What Does It Mean When You Dream About Insects?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Insects?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Insects?

Dreams about insects can be really troublesome especially if you are afraid of insects or even have a phobia of insects. Insects symbolize various things in general, while certain species also have additional meanings.

It is not uncommon for people who are afraid of insects to have nightmares about insects.

In your dreams, insects are a reflection of your real fears, but also a striking metaphor for other concerns. It is similar with people who are not so afraid of insects.

Insects are all around us and indeed they rule our planet in a way. Some of these organisms are much older than humanity.

For example, the hated and disgusted cockroaches are impressive survivors; these insects are prehistoric and can even withstand the radiation process and stay alive. Scary and amazing at the same time.

Some other insects are not so despised; for example, butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, beetle and many others. However, all insects are incredibly strange to humans. These organisms have always been strangers to us, no matter that we’ve shared the same habitat for a long time.

This is why certain species play important symbolic roles in different traditions. For example, beetles were sacred in Ancient Egypt, some African and American traditions have always had a special admiration for certain types of spiders, almost everyone is fascinated by the royal and beautiful monarch butterfly, while we all think cockroaches are disgusting.

It seems that we will always have ambivalent feelings towards insects in general.

Yes, we can be fascinated by the fact that some insects can see ranges of colors that we could only imagine, that spider webs are made of material so strong that it even has great potential in architecture, if created on a large scale.

That charming butterflies are born from ugly larvae, that ants are amazing and hardworking organizers, that bees produce something as healthy and nutritious as honey, propolis and royal jelly and so on.

At the same time, we are afraid of poisonous spider bites, we are disgusted by ugly cockroaches, we are not fond of ants crawling on us, we are afraid of bee stings and other things. It’s a fine line.

Whenever we think of insects, no matter how fascinated we are by their capabilities, abilities and characteristics, we feel uncomfortable that they have more than four legs, more eyes and such, just to name a few distinctive characteristics of insects. What is so different from us is what scares us the most.

Dreams about insects

Now let’s talk about insects that appear in our dreams. Certainly, such dreams are uncomfortable; at least that’s the case for most dreamers. Speaking of insect dreams, we think of all insects in general, no matter the species or so.

Generally, we are not happy with the insects that come into our dreams, and there is good reason why we are not comfortable with them.

In most cases, insects in dreams are metaphors for things that bother us in reality. Have you ever had a dream about insects? What was the scenario? Have you ever wondered about such a dream and its hidden symbolism?

Dreams about insects can hide several interesting meanings, although they are unpleasant.

The entire context of the dream is what matters most, besides the actual situation of your waking life.

To properly understand your bug related dream, you have to remember the details and trust your intuition as well.

According to some interpretations, insects in dreams reflect our malaise, discomfort, anxiety and nervousness.

When insects occur in our dream, it is a good sign to prove that there are things in our reality that bother us a lot. Sometimes we are not aware of what disturbs us.

Dreams about unpleasant things often serve as good channels for exercising our emotions and helpful guidelines that help us figure out what we should work on in our waking life.

To understand the symbolic meanings of your insect dreams, it is important to analyze the dream down to the detail.

The meaning depends on several factors; it’s not the same if you only saw bugs or if they were crawling on you, etc. Some dreams are particularly unpleasant and disturbing, like dreams about eating insects, for example.

Let’s move on to the interpretation of specific insect dreams.

Dream of seeing insects

Dreams about seeing only one insect or insects, but only a single or a moderate number of insects are a kind of neutral dreams.

Such dreams are usually not particularly frightening, but they can raise some questions. Such a dream reflects your humility and modest personality.

You are a person who is easily satisfied and doesn’t ask for too much luxury in life. Maybe you’ve reached the point where you ask yourself is really what you want in life.

This dream could suggest that you have held back too much, meaning that you have narrowed your vision and lost some of your curiosity and adventurous spirit.

The dream is a challenge; it’s your inner voice asking if you are really satisfied with your current situation or not.

Perhaps you are not as modest and unambitious as you thought until now.

Dreams about a large number of insects

Dreams of seeing a lot of insects in one place are very disturbing and quite disgusting. Nobody likes to see a lot of bugs, especially in their room, in their house or somewhere they are familiar with.

Such a dream means that you are burdened with worries in reality and that you are very tired of not finding a way out.

It seems that problems keep invading your life and you are helpless and helpless in the face of them.

This usually means that there are lots of little problems, issues that aren’t as bothersome if single. However, they are piling up and it gets really annoying, annoying, and frustrating.

This dream suggests that you should take action, before it is too late, which means preventing problems from continuing to pile up.

Maybe you’ve lost motivation, courage, and the will to solve problems, but now is the final time to try to make things better. You will definitely feel relieved, after solving at least one.

Dreams about a giant insect

If you had a dream about an unnaturally sized insect, it could mean two different things depending on how you feel about the dream. If you see a giant insect and you don’t feel particularly scared and threatened, the insect represents success and luck, especially regarding your financial situation.

In some traditions, certain types of insects are a sign of luck and represent money and fortune. The same is true of these kinds of dreams, if your courage supports the idea.

However, if you feel scared and worried, the insect represents something you are facing, but not necessarily bad; it means your attitude towards the situation is bad, so you face the wall instead of making progress.

Try to think about it. Is there a situation in your life that feels like a dead end?

Maybe it’s not the problem in the situation itself, but in your attitude.

Dreams about insects on your body

Dreaming of insects on your skin is definitely not a beautiful feeling. Such dreams are frustrating and reflect or predict irritating and unpleasant situations in life.

Insects on your body symbolize troubles and annoyances; these are usually problems that are not catastrophic, but that make them frustrating for a long time and in the long run.

This could mean that you have or will have an argument with someone about something that person has done or is going to do.

Don’t get into pointless arguments and don’t spend your energy on problems that don’t require as much involvement.

Sometimes it’s even better to forgive and forget than to try to calm everything down. It’s not just about you; the other side also plays their part.

If you’ve done everything you believe is in your power to prevent an argument from escalating, you should feel calm and content.

Dreams about insects crawling under your skin

This dream could suggest that you feel guilty about something you yourself said or did.

You feel angry and frustrated because of this and because you are unwilling to admit that you are wrong.

The situation would likely continue to bother you until you don’t accept responsibility for what you did.

This unpleasant feeling just doesn’t want to go away and it won’t unless you first accept that you’re imperfect and that you’ve made a mistake and then forgive yourself.

Dreams about insects in your hair

Dreams about insects in your hair are particularly unpleasant. Such dreams are exclusively negative and mean that many problems are coming your way and you will be helpless to avoid them.

Things are getting out of your control and for a while you will have to accept them. You can’t change everything, but you must do your best to minimize stress.

Dreams about bugs in your hair suggest that you are entering a difficult period, so you try to keep your mind as positive as you can.

Dreams about killing insects

Dreams about killing insects can have both positive and negative meanings. On their positive side, such dreams suggest that you will be able to conquer your demons and resolve situations that have been bothering you for a long time.

This dream means that you are strong enough to handle the unpleasant situation even if you don’t feel like it.

You must believe in yourself and start solving things in your life one by one. Your patience, effort and endurance will be worth it.

On a negative side, this dream could mean that someone is trying to sabotage your plans all the time.

Every time you do something, a new problem arises. Someone is trying to spoil your accomplishments, just to feel better about themselves. Try to think about it.

Do you notice such a pattern? Reconsider your relationships, especially in the workplace, and don’t open up to everyone.

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