What Does It Mean When You Dream About Poop?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Poop?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Poop?

Stool is a common motif in dreams, believe it or not. According to many interpretations of dream meanings, dreams about feces are among the ten most common types of dreams.

These dreams can represent many things, but they are usually related to a dreamer’s materiality, finances and social status.

These dreams can, of course, be positive or negative; it all depends on the details and perception of a dream by a dreamer.

Often, dreams about stool are caused by our physiological needs to go to the bathroom.

For example, if a person has health problems that affect their digestive system, dreams about stool are unfortunately the result of such problems.

In this case, it is not particularly a symbolic dream and does not require a deeper understanding.

In other situations, when there are no such problems, dreams about stool can have deeper meanings.

Dreams about seeing human poop

Oddly enough, but dreams of seeing human poop are lucky and fortunate. Such dreams suggest that you will soon hear good news or experience something really positive.

It is usually something related to finances; you will get a promotion, a bonus on your salary, a windfall, a reward, you will win a lottery or whatever.

The most common interpretation of a dream in which you are seeing poop suggests that your work will pay off. You will get more than you bargained for because you worked hard and didn’t overestimate yourself and what you were doing.

The dream symbolizes a just and deserved reward.

Dreams about seeing an animal’s poop

Dreams about seeing an animal poop (e.g. dog or cat poop) have similar meanings to dreams about seeing human poop. These kind of dreams are usually interpreted in the same way; suggests that you will get some money.

The dream, however, could also mean just the opposite, depending on how you feel about the dream.

For example, if you dream of seeing animal poop in your house, it means that something is going to go wrong. It means that there are things that constantly mess with your success.

Whatever you do, something just appears out of nowhere and stops you from moving forward.

Especially on a professional and financial level. Maybe you should be more cautious about opening up to people around you.

Someone doesn’t want you to succeed, so he or she constantly draws out ways to impede your success. These can be minor obstacles, not so easily noticeable and recognizable, that you might even take for granted.

Open your eyes wide and be careful. If you, on the other hand, see animal poop outside, this is most likely a good omen.

Dreams about stepping on poop

Dreams about pooping are unpleasant, just as the same event is uncomfortable in reality. However, the meaning behind this dream is positive. It is even a more positive sign than seeing poop in a dream.

This dream means that you are definitely going to experience something totally opposite in your waking life. It is a lucky and good sign for your nearest future.

This dream suggests that you should believe in yourself and never give up on your dreams; eventually all your hard work, dedication and devotion will pay off.

In a dream, you might be stepping on poop, but in reality, you could step on a gold mine, to say so.

Dreams about stepping in poop usually symbolize an unexpected reward for something you invested in but didn’t have high expectations for.

However, it was probably something you loved to do, so you went into it with total dedication and a lot of love, asking for nothing in return. Such things always lead to some kind of success.

Dreams about the smell of feces

Dreams about the smell of feces are unpleasant, by all means. However, they are not necessarily negative in meaning.

On the positive side, dreams about the smell of feces mean that you will soon get a tip about a very promising business opportunity and you should take advantage of it.

The dream can encourage you not to lose hope if you are not seeing any opportunity, because it is likely to appear very soon.

On a negative side, this dream could suggest a completely opposite scenario. It could mean that there is a business opportunity that you are already seeing coming your way, but you have doubts about it and you are right to suspect it.

It can be something shady and illegal, so you should definitely avoid it.

The actual interpretation depends only on your intuition. It is the dreamer’s sense of a dream that decides whether it is good or negative, especially when it comes to dreams that are unpleasant in nature (such as dreams about feces, cemeteries, dead things, rotting food, etc.).

If a dream about the smell of feces doesn’t make you feel sick and disgusted, it is a positive dream and vice versa.

Dreams about a messy bathroom

Dreams about a messy bathroom, with poop and other disgusting things around, means that you have really big issues with your intimacy. It means someone messes with her.

This means you can’t keep your intimacy as it should be, so people you don’t want to know about some really personal things see everything, know a lot more than you would like them to, and what is perhaps the worst part, they talk about it all over the place.

Dreams about a toilet covered in poop mean that you have no control over your personal life; all the things you’d like to keep hidden have been made public.

