Dreams about Crows: 25 Types and Their Meanings

Dreams about Crows: 25 Types and Their Meanings

Dreams about Crows

Crows in a dream mean bad news, fear of the unknown, death, etc. It is characterized by many interpretations depending on the state of the crow and how one thinks of the crow.

The crow is a smart bird that is considered a messenger of the gods not only in Japan, but also in Chinese and Greek mythology. Although it looks ominous because of its black appearance, it has many auspicious signs.

This time, we will introduce dream horoscopes related to such a crow.

Crow’s dream

The crow is large and has a slightly scary image, but if such a crow is attached, it is a hint that love luck will rise in your dream fortune! You can have a good meeting with the opposite sex.

However, the dream also means that the health of your family, such as parents, siblings, etc. will deteriorate, and it is also a dream that suggests that you will be more careful about your family’s health than usual.

Dream of crows clinging

If a crow clings to you, it means that someone close to you is thinking of taking advantage of you in a good way.

It’s hard to be vigilant with everyone you meet, but be careful not to forgive outright, even if you seem friendly at first glance.

Dream of raising a crow

There are many crows in the wild, but to dream of owning such a crow is good luck in your dream, meaning that you are now able to control your emotions, desires and fears.

Dream of chasing out crows

If you chased a crow out for reasons such as vandalism or loud cries, and you were able to drive the crow out without any special resistance, this dream means you will get lucky.

This may be a difficult situation right now, but in the future things will improve and problems and problems will be resolved.

If you quickly drive away the approaching crow, it will be a fortune in a dream, which means that you can detect dangers and difficulties in advance and avoid them safely.

However, if resistance is difficult to defeat the crow, it is a sign of poor luck. Oneiromancy teaches us that things don’t go smoothly and that solving problems and problems takes time.

Crow dreams on the balcony

A dream in which there are crows on the veranda means bad luck. Be aware that you are more likely to have bad luck or troubles that will change your current life.

Also, you run the risk of having people around you who are willing to fall for you and use it in good ways. It is better to refrain from relationships with people you do not like.

Dream of helping a crow

To dream of helping a weak or injured crow is good luck in a dream, which means that you will face hardships that you do not have to.

The larger the size of the crow you helped, the more seriously injured or weakened the crow, the greater the burden and mental burden and the greater the risk of becoming serious.

But if it was a crow chick who was helping, it was a sign of added luck.

Crows appear frequently in world mythology and are considered very spiritual animals. A dream in which you protect such a spiritual crow chick means good luck in a dream. That means your creativity will increase and you will be fully unleashed.

Dream of being attacked by crows

If you are chased, stung or bitten by a crow, it means bad luck. You may suffer from bad luck such as disease or disaster.

The future is difficult, and problems arise one after another. The best option is to be prepared and calmly deal with the problem.

Also, there may be some kind of disease on the part of the crow’s bite, so if you have any concerns or self-awareness, your dream horoscope tells you to see a doctor as soon as possible.

A flock of crows, a dream of a horde

It’s scary to have a single crow with a big body near you, but if such a crow is swarming, it implies that you will have unexpected troubles or that your family and friends will be injured. ..

But that also means that there is still room for action now. You will be able to save not only yourself but also your loved ones by quickly recognizing the cause of the trouble or problem and taking action to try to solve it.

In dream fortune-telling, crows are also a reflection of the fear they have towards society. The amount of fear is reflected in the number of crows, so please use it as a guide.

Dream of stroking a crow

The dream of stroking a crow represents an increase in luck. A sign that you are trying to overcome your complex and unpleasant parts.

It is also a dream fortune that means that you can successfully pass through your own negative thoughts and malicious intent received from others. Please draw your luck with positive thinking!

A dream poked by a crow

If the dream of being poked by a crow in your beak is impressive, it is a dream fortune telling that your luck is low.

Please note that there is an increasing possibility that you will get into trouble, or you will be hit by an accident or poor physical condition.

Big crow dream

Oneiromancy shows that a dream with an impressive big crow has a lot of anxiety and worries that occupy your heart now.

Even if you are in trouble, there are no people around you to talk to, so it will take time to resolve. Try to solve what you can do little by little.

A dream of a crow getting hurt

If the crow was injured, it’s a sign that luck is rising in oneiromancy. It shows that your mental state is stable and you feel comfortable.

It’s a time of mental calm, so you’ll have good relationships with the people around you.

A crow’s corpse, a dream of a crow dying

If for some reason the crow is dead or the crow’s corpse is impressive, dream divination means rebirth of things. Those who are sick will be on their way to recovery in the future.

The environment and circumstances surrounding you can change significantly, but those changes are good for you. A sign that things are getting better and things are going for the better!

You will be lucky if you accept it positively to enjoy the change.

