Dreams About Poop: 13 Types & Their Meanings

Dreams About Poop: 13 Types & Their Meanings

Dreams About Poop

What does a dream in which you see poop mean?

Few people would like to see shit in real life. But the appearance of poop in a dream is a good sign. In general, poop that appears in a dream means money and wealth. You will get a lot of income. Also, a dream in which you wipe your poop with a mop has a better meaning. This dream means increased income, family happiness, etc.

For farmers and those engaged in agriculture, it means a bountiful harvest, and for others, it means a successful financial investment. To dream of stepping on poop or getting your clothes dirty by poop is also a sign that you may get a higher salary or more bonuses. However, having stool and urine tests done can be a negative sign of loss and financial hardship.

Dream of seeing human poop

To dream of seeing a person’s poop means good luck. Such a dream suggests that you will soon hear good news or experience something positive. It’s usually about finances. You may win bonuses for promotions or paychecks, unexpected rewards and lottery prizes. The most common interpretation of a dream in which you see poop suggests that your work will pay off. You’ll get more than you expected because you worked hard and didn’t overestimate what you were doing. A dream in which you see poop symbolizes rewards.

Dream of seeing animal excrement

Dreaming of seeing animal poop (eg dog poop or cat poop) has similar meanings to dreaming of human poop. These kinds of dreams are usually interpreted in the same way. This implies that you will get financial rewards.

However, depending on how you feel about the dream, it can have the opposite meaning. For example, if you dream of seeing animal poop in your house, it may mean that something is wrong. It could mean that there are factors that are holding back your success.

Whatever you do, something suddenly pops up and prevents you from moving forward. You should probably be more careful about what you tell the people around you, especially when it comes to professional and financial planning.

Because someone doesn’t want you to be successful, someone may constantly devise ways to prevent your success. You need to keep your eyes wide open and pay attention. On the other hand, seeing animal droppings outside is likely a good sign.

Dream of stepping on poop

To dream of stepping on poop is as unpleasant as what happened in reality. But the meaning of this dream is interpreted positively. It is a more positive sign than seeing poop in a dream.

This dream means that good luck will come to you. It is a good sign that you will have good luck in your near future. It implies that you must believe in yourself and never give up on your dreams. In the end, all your hard work and dedication will pay off.

In a dream you may be stepping on poop, but in reality you may be stepping on a gold mine. Dreaming of stepping on poop usually symbolizes unexpected rewards for your investments.

Dream of smelling poop

A dream that smells like poop is an unpleasant dream no matter how you think about it. However, the dream interpretation is not significantly negative.

To dream of smelling feces on the positive side means that soon you will receive a hint of a very promising business opportunity and you will have to accept it. This dream can encourage you not to lose hope even in the absence of opportunities. Because it might show up soon.

On the negative side, this dream can suggest a completely opposite scenario. It may mean that you have a business opportunity, but you have doubts about the business and your doubts may be right. It may be illegal and you may have to run away.

The actual interpretation depends only on your intuition. It is up to the dreamer himself to decide whether it is a good dream or a negative dream. In general, if a dream in which you smell feces is not disgusting, it is a positive dream. Otherwise, the opposite is true.

Dream about a messy toilet

If you dreamed that the bathroom is dirty and littered with poop or other disgusting things, it means that you have big problems with intimacy.

Dream of toilet covered with poop

It means you have no control over your privacy. Anything you want to hide can be revealed. This dream warns you. This is a warning for you to stop hiding behind and doing bad things.

This dream also suggests that you have many inner conflicts. You can’t decide who to trust.

Dream of being dirty with poop

Dreaming of being dirty with poop has a negative meaning. To dream of being dirty with poop means that something bad will happen to your professional and social plans. There are people who do not want your good deeds and they will do everything to stop you. The dream suggests that you cannot avoid it.

Dream about public toilet

Public toilets are connected with social life. A dream related to a toilet in the house may indicate that the problem may be internal. Usually the bathroom in your home is connected to your residence or family gathering. A public toilet hints at the worries you feel about others having power.

Dream of pooping in the bathroom

To dream of pooping in the bathroom can mean problems with other people you no longer want to associate with. To see floating poop in a dream means dangerous troubles beyond your control.

Dream of pooping on the floor

Shit on the floor in a dream can mean problems that will become more difficult as life progresses. It can herald reckless behavior that will exacerbate the problem. This issue should focus on solving someone’s confusion.

Dream of cleaning poop

To dream of cleaning poop means dissatisfaction with your life. Something in your life is useless to you or you want to get rid of it completely. There are people you can rely on, but they can’t solve this problem. You can only solve it by taking care of your own life and making an effort.

Dream of eating poop

To dream of eating poop means that you may have problems in your life or you may not want to. This dream also means that you may be under a lot of stress and need some rest. This dream may be related to a real situation that concerns you. You may be dealing with difficult, messy, and lousy problems in real life. Also, this dream may indicate a lot of anxiety about money and job prospects.

Dream of a lot of shit

This dream means that it will be difficult to solve life problems. This dream also appears when we are anxious and stressed in life. It can also indicate that you are being threatened by others. This dream suggests that you need to take better care of yourself.

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