Giant Dream: 13 Types & Their Meanings

Giant Dream: 13 Types & Their Meanings

Giant Dream

The fact that dream fortune-telling becomes huge is considered to emphasize the meaning that they originally have.

It’s easy to see that a giant snake is a huge boost to luck, but a giant crocodile’s dream implies anxiety.

In other words, if the auspicious sign you dreamed of becomes huge, it implies an increase in luck, but if it is emphasized in the wrong direction, it means a decrease in luck, so be careful.

This time, let’s introduce the dreams of such huge things by type.

Giant fish dream

If you see or eat a huge fish that is beyond your imagination, or if you catch it yourself, dream fortune-telling is a sign that your luck is rising! You will be blessed with unexpected luck.

Giant spider dream

In reality, you don’t want to see it, but if a giant spider is impressive, it’s a dream fortune-telling that means a loss of luck. Suggestions of being exposed to very strong stress and tension.

Make sure to rest your mind and body well before it has a negative effect on your physical condition from the mental burden.

Giant snake dream

A giant snake called the green anaconda has been confirmed to be nearly ten meters long, but in a dream a larger snake may appear.

If you dream of such a giant snake, it means that your fortune is rising. You may be blessed with unexpected extra income or receive a gift!

Oneiromancy tells us that we are likely to be blessed with a wonderful encounter with the opposite sex because our love luck is also good. You will be lucky if you actively go out to meet people.

However, if you have negative feelings such as creepy or scary to a huge snake, it will indicate a decrease in luck, so be careful.

Giant robot dream

Dreams with impressive giant robots like science fiction anime show that your ideas are unique and rich in dream fortune-telling.

If you have a hobby like getting a creative job or creating something, you will be able to fully demonstrate your talent.

However, if you have negative feelings such as being scared of a giant robot, it is a sign that you are feeling uneasy about the future.

It is thought that the fear of something that I do not understand is reflected in the dream of a giant robot.

Giant plant dream

If the dream of a giant tree is impressive among the plants, oneiromancy shows that you are now physically and mentally stable. You already have or will meet a partner who will support you both publicly and privately.

In addition, the dream of giants, vegetables and fruits is a suggestion that the efforts accumulated so far will be rewarded and can be obtained as a result.

A huge large flower is also a dream fortune-telling that shows the fruit of your efforts and the heightened love luck.

Giant animal dreams

If the animal’s dream was impressive, much larger than commonly thought of, it’s a hint of increased luck. With so much information coming in, you’ll be able to pick what you need, know exactly what you need, and use it.

However, if you have an unpleasant impression that you are scared or creepy about a huge animal that is out of the ordinary, it is a hint of poor luck. There is too much information coming in and it seems that it will be swayed.

It’s a good idea to select and utilize only what you need without greed.

Giant poop dream

You don’t really want to see it, but if you see a huge poop, it’s actually a good luck.

Also, if a giant bird poop falls on you, it’s a sign of great luck!

Fortunes are particularly strong, so you can expect unexpected extra income and salary increases.

Giant bird dream

The dream of seeing a giant bird means that your work and fortune are increasing. You can expect more results than you expected, and as a result, you can expect an increase in salary.

The dream of a giant bird flying powerfully in the sky represents an increase in luck in dream fortune-telling. You may be blessed with a chance to utilize your free thinking and creativity.

If the huge bird’s nest that fits the size is impressive, it means that your family luck is good.

If a giant bird guards its nest, it implies a healthy family and prosperity of descendants. Oneiromancy teaches us that we are financially stable and blessed with ceremonies such as marriage and childbirth.

Giant turtle dream

A dream with an impressive giant turtle that can be easily carried by Taro Urashima, if not the gamera of a monster movie, is a dream fortune-telling that suggests an increase in luck. A sign that good luck are particularly strong.

Even if you are sick, you will be able to recover and be blessed with extra income and great luck.

Dream of a huge building

If you were impressed by a huge building hundreds of meters above the ground, oneiromancy shows that you are now thinking positively, actively honing and developing your talents, and working on things.

The bigger the building, the bigger and higher the implications of your ideals and dreams. Keeping in mind the same positive thinking and positivity as before will help your luck.

Giant crocodile dream

When a giant monster-class crocodile, as depicted in the movie, appears in a dream, dream divination means that you are very anxious and afraid of your social status and authority.

Although you are in the position of a leader who brings people together, you may be a small-minded person.

It may not be bold, but it can be said that carefulness from the bottom of the heart is one of its characteristics. Don’t think badly and try to do what you can!

Giant’s dream

The dream of a giant appearing is a dream fortune telling that there is a person who is facing a situation that cannot be helped by his own power, or who is forced to use his power and strength.

In order to overcome the situation, it will be essential to cooperate with the people around you, rather than trying hard alone.

But if you feel good on the shoulders of giants looking up, it’s a suggestion that you can be a powerful ally! Oneiromancy teaches us that things are going well and that work and plans can be done as expected, so that we can be mentally stable.

However, if you feel scared or anxious on the shoulders of giants, you may be anxious about your current position and goals.

However, if you give up here, your hard work and effort may be really wasted. Please think positively that you have to do what you should do when you come to this point, and do your best.

A dream that makes me huge

If you are huge like a giant, dream fortune-telling is a sign that you have a growing desire for control and authority, such as wanting to move others as you wish.

Please try to understand the other person’s position and circumstances and act before you become isolated from the surroundings or cause trouble.

Psychological state when dreaming a huge dream

When you have a huge dream, it seems that your luck is often good. If a good sign appears as a bigger symbol, it’s really good.

However, in many cases, it is premised that you do not have an unpleasant impression of fear or anxiety about a huge thing, and even if you have the same dream, if you have a negative image, it means that anxiety and fear will increase, so be careful. is.

When you’re lucky, you feel good. Please challenge various things positively and enrich your life more and more!

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