Fear In Dreams: 17 Types and Their Meanings

Fear In Dreams: 17 Types and Their Meanings

Fear In Dreams

You’re worried that something unpleasant will happen if you run away or are chased by fear in your dreams. The interpretation changes depending on whether you were crying or running away with fear, and whether the person or ghost felt fear.

Dream of Fear: Basic Meaning & Psychological State

Fear in oneiromancy is a manifestation of fear and mental instability of the unknown. It seems that you dream with feelings of fear because you actually have anxiety and fear. Therefore, the interpretation of dream fortune-telling is characterized by a large number of bad signs.

By confronting and overcoming the causes of fear and anxiety, you will gradually lose your fearful dreams.

Meaning of dreaming that makes you feel scared

There may be a variety of subjects, but dreaming of fear often means that you are experiencing a great deal of psychological stress. It seems that stress makes sleep quality worse and makes it a frightening dream.

Perhaps you are living a restless day at work, school, or at home.

Dreams of horror: By situation

Perhaps because fear itself is not a good emotion, many interpretations of dream fortune-telling are characterized by being a sign of anxiety and stress in reality. Here, let’s look at each situation that made us feel scared.

Fear and no voice [Mental instability]

When faced with something really scary, you may not even scream. If you’re in a situation where you’re so scared that you don’t speak out, it’s a sign that you’re actually feeling anxious or afraid.

It can be said that such stress and mental instability in reality are reflected in the dream of fear and silence.

Feeling fear [Mental instability]

If the subject is unclear but the dream of fear is impressive, it means that you are mentally unstable for some reason.

Escape with fear [Trauma / Desire to escape]

For me, the object of fear, or the dream of running away with fear for some reason, is a dream fortune that shows that you are still dragging the trauma you have suffered in the past.

Or it is possible that parents, lovers, spouses, etc. have forced them to live a tightly bound life, and that they want to escape from such a stuffy environment.

To overcome the trauma and to survive the stuffy environment, it is important to have the energy to overcome it. It may be difficult to overcome easily and change the status quo, but be careful not to get sick due to mental fatigue.

Shout in fear [Escapism]

If you’re impressed with a dream that can be so scary that you can’t stand the feeling of fear and scream involuntarily, dream fortune-telling is a sign that you now want to look away from reality and want to escape.

It can be said that he is facing troubles that are difficult to solve by himself, and his desire to escape is reflected in his dream of screaming in fear.

However, the situation is not solved by the escape. Oneiromancy shows that you need to be prepared and face what you need to do.

Cry with fear [Improved luck]

If the dream of crying is so impressive that you are so scared, it is a suggestion that your luck will improve. It shows that you are facing worries and troubles, but you are trying to overcome them on your own.

The act of crying is a manifestation of emotional purification. It may be a difficult situation now, but in the future things will go smoothly and troubles will be solved.

Hide with fear [Introvert]

The dream of hiding from a feared subject is a suggestion that you are not good at socializing on a daily basis and have a sense of distance from the people around you. Maybe it’s because I want to connect with people other than myself, but I don’t want to stand out badly. In terms of interpersonal relations, it can be said that it is a very backward thinking.

Luck itself tends to be sluggish, and there is a possibility that you will have troubles that bother your head. Oneiromancy teaches us that we can open our luck by facing the causes of problems and worries and solving them with positive thinking.

Shivering with fear [Anxiety / Poor physical condition]

If a dream that is frightened and shivering is impressive, it means that you are actually feeling something like fear, anxiety, or loneliness in oneiromancy.

There is also the possibility that poor physical condition = chills due to high fever is reflected as a dream that trembles with fear. If you feel unwell, don’t overdo it and see a doctor as soon as possible.

Feeling frightened by violence [Improved luck]

If you’ve been violent and scared, it’s a suggestion that you may want to escape or look away. Anxiety and fear of such things may have appeared in dreams in the form of fear of violence.

A sign that you can open your luck by understanding the causes of anxiety and fear and overcoming them.

In oneiromancy, being violent is interpreted as a reverse dream, which means increased luck and good luck, so active action will make things even better.

Fear at high places [Isolated / Introverted]

For acrophobia, even if you don’t do anything at a high place, just being there makes you terrified. A dream that scares you at a high place is a sign that you are somehow isolated.

Or you may be in a state of confusion or anxiety because it unexpectedly stands out.

If you’re not paying attention for shameful reasons, don’t worry. Please be proud.

Threatened and feared [Pressure]

If a threatened and frightening dream is impressive, it’s a oneiromancy that means you’re about to be crushed by the pressure you’re receiving from your surroundings.

Your earnestness and sense of responsibility to live up to your expectations may add to your stress due to pressure.

If you find it difficult to deal with by yourself, please consult with the people around you and follow up before you get sick due to stress or pressure.

Fear of knowing pregnancy [Fear]

Perhaps you weren’t a child with your lover or spouse, and the dream you’re afraid of when you know you’re pregnant is a suggestion that you’re actually feeling anxious or afraid of getting pregnant.

It may be that you cannot get pregnant for various reasons, such as not being able to get proper contraception from the other person even if you ask.

There are limits to what you can do on your own, so if you need to, consider consulting your doctor to prescribe a pill.

Dream of horror: By person

It is possible that it is not only the situation but also the person who feels fear in the dream. It is a suggestion that you actually have anxiety and fear in the interpersonal aspect, and it is characterized by being almost a bad sign. Here, we will look at each person who feels fear.

Formerly he is afraid [Trauma]

A dream that ex-boyfriend feels scared means that you still have feelings of fear and anxiety about the ex-boyfriend who broke up. Formerly he may have been the type of person who has a lot of affection and is tightly bound.

It’s possible that those past romance have been traumatic to you and you’re a little reluctant to have a new romance.

Whatever the form, if you are trapped in a love affair with unpleasant memories that have ended, you may miss the good luck in front of you. Trying to stop dragging and thinking positively will open your luck.

Fear of the opposite sex you do not know [Fear]

In many situations, it seems that women dream of men, but if the dream of the opposite sex that you do not know is impressive, it causes stress and pressure that makes you feel fear around you. A sign that there is a person who becomes.

There can be a pattern in which a new man feels afraid of a scary female boss, so it can be said that it reflects the anxiety and stress that he had in reality.

Family fear [Interpersonal stress]

Dreams that family members are scared of often seem to be worried or stressed about interpersonal relationships. The family is a small society. Fearing the family can be thought of as a hint of growing anxiety about relationships.

There is also the possibility that you are actually worried about your family relationship. If you are worried and uncomfortable, please have an opportunity to have a proper family discussion.

Fear of friends [Hurry]

If a dream that your friends are scared of is impressive, it means that you have anxiety and impatience with yourself in oneiromancy. It seems that there is a growing feeling that you should not keep holding a complex.

It is a time when positive awareness of wanting to change is increasing, so please do your best at this opportunity so that you can become the person you want to be.

Ghosts are scared [Mental instability]

If you are frightened by encountering a ghost in a dream, dream divination indicates that you are mentally unstable.

Ghosts are a symbol of strange things. You may feel some kind of anxiety or fear, and it is thought that those feelings appeared in your dream of fearing ghosts.

By clarifying the causes and reasons for anxiety and fear, you will gradually lose the fearful dreams.


Fearful dreams tell you that you are in a state of mental instability in the face of worries and stress. You may not be able to sleep well because your anxiety and fear are reflected during your sleep.

If you find it difficult to deal with by yourself, please consult with a reliable person to reduce your mental burden.

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