Dream of catching a crow

If you were able to catch a crow, it would be a dream fortune that means a turning point for your problems and worries.

In the future, if you can act rationally without feeling emotional and act in close cooperation with those around you, you will find clues to solve problems and worries.

However, if you act with emotions prioritized over reason, or if you neglect to consider your surroundings, things are more likely to get worse, so be careful.

Dream to kill a crow

If for some reason you killed a crow, oneiromancy indicates that your luck is rising. A sign that solves problems, troubles, and worries that are currently involved in the progressive tense at once!

If you had killed the crows effortlessly and easily, things would turn around with the momentum just below the sudden turn.

If you’ve been chasing and killing a crow with a little effort, it’s a dream fortune that means your own efforts will solve your problems and worries.

Also, if a person who is sick has a dream of killing a crow, he will recover in the future.

Dream to see a crow

If you don’t feel scared or unpleasant when you see a crow perched somewhere, dream fortune-telling is a hint of good luck by flexibly changing your existing values ​​and outlook on life.

A dream of meeting a crow

If your eyes meet the crow and you don’t feel uncomfortable, or if you feel relieved, it’s a sign that your interpersonal luck is good. It shows that you have a good relationship with the people around you.

However, if you feel uneasy or have an unpleasant impression when you meet the crow, it means that your interpersonal luck will decrease, so be careful.

It is a dream that expresses anxiety and fear that interpersonal problems may have a negative effect on work and study, or that you may be hated by others.

A dream that makes crows scary

If a dream that looks creepy or scary when you see a crow is impressive, it means that your luck is low in oneiromancy.

There is a risk of being hit by disaster or illness. Please be careful about problems such as poor physical condition and troubles with people close to you.

Crow parent and child dreams

The dream that the parent and child crows are impressive is a sign that their true intentions are transmitted to the other party. If you have a favorite person who has a crush, you have a chance to take the plunge!

Since it is a suggestion that conveys your true intentions, it will convey your straightforward thoughts without distortion or mistakes, and will lead to good results.

Crow baby dream

If the baby crow = chick is impressive, it’s a dream fortune that hasn’t been discovered yet, but that the cause of the trouble or problem already exists.

If you think this is weird, don’t leave it alone, and deal with it early and resolve it to minimize damage.

Crow’s beak dream

The dream of being pecked by a crow’s beak is a suggestion that luck is declining in dream fortune-telling. Please note that you are more likely to be involved in disasters and troubles.

A dream of a crow perching on a shoulder or arm

If the dream of a crow perching on a shoulder or arm is impressive, it represents an increase in interpersonal luck. A chance to meet a very smart person who can help and cooperate with you!

That person is awkward and difficult to become an enemy, so please get along with him.

Crow is a noisy dream

Crows have a loud cry and feel quite noisy. Sometimes it sounds like a loud conversation with Kaka, sometimes with a few birds.

If you dream of a crow screaming in a screaming voice, it is a sign that a very serious crisis such as death, injury, disaster, or accident will occur in oneiromancy.

Moreover, if the location of the ringing can be identified in a known location, it is highly likely that the disaster or accident is related to that location.

If there is a person in the dream who does not hear the ominous bark, it is a suggestion that the person is likely to suffer disaster.

Oneiromancy shows that if you know something about the disaster and can deal with it, help it.

A dream of a crow flying away dashingly

Crows are relatively large as birds that can be seen around us, and their crying sounds are unique and a little scary. If the crow flutters and flies away, it means a good sign as a dream fortune-telling.

Implications of rebirth that the problems and relationships that we are having now will be better in the future! Oneiromancy tells us that it is a dream that we have at the end of a state of poor luck, and that we can open the way by continuing to work hard without giving up.

The luck that I thought wasn’t terrifying for a long time isn’t just crawl on the bottom forever. If now is the bottom, all you have to do is go up! By the time you have this dream, oneiromancy shows that you are nearing the time to flap yourself.

A dream of a flock of crows flying around

The dream of a flock of crows flying around you, such as overhead, is a suggestion that you are more likely to be hit by unexpected misfortune. Be careful not only with yourself, but also with your family and close friends.

By finding the cause of the trouble early, dealing with it before it grows, and solving it, you will be able to reduce or avoid the damage.

A dream of a crow speaking a person’s language

Crows are said to be smart birds, so even if you don’t actually speak, it’s possible that you understand human language. Dreams If a crow speaks a person’s language, it’s a dream fortune that suggests annoying interpersonal relationships for you.

There are probably people who are a little weak and who don’t want to be friends. Even so, when I go out into society, I have no choice but to deal with such people to the extent that I am not rude, and I may be annoyed.

Don’t worry about the words and actions of those people, just like the TV commercials that are running in front of you.

