Dreams About Food: 13 Types & Their Meanings

Dreams About Food: 13 Types & Their Meanings

Dreams About Food

A dream to eat by dream fortune-telling means to take in energy and vitality.

If you eat it, nutrition will help you to build your body, so if you eat deliciously or without any discomfort, there are many auspicious signs that you will get something.

This time, I will introduce what kind of difference you have in your dream of eating, depending on the type of food you eat.

Dream of eating meat

If your dream of eating delicious meat is impressive, it means that you are in good luck with your dream fortune-telling. It’s a sign that you can work and study hard because you have a lot of motivation and energy!

It is highly possible that the hard work will lead to more results than expected, leading to extra income such as bonuses and increased pocket money.

However, since it is a luck that has nothing to do with gambling, it seems difficult to aim for a lot of money with extra income. It’s best to work diligently and earn a steady income.

If the meat you eat in your dreams is bad, it becomes a dream fortune-telling, which means a decrease in motivation and energy. A suggestion that your energy is worn out from your physical and mental fatigue.

Please rest your mind and body first, and then enjoy your hobbies and eat delicious foods to enhance your energy.

Dream of eating fish

The dream of eating your own fish or catching it is a dream fortune telling your physical and mental growth. The luck itself is good, so I think I’ll be blessed with good luck, such as having a long-standing unrequited love and having a good job and financial stability.

If you were able to eat the fish you bought or offered at the store deliciously, you will be able to fully demonstrate your talents and abilities and achieve great results.

However, if the fish you eat is bad, it means that you are not able to make full use of your talents and abilities and you are poor in dexterity, so be careful.

It may not have worked there, but there should be other places to show off! Don’t be disappointed and keep improving your talents and abilities until the opportunity comes!

Dream of eating fried food

The dream of eating delicious fried food is a hint of good luck. It means that good luck will roll in at the perfect timing.

However, if you were burned by eating fried food in a hurry, it is a sign that you will make a mistake due to rush and mental lack of room. Try to stay calm.

Dream of eating vegetables

If your dream of eating fresh vegetables is impressive, it means a good luck. Even in the current difficult situation, things will improve in the future and things will move in the right direction.

It may also imply a lack of vegetables, so if you feel that you haven’t eaten much vegetables lately, be aware of it and take it. Grilled vegetables and steamed vegetables are also delicious!

The dream of eating vegetables with a fresh salad is a sign of unexpected good news. It’s a time when you have a lot of motivation, energy, and physical strength, so it’s a good time to start something new.

Being proactive will open your luck.

Dream of eating noodles

Dream fortune-telling shows that the dream of eating noodles such as udon, soba, ramen, and pasta, which has a long and smooth texture, is full of energy and motivation.

It is a sign of positive attitude to actively incorporate what you think you need, such as knowledge, skills, and experience. Good luck implies that it will last for a while like noodles.

Also, there is a possibility that the bud of hope will come out even if you gave up. Please do not give up and continue your efforts.

Perhaps I was very hungry, and if I eat noodles vigorously, I will be able to get rid of the tasks that I would normally struggle with.

Dream of eating rice

If your dream of eating warm, freshly cooked rice was impressive, then dream divination implies that your luck is rising. It means that you are in good physical and mental condition and are lucky. The more hot rice you eat, the better your luck will be.

Oneiromancy shows that you can open your luck by acting positively.

Also, even if you are sick now, you will be recovering in the future.

Dream of eating bread

If your dream of eating bread is impressive, it’s a sign that your health is in great shape. Oneiromancy shows that if the bread you were eating was not a sweet bun, but an ordinary bread, the efforts you have made so far will be rewarded.

Also, if the bread you eat is delicious, it means that your interpersonal luck and money luck are also in great shape. You may have good relationships with your friends and be blessed with extra income.

Dream of eating fruit

The dream of eating fresh fruit is a dream fortune telling that your love luck is good. A suggestion that you will be blessed with a wonderful encounter with the opposite sex and that your relationship with the partner you are dating will develop.

Work luck and money luck are also good, so there is a possibility that bonuses will increase if you get good results at work.

Also, the dream of a man eating fresh fruit is a oneiromancy that implies a growing sexual desire for a favored woman.

Dream of eating sweets

The dream of eating sweet and tasty sweets means your addiction. If you are eating a lot of sweets or eating easy but high-calorie snacks, it is a sign that your parents are not mentally and economically independent.

I may still be able to get help from my parents now, but considering my age, my parents will definitely disappear first. It is better to develop your independence little by little so that you will not be in trouble in the event of an emergency.

It is also a suggestion of an unhealthy diet, such as relying on ready-to-eat foods. Try to eat with a little more nutritional balance.

Dream of eating what you can’t eat

It’s a dream anyway, so I don’t like it, but it’s not something to eat! There may be situations where you end up eating things that you want to see. Here, I would like to introduce a dream of eating something that you wouldn’t normally eat.


This is unlikely in modern, but when you dream of eating people, it implies that your energy and physical strength will be fulfilled.

Eating a person may seem creepy, but it’s easier to understand if you think of it as “taking in the power and energy of that person.”

Eating is the quickest way to get nutrition, so it is thought that it appeared in the dream of owning the power of a third party = eating.

If you were eating a person in power, it is a suggestion that you will gain power by getting ahead.

The dream of a woman eating the same woman means getting herself as she wants. Your diet may be successful and your cosmetology techniques may improve.

A good sign that if a woman eats a man, she will get an ideal lover and a successful confession! Why don’t you take this opportunity to attack?

Poop (stool)

If you don’t have a particularly unpleasant impression after eating shit (stool), dream fortune-telling is a sign of rising fortune. There is an increasing possibility that you will be blessed with unexpectedly large profits. It’s a good time to start a new transaction or business.

However, if you feel uncomfortable eating poop (stool), or if you smell bad or strange, it is an indication of poor health or poor luck. There is an increasing possibility that you will be hit by unexpectedly large expenses and that you will feel sick.

If you feel sick or uncomfortable, don’t overdo it and see a doctor as soon as possible.

Things I hate

If you are forced to eat unpleasant food, it means a loss of luck. There is a possibility that things will not go smoothly due to the convenience of others.

You will need to keep an eye on problems and troubles and make an effort to face them.

Foreign matter that is not food

In the first place, eating shouldn’t be an idea, for example, a dream that you don’t feel any discomfort or pain when you eat paper or metal is a suggestion that you are very motivated.

The positive desire to learn and absorb even if it is difficult without giving up may have appeared in the dream of eating foreign substances.

However, if you don’t like eating foreign substances, it means that you are trying to convince yourself of the current situation while thinking that you are not suitable for yourself. Please make sure to change your mood so that such gaman does not become stressful.

What kind of food and state of mind

The characteristic of eating dreams is that there are many auspicious signs. We also eat rice, bread, meat, vegetables and various kinds of foods during the day, but we sometimes eat even the best ones not only for living but also for health.

The dream of eating while thinking that it is not good is a suggestion that you are trying to convince yourself of something you don’t like. Also, the dream of eating foreign substances that are not food or so-called get-togethers is a dream that reflects your positive desire to overcome even if there are difficulties.

Food is one of the pleasures of living. Anyway, it would be nice to reduce the likes and dislikes in reality so that you can eat while thinking that it is as delicious as possible.

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