The dream is negative and warns; suggests that you should really work hard to earn your reputation again and this time by keeping your dirty laundry behind the curtain.

This dream suggests that you have a lot of internal conflicts. It means your mind and heart fight; you cannot decide whether to trust your heart or your reason. This leads to real confusion in your entire being.

You are possibly losing control over your entire life, so it’s the perfect time when you had this dream to collect yourself and clean up the mess you’ve made. You can always start over, it’s never too late.

Dreams about getting dirty by feces

This dream is a negative dream as well as being very uncomfortable. To dream of getting dirty by feces means that you are going to experience something bad on a professional and social level.

There are people who do not wish you well and will do everything in their power to stop you from moving forward.

The dream suggests that you cannot avoid it; you will be damaged somehow.

The dream, however, can be a good warning sign. Open your eyes and don’t trust people easily. Keep your ideas and plans to yourself and be a little more suspicious.

Of course, you shouldn’t be paranoid; just pay more attention to how people approach you and what they really want from you. Trust your intuition.

This dream could also mean that you really messed up something. You said or did something that put you in a bad position; it’s something you can’t do much about, except accept responsibility and consequences.

This should not discourage you at all. This dream is only part of a lesson; we are all learning from our mistakes and sometimes each of us gets dirty.

Dreams about pooping in the toilet

Dreams about pooping on your toilet (or any toilet) are good dreams because they suggest a totally normal order of things. This dream suggests that you feel relaxed and you should feel that way.

Your life is stable, harmonious and fulfilled. Maybe you still haven’t realized how lucky you are to have a balanced and secure life.

Dreams of satisfying our physiological needs in the most common and usual way may seem meaningless to us, but actually these dreams are very helpful and encouraging.

Such dreams should remind us to be grateful for the life we ​​have. You must value the simple things in life.

It may be so tacky, but you have a home with a proper bathroom, where you can be who you are, relaxed and happy, because you have all the essentials for a harmonious life.

Dreams about pooping outside

Dreams about pooping outside mean different things.

This dream could be a reflection of your eccentric and rebellious personality; you get frustrated if you have to follow the rules, so you decide to go against the rules.

You hate conventionalism and conservatism; you’re the one who likes the spotlight, even if the attention you get is deserved by a shocking display.

Dreams about pooping in a public place where people can see you means that you are not afraid to come out of the crowd and be recognized for something you do, no matter if society accepts it or not.

You pride yourself on being unique and being able to oppress mediocrity.

Dreams about eating feces

If you dream of eating human poop, it means that you are surrounded by people who are jealous of your success. You must remain strong and not fall for their provocations.

Stay on your path and don’t let them discourage you, because they will definitely try.

This dream suggests that you have enough strength to do it even if it takes a lot of effort, an iron will and a strong focus on your goal.

On the other hand, the dream could also suggest that you have said something bad, meaning something that really puts you in a bad position.

However, you are strong enough to handle it. Swallow your pride and take responsibility for your words. It hurts, but it will relieve you and even make you stronger.

It could be a useful lesson.

Dreams about diarrhea

Dreams about having diarrhea are extremely unpleasant but not as negative in meaning as you might think.

This dream suggests that you have a desperate need to express all the frustration you have.

In reality, you try to appear strong and not let others see you suffer. In dreams, diarrhea is a powerful channel for letting go of all negativity.

You have to cleanse yourself from within, especially in an emotional way.

Dreams about constipation

Dreams about constipation mean exactly the same thing, only this time the dream suggests that you have a hard time talking out loud and venting all the negativity you feel.

You find it difficult even in dreams, which means the frustration is greater than in the previous dream.

Perhaps you are the type of person who keeps all the negativity inside you and does so for a long time.

This dream suggests that you should not always act as if nothing is bothering you because that would lead to emotional constipation, to say so. Don’t be afraid to show that you’re frustrated, angry or sad, it just might be relieving.

People won’t take you for less valuable, because you can show that you have weaknesses, on the contrary.

Dreams about animal droppings

If you dream of seeing poop from herbivores such as a horse, cow or other domestic animal, it is a very lucky sign.

The bigger the poop, the bigger the fortune. It may seem silly, but this is the most common interpretation.

Dreams of seeing horse poop, for example, symbolize money, wealth, abundance and prosperity.

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