Oneiromancy tells you that if you care about something strange and get confused or swayed by the other person’s words and actions, you may have a bad effect on yourself.

A dream of a crow pooping

If you don’t have a particularly unpleasant impression when dropping feces on a crow, it’s a sign that you’ll be lucky! You literally get lucky.

Since excrement and money luck are inseparable in oneiromancy, it can be said that crow droppings are also a hint of good luck. Being proactive will open up even more luck.

A suggestion that you would miss the good luck you would have had if you had swiftly washed away the dropped dung.

However, if you have a strong impression that the crow’s droppings are dirty or you feel uncomfortable, it means that your health luck is poor in dream fortune-telling, so be careful.

There is a risk of physical and mental fatigue and poor physical condition. If you feel unwell, do not overdo it and see a doctor as soon as possible.

A dream of a crow coming into the house

When a crow enters the house, it is a sign that family luck is declining in oneiromancy. Please note that there is a high possibility that some kind of trouble will occur at home or that your family will be unlucky.

Oneiromancy shows that if you have a crow in your house from the beginning, it’s likely that you’re already having trouble at home or with your family.

However, if a crow comes into the house and doesn’t have the impression of being quiet and unpleasant, it implies that family luck is rising! It can be said that it is a dream fortune that shows the goodness of family and family relationships.

A dream of a crow eating an offering

If a crow is eating an offering that was offered to a deceased person, the dream fortune tells that the deceased who offered the offering has successfully completed the Buddhahood.

Perhaps the deceased person came to teach the memorial service and the Buddhahood in the form of a crow, who is also a messenger of God.

Dream of increasing crows

When the number of crows increases, it means that troubles, which are the basic meanings of crows, are emphasized.

If it is a small crow that has increased due to division etc., it is likely that you will have a little bigger trouble than you expected.

Or there is a risk that interpersonal troubles and poor physical condition will last longer than expected. Please note that the larger the number of crows, the greater the trouble.

Crow feather dream

A dream with impressive wings, not the crow itself, is a hint of a leap. However, if you have an unpleasant impression of the wings, you may be anxious or wary of things going too smoothly.

Although there is joy, it can be said that anxiety is more than that.

However, if you have an unpleasant impression of the crow’s feathers, such as creepy, it implies that you are now suffering mental damage for some reason.

Be aware that the more crow wings that give you an unpleasant impression, the deeper you are mentally hurt.

A dream of a crow’s ghost appearing and getting stuck

If the ghost of a crow makes you scared or stuck, it’s a dream fortune telling that you’re losing luck. A suggestion that things will not go smoothly.

It’s a time when nothing goes well, so I can’t help in a hurry. It’s a good time to reopen when things aren’t going well, and try to maintain the status quo until things get better.

Also, if you are being chased or attacked by a terrifying crow ghost, dream divination is a sign that your luck is low. Even if one trouble is solved, the next trouble will occur, which is a suggestion of many difficulties.

It’s a time when you can easily get sick due to tiredness and stress, so please be careful to take a good rest.

Dream of becoming a crow

If you become a crow instead of looking at it objectively, you feel that you are hostile to your surroundings or that you are hated by your surroundings in oneiromancy.

In other words, you are not open to the outside. Oneiromancy teaches us that if we change, the eyes around us will change.

About crow dreams and pregnancy

When a woman dreams of a crow nesting, oneiromancy implies pregnancy and marital well-being. If you have any idea, don’t overdo it and see a doctor as soon as possible.

Also, when a pregnant woman dreams of a crow, she may be worried because there are many interpretations of bad luck, bad luck, and troubles in the crow’s dream.

During pregnancy, the weight of the body and the degree of tiredness are different from when there is no baby in the stomach, and above all, it tends to be mentally nervous. It may be a little dreamy, but it’s because pregnancy makes your physical and mental condition unstable.

Rest assured that it doesn’t mean that you’re not feeling well because you had an unpleasant dream, or that your baby is hungry!

Aside from the crow’s dream, it is the mother who can best understand the baby in her stomach. If you feel unwell or something is wrong, please consult with your obstetrician / gynecologist or midwife to resolve your anxiety and worries!

Psychological state when dreaming of a crow

When dreaming of a crow, it seems that there are many cases of interpersonal troubles and poor physical condition. In such a situation, it may be a state of mental restlessness.

The characteristic of crow’s dream is that the meaning of dream fortune-telling changes greatly depending on what kind of impression you have. It’s interesting that there are some ominous suggestions as you can imagine from a slightly scary look, and there are also surprisingly positive interpretations.

Oneiromancy is like a mirror that reflects your heart. Don’t be afraid of mischief, even if it’s a bad sign, and use it as a ruler to keep a good sense of distance from your surroundings and to review your health condition.

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