Dreams About Jumping: 13 Types & Their Meanings

Dreams About Jumping: 13 Types & Their Meanings

Dreams About Jumping

The dream of jumping in is characterized by many interpretations that represent changes from the current situation, for better or for worse. The interpretation changes depending on whether you jumped into the sea or the lake, whether you could swim properly or drowned.

Dream to jump in: basic meaning & psychological state

Dreams that jump in fortune-telling represent anxiety and change in the future. When you jump into a pool, it hurts if you make a mistake, and it’s scary if you don’t know the depth. It is thought that the dream of jumping in is such an uncertain future and reflects the feeling of being moody.

Even so, it can be said that it is characteristic that there are many interpretations that express change, probably because if you take the plunge and jump in, at least you will be in a situation different from the current situation.

Dream to jump from a high place [decision]

If the dream of jumping from a high place, such as a slightly tall diving platform, is impressive, it implies that you will make some big decision.

You may be uncertain now, but soon the day will come when you will come up with an answer.

Dream of jumping into the sea [Positive thinking]

The dream of jumping into the sea means a positive thought that you can manage to overcome by yourself while feeling anxious about your future. If you could jump into the sea and swim, the future outlook is a bright sign.

It also shows that you already have the power to overcome difficulties.

However, if you were drowning by jumping into the sea, it is a suggestion that you will not be able to get the results you want due to lack of preparation, although you have enough motivation and energy. In order to get good results, please be enthusiastic from the preparation stage.

Dream of jumping into the river [Confidence in the future]

If the dream of jumping into the river is impressive, oneiromancy shows whether you are confident about your path. The dream of jumping into the river with confidence whether he is good at swimming is a suggestion that he is confident in his future.

But if you’re scared and jump into the river, oneiromancy shows that your anxiety is more prevalent.

Dream of jumping into water [Positive thinking]

The dream of jumping into the water is a dream fortune-telling that expresses the strength of positive thinking and will to actively tackle unknown fields and new environments.

Dream to jump into the pool [prepared]

If the dream of jumping into the pool is impressive, oneiromancy shows that you have organized your feelings and are ready to face something head-on. It’s a sign of positive thinking that I’ll do it.

Dream of jumping into the lake [Low luck]

If your dream of jumping into the lake was impressive, you’re likely to experience a deep sinking loss of luck.

There is a high possibility that you will get into trouble because of your own words, so please be careful.

Dream of jumping into a pond [Positive thinking]

If your dream of jumping into a pond, which is smaller than a lake or sea, is impressive, dream divination shows your positive thoughts of wanting to tackle an unknown field.

Luck itself is on the rise, so it’s a good time to challenge what you wanted to do and what you were interested in.

Dream of jumping into a hot spring [Mental and physical fatigue]

A little ill-mannered, but the dream of jumping into a hot spring is a sign that your health is declining. You may not be able to get enough rest because you are busy working and studying. It can be said that the screams of tiredness and the desire to take a rest appeared in the dream of jumping into the hot springs.

If the current situation continues, you may get sick due to fatigue and stress. Oneiromancy teaches you to rest your body and soul before you get seriously ill.

A dream of jumping into a swamp [isolation]

If the dream of jumping into the swamp on your own will be impressive, it implies a decline in interpersonal luck. Please note that it means that you will be isolated from the surroundings for some reason.

Dream to jump into a cliff [decision]

A dream of jumping into a cliff for some reason shows in oneiromancy that there is an opportunity to make some big decision.

If you’ve jumped into the cliff on your own initiative, your choice is right.

A dream of a creature jumping into your mouth [increased luck]

When a creature such as an insect jumps into your mouth, it becomes a dream fortune-telling that indicates an increase in luck. Implications of a positive attitude to face and overcome difficulties and obstacles.

Oneiromancy tells us that it is a sign that you are growing humanly and that things will go smoothly in the future.

Dream of diving suicide [restart]

The dream of jumping in front of a train or on the road and committing suicide is a hint of good luck. It shows the desire to be reborn as a different person and the ability to make a new start.

Death is a suggestion of rebirth in dream fortune-telling. Don’t be afraid and accept your new departure with a positive feeling.


Jumping in is actually very courageous, isn’t it? It’s still better if you can decide the timing yourself, but depending on the situation, you may jump in even though you are not ready = imply lack of preparation.

Please note that depending on the target you jump in, it may imply poor physical condition or tiredness.

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