Dreams About Diamonds: 16 Interpretations and Meanings

Dreams About Diamonds: 16 Interpretations and Meanings

Dreams About Diamonds

Stone “diamond” which continues to attract people. What do you mean when a diamond comes into a dream? Let’s see what the diamond implies in the dream telling.

Diamond, the birthstone for April. A jewel that will and will never stop mesmerizing women. It is no exaggeration to say that the words on diamonds, such as the gem princess and the gem in the gem, are all praise.

The origin of the brilliant diamond is Greek adamas. It means something that cannot be conquered by anyone.

Let’s take a closer look at such a diamond fortune-telling.

What is the meaning and psychology of seeing diamonds in a dream interpretation?

Diamond is a symbol of success and good luck in dream divination and dream analysis. It expresses the infinite potential, the power hidden in the subconscious, and the strength of belief and will.

If a diamond comes into a dream, you will feel lucky without knowing what it means.

But wait a minute. Diamonds are a sign of luck or a warning of evil, depending on the scenes and situations that come up in dreams.

So, in this article, I’ll break down the dreams of diamonds by situation and clarify their meaning.

The brilliance of diamonds

The brilliance of diamonds attracts women of the world. The glow of a diamond in a dream symbolizes your own degree of attraction.

A dream that the glow of diamonds increases

Your love luck has increased, implying that there will be a happy confession in the near future. If you’re single, you’re getting closer to getting ready for marriage.

A dream that the brightness of the diamond fades

A symbol that you are becoming anxious. It implies that things don’t go the way you want, such as worries and troubles. When you have a dream like this, you don’t blame yourself too much, and you come to be! It is important to look at the world from a wide perspective.

A dream that shines with diamonds

A dream that shines a diamond is a dream that means better luck. Sometimes unexpected happiness comes and you may get extra income. Especially since love luck is greatly increased, those who do not have a lover may soon encounter a soul mate.

When you are in good luck, you can use that luck for someone and keep good luck. Conversely, be careful as if you only think about yourself, you will soon lose luck.

The dream of a diamond ring

Whether it’s an engagement ring, a marriage ring, or even a fashionable ring, a diamond ring can be said to be an item that at once enhances the dignity and charm of a woman wearing it.

Rings in dream analysis represent affection and bonds of heart and symbolize your spiritual base.

Engagement rings and marriage rings are a sign of growing awareness of your marriage. In the case of men, they have expressed a desire to release their hidden potential and mystical power.

When the dream of a diamond comes, it is a sign of meeting your ideal marriage partner. It also means the rise of marriage luck itself. The bigger the diamond that comes out, the better the luck will be.

If you lose an engagement ring or a marriage ring, In love with your partner, there is a sign that the end will come. If you dream of this dream, you will need to carefully review your relationship with your partner, as broken hearts, catastrophes, and broken engagements can occur.

A dream to get a diamond on an engagement ring

The dream of getting an engagement ring diamond is a dream that predicts that misfortune will come.

Engagement rings symbolize the climax of happiness, but they will break, and you will have a corresponding misfortune. A lover who was going to get married may be saying goodbye or cheating.

This is a dream that means overall luck goes down, but you need to be careful especially if you have a lover because your love luck goes down. If you have any idea, try to solve it now or talk to your lover. In some cases, you can avoid an unhappy future.

The dream of a diamond necklace

The neck is a pipeline that connects the head to the body, so to speak, and is interpreted as a point of communication in communication with others.

Pendants and necklaces that decorate such a neck are items that enhance communication skills even in dream analysis. If you put on them and come up with a dream, you can understand that your ability to express yourself has increased.

If such a necklace dreams of diamonds, it is a proof that your charm will culminate. Whether you’re praised for your diamond necklace or given a gift from someone, you’ll show the popularity of the people around you. There may be good encounters, reunions or reunions with those who have not been forgotten.

If the necklace you wear is too flashy and large or jumbled, it indicates that your desire to reveal yourself is growing. Be careful about assertive self-assertion when human relationships and romance are good.

Diamond Earrings Dream

The dream that comes out with diamond earrings is a dream that means my strength.

If you have this dream, you have high pride and you cannot think about the feelings of those around you. Some people seem to be hostile to you because they are all about you, and others don’t want to be involved.

It’s important to assert yourself and take pride in your actions, but things are limited. If you’re helping others just because you’re bothering you, you haven’t even done it yet, so you’ll be isolated. Keep an eye on what you are saying and think carefully about the other person’s feelings.

The dream of a rough diamond

If a rough diamond appears, it indicates you. In other words, just like diamonds, you haven’t polished yourself yet, and you haven’t noticed yet, a sign of your sleeping talent.

Hobbies and knowledge that you care about, or that you value lightly, may actually bloom as great talent.

