you’re tired of the mundane and dull everyday life. If you want to change, you will have to act on your own.

If a chicken that shouldn’t be able to fly is on a tree, it’s a dream fortune telling that you’re in good luck. However, even in the same high place, if the chicken is on the roof of the aviary or the house, it will be a hint that you will get into trouble, so please be careful.

The dream of a chicken laying an egg is a sign of success! If the chicken is holding an egg and warming it, it means that you are lucky.

Also, the dream of a chicken crowing in the early morning is a suggestion that an opportunity will come around. Being proactive will open your luck. Please do not miss the chance and get it firmly!

Flamingo dreams

The flamingo, with its striking pink color, represents love and luck in dream fortune-telling. The dream of seeing such a flamingo is a suggestion that love luck is increasing. The more flamingos you have, the greater your love luck can be expected.

A beautiful flamingo is a dream fortune-telling that means that you have a good relationship with the people around you and that you are spending your days positively and happily. It’s a time of high motivation, so it’s a good time to start something new.

If the flamingos were flying in the sky, it means you have a lot of creativity. If you have a creative job or a creative hobby, you will be able to fully demonstrate your talents and abilities.

Oneiromancy teaches us that we can open our luck by not forgetting our efforts and acting positively.

Sparrow’s dream

Sparrows, often found in residential areas, represent modest luck and opportunities in everyday life. If the cute sparrow was impressive, it’s a sign that you are having a fulfilling and enjoyable day now. It is also a dream fortune-telling that means being blessed with good luck.

A dream of sparrows gathering or bouncing towards you is a hint that little luck or chance will come to you.

Also, the more sparrows you have gathered, the greater your luck and chances. Do not waste your chances and good luck, and make daily efforts to lead to greater luck.

If a sparrow is inside the house, or if the sparrow jumps into the house from the outside and doesn’t give an unpleasant impression, it is a suggestion that the family will be happy and the family will be blessed with a little good luck.

The dream of a sparrow squeaking by the window means that there is a person of the opposite sex who likes you. Just because you aren’t aware of it, the other person really likes you! It may be appealing to me.

If you feel that the sparrow’s bark is noisy, it means to warn you of your carelessness and lightness of your mouth, so be careful. Please be careful about your actions and remarks on a daily basis so as not to lose the trust of those around you.

Dreams of hawks and eagles

Both hawks and eagles are actually birds of the Accipitridae family, and the larger ones with shorter tails and thicker legs are called eagle, and the relatively smaller ones with long legs and tails and round wings are called hawks. Since it is such a hawk and an eagle, it is interpreted in the same way as a dream fortune-telling, implying a rise in life and a leap forward.

A dream of a hawk or an eagle taking off dashingly, or flying freely in the sky is a sign of rising luck. It means that you can secure your chances and gain status and fame.

If you’ve caught a hawk or an eagle, it’s a hint of good luck. The stronger the flesh and skeleton of the hawk or eagle you catch, the greater your luck. Oneiromancy shows that by acting positively, your daily efforts will be rewarded and your luck will open.

However, be aware that if you are attacked by a hawk or an eagle, things will not proceed as you wish and you will be stressed. It doesn’t work in a hurry, so make sure you do what you can do now.

Crane dream

Along with turtles, the dream of a crane, which is said to be auspicious, means success, longevity, and prosperity. The dream of seeing such a crane is a suggestion that luck is rising. Even if you get good results or feel sick, you will be recovering in the future.

The bigger and better the crane you see, the longer and better your luck.

The dream of a crane flying down near me is a sign that opens the way to success. When a crane falls down in the garden of your home, it is a dream fortune-telling that means that your family and relatives have ceremonies such as childbirth, marriage, and career advancement.

Also, the dream of a crane taking off quickly shows that you are full of aspirations.

It’s a time of motivation and energy, so it’s a good time to start or learn something new! You will be blessed with the opportunity to fully demonstrate your own characteristics and abilities.

When a crane and a turtle appear together, it’s a very auspicious dream that means your future will be lucky and blessed.

Pheasant’s dream

The dream that Momotaro’s familiar pheasant pair appears to be close to each other is a dream fortune that means that they have a good relationship with their lover or spouse. By caring for each other and valuing each other’s feelings, we will be able to continue to have good relationships in the future.

However, if the pheasants that appear in a pair are acting apart, it means that the relationship with the partner is not good, so be careful.

There is a risk that you may be in a period of malaise, if not trouble. Please change your mood together and survive well.

Catching a pheasant means good luck and congratulations! If you eat the pheasant you catch as a food ingredient, it means that you are the one who chooses the means to achieve your dreams and goals.

It is full of motivation and energy, and implies positive thinking. Oneiromancy tells us that because he is such a positive person, he is likely to actually fulfill his dreams and goals.

Stork dream

Storks, which are said to bring babies in the West, imply good luck. The dream of seeing a stork is a sign of rising family luck. It will be a dream fortune-telling that represents a happy family and a family celebration.

If a stork brings a baby in a dream, it implies that love luck is rising. You will be blessed with a wonderful encounter with the opposite sex and will deepen your relationship with your lover or spouse.

However, it may reflect your desire to have a child, so please consider your pregnancy to be disappointing now.

Penguins dream

A dream with an impressive soft and energetic penguins becomes a dream fortune-telling that shows good luck. It’s a good time to start something new.

A dream of a lot of penguins is a suggestion that you are physically and mentally fulfilled. It also means that you have a good relationship with the people around you.

Also, if your baby’s penguins are impressive, it’s a sign that your love luck and interpersonal luck are on the rise! You may be blessed with good relationships, good friends, and wonderful encounters with the opposite sex.

Psychological state when dreaming of a bird

When you dream of a bird, it is often a good sign if you have a bright and good impression. It can be said that a stable mental state, positive thinking, and good relationships with those around us form a good chain.

If you are attacked by a bird or have an unpleasant impression such as a noisy bark, it may imply trouble with people around you or your family, so be careful.

Whether you can get the luck that comes in front of you depends on whether you are aware of it or make an effort to grab it. Sometimes it’s a good luck to fall, but keep in mind that a lot of luck is an extension of effort and positivity.

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