When you see a diamond rough, try talking to your friends and acquaintances about things you like, things you care about, and things you are addicted to, or try to write them on your blog.

Dream to get a diamond

Any situation in the real world that receives a diamond will be a delight for women.

Women say, for example, that it’s better to get a one million yen diamond than to get one million yen cash. Aside from its credibility, there is no doubt that the act of receiving a diamond has the effect of raising people’s feelings.

A dream to get a diamond is interpreted as a good luck hint. The more beautiful the glow of diamonds you receive, the more lucky you will be. It is a sign that fosters love luck and friendship, especially. You may have a confession from an unexpected partner that you did not expect!?

Dream of picking up diamonds

The dream of picking up a diamond is a dream of chance.

Sometimes you get a big job, and sometimes you get the chance to make your dream come true. Stay tuned for the opportunity to grab what you’ve been aiming for.

However, just because you have this dream does not mean that it will come true immediately. Effort will be needed in the future. But by continuing that effort, you should be able to get the future you want someday. For that reason, let’s work harder than ever and go straight ahead.

Big Diamond Dream

The dream of a big diamond is a dream that means greed.

Perhaps you are already getting some happiness, but you are eager to get more happiness. You may want to get happiness, but you seem to be trying to get more happiness without effort.

That arrogance can cause a catastrophic failure, or a small happiness can lead to an unsatisfactory state of mind. What you need now is to realize the present happiness. Let’s remember the old days and think that the happiness of today is enough.

The dream of buying a diamond

Have you ever bought a diamond? Buying diamonds, whether for celebrities or the public, is one of the most courageous actions for men.

The dream of buying a diamond is proof that fate is gaining momentum. Regarding money, it is interpreted as a sign that the ability to save, the desire to save, and fortune itself are rising.

It’s also a sign of a successful work plan. It is a sign that your voice and action at work are increasing, so be courageous and work hard at such times!

In addition, the diamond itself symbolizes marriage. Therefore, if a woman dreams of buying a diamond, it is interpreted as a suggestion to be proposed, and in the case of a man, married and determined to have a family.

If you happen to lose the diamond

If you happen to lose the diamond, it will be quite a shocking event. However, when you have such a dream, it is not a case that you were relieved that you were happy with the dream!

The dream of losing a diamond shows an ominous omen that knocks you down to the bottom of misery. There are also suggestions of sudden accidents, such as troubles and accidents, but the most probable are problems caused by human relationships.

In other words, there is a fear that nobody can believe in human distrust, so if you dream of this dream, you will need to pay more attention to the surroundings and care.

A dream that a diamond breaks

Diamond has the world’s highest hardness of 10 hardness. However, diamonds will shatter if they are hammered.

The reason for this is that hardness is a measure of judging which is more likely to be damaged based on the degree of collision. It is also very different from the impact resistance.

As a result, it will not be able to withstand the strong impact of the hammer and will shatter.

If you have a dream that a diamond breaks, a strong belief, a loving love, an honor, etc. will show a shocking event that can be broken at a stretch. That’s a sign of strong stress and trouble.

In the case of a dream that crushes diamonds with your own hands
Proof that you were prepared to discard the things you have been particular about yourself. It is interpreted as taking a new step forward and determined.

The dream of selling diamonds

Despite all sorts of things, many people may be reluctant to release a valuable diamond.

If you have a dream to sell diamonds, it indicates your reputation and a sign that the value will go down. For some reason, plating that has been evaluated more than its original ability may come off! ? In addition, work mistakes and broken hearts may cause a decrease in self-esteem.

In any case, excessive self-assertion and reckless behavior are forbidden if you dream of this dream. It would be wiser to stay calm and wait for the storm to pass.

Dreams of fake diamonds

Got a diamond! I thought it was a fake … Have you ever dreamed of a hot spot?

The dreams of fake diamonds show that you are trapped in fake values ​​and ideas.

Are the rules, things, and philosophies you care about so persuasive enough to be so vibrant? Surprisingly, if you let go with courage, it may be easier. If you find a fake diamond in a dream world, take a look at your previous values.

Diamond Dust Dream

The dream of diamond dust is a dream that means escape from reality.

Diamond dust refers to the glittering and fantastic scenery that can be seen in winter, but you are just dreaming of such a surreal new world.

Dreaming is a good thing, but what you want is too far from reality. It’s not a dream, it’s just an escapism of wanting to escape the current suffering and stress. You can’t fulfill that dream, so have more realistic dreams and goals.


Diamond dreams, with some exceptions, are good dreams of good luck. Especially for work luck and love luck, you will be able to achieve results that exceed expectations.

If you get a diamond, buy a ring, or wear a ring or necklace (pendant) in your dreams, there is only a challenge. However, check whether it is real or fake in the world of dreams.

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