January 9 Zodiac: Astrological Sign and Horoscope

January 9 Zodiac: Astrological Sign and Horoscope

January 9 Zodiac

What fate will people born on January 9th have?

This article will pick up the constellation features of people born on January 9, the compatible and unfavorable constellations, and the characteristics of the fate of men and women born on January 9th. This article focuses on the compatibility between people born on January 9th and birthdays, and the personality characteristics born on January 9th.

Born January 9th is Capricorn

People born on January 9th are classified as Capricorn. Capricorn is a constellation to which the birthdays of December 22 to January 19 can be applied, and the scientific name is Capriconulus, and it is also called Makyukyu in astrology.

The capricorn born on January 9th is an astronomical autumn constellation, with mid-September being the most visible season. At the same time, it also has the role of a constellation that announces the arrival of winter.

What is the compatibility between the constellations?

The compatibility between constellations is, of course, a very interesting item in fortune-telling. Born on January 9th, Capricorn people will analyze which constellations are compatible and which are not compatible.

Is there an easy way to determine the compatibility of the constellations?

The compatibility between the constellations has a law that can be used as a guideline to some extent. We will use the rules of “3 categories” and “4 categories” of the concept of astrology. These rules become difficult because various elements are confused when trying to analyze them in detail, so I will only give a basic explanation here.

What is the compatibility overview of the three categories?

First of all, there are three categories that show how to use energy, which is said to be behavioral forms. There are activity palace, immovable palace, and flexible palace, which we will analyze.

The activity shrine has the role of having a starting energy, the immovable class has a role of transferring energy in the direction of maintenance and stability, and the flexible shrine has a role of changing energy according to things.

By allocating these three shrines in a circle divided into 12 equal parts at 30 degrees x 3 at 90 degrees, the movement of the constellations repeats an active/immobile/flexible relationship.

Which constellation is compatible with the 3 categories?

Within the circle, the target position at 180 degrees is a constellation with a completely different direction of energy. In the case of Capricorn born on January 9th, it is Cancer.

In general, it is said that constellations that fall into the same division among the three divisions are not so nicknamed. However, because the constellations on the opposite side of 180 degrees have completely different characteristics, they may be strongly attracted while repelling, and in some cases they may be in a good relationship as if they were married to each other.

Which constellations are incompatible in the three categories?

Although it is a constellation that is not compatible with the Capricorn that belongs to January 9th, which is judged according to the three categories, it will be Aries or Libra at a 90-degree angle. This constellation is said to have both similar parts and dissimilar parts, and there is a possibility that trouble will not occur but instead it will be a safe distance or that relations will not be built.

What is the compatibility overview of the four categories?

And there is another judgment method, 4 categories that judge from values. Simply put, the relationship between constellations is measured by the classification of fire, earth, wind, and water. In other words, apply by applying the laws of nature. To be specific, it feels good because the wind burns the fire. Other elements that are the same, such as fire if fire, are said to be on good terms.

You may think that these four categories are like games, but this idea was already established in the ancient Greek era. Later, Western philosophy and natural philosophy of Europe were based on these ideas. The fact is that the current game adopted these in an easy-to-understand form with reference to these.

What are the four constellations that are compatible with each other?

Born January 9th, Capricorn is classified as a soil element. The “earth” element is a symbol of material as it is the only material that has shape. Zodiac signs that are compatible with each other are Taurus/Virgo with elements of the same place, and Capricorn with the same constellation.

With different elements, the constellations of water are said to be compatible. This is because at the same time water permeates the soil, the soil acts as a saucer for the water. From this law, it can be said that it goes well with people from Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

What are the 4 constellations that are incompatible with each other?

And although it is a constellation that is incompatible with Capricorn when viewed in four sections, as explained earlier, the Capricorn of the person on January 9 belongs to the element of the soil. In the case of this element, the soil is rooted on the ground, but the wind blows against the sky, so there are few intersections. I don’t say it’s really bad, but it’s not good either. The constellations that belong to the wind element in the four categories are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

The element that is a type that is not very compatible with Capricorn is a fire element. The element of fire is a type that includes the surroundings and burns up itself, but the ground cannot synchronize with such movements. In other words, because the way of thinking is fundamentally different, it will not be compatible. The constellations that belong to the element of fire are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

What does it mean to be born on January 9th?

Now, let’s analyze the fortune of a person born on January 9th. Simply put, it is expressed as the following words.

The nature of being born on January 9th is like this

People born on January 9th have the characteristic that they create their own world within themselves and their feelings are satisfied by facing that world. This is a characteristic that can be said to be a kind of drawback in that the view of things becomes subjective and cannot be viewed objectively. If you’re born on January 9th, and it works worse, you might be self-centered.

The fate of being born on January 9th by gender

Now let’s look at the fate of people born on January 9th separately for women and men.

The fate of a woman born January 9

A characteristic of women born on January 9th is that their fortunes will fluctuate with age.

First of all, it is fortunate, but although I am not very lucky as a child, I start to rise from around the age of 20 and reach a peak around the age of 60. Capricorn seems to have little interest in money, and when the fortune of luck peaks, it only drops. I would like to keep savings from an early age so that I can live my life in old age.

Although it is a fortune of love, it has an unusual shape with a peak around 10 years old. Therefore, “I was popular with boys when I was in elementary school,” so it is possible to think of a pattern in which the sigh deepens as you age.

Women born on January 9th have a mysterious atmosphere that makes them inaccessible to men. Capricorn women themselves understand this tendency, so they tend not to open their hearts to men, so it’s difficult to show their inner feelings and fit together.

For this reason, women born on January 9th tend to be compatible with men who accept such mysteriousness and places with severe emotional ups and downs. It would be better to go with older men.

The fate of men born on January 9th

Fortunes of men born on January 9th have rise and fall with their peaks shifted, as if they were graphs of biorhythms. Romantic fortunes peak in the early 20s, and financial fortunes peak in the early 50s.

In a sense, it may be said that the luck allocation makes life planning easier. I got married in my twenties, and my fortune, which was low when I was a kid, started to rise around that time.

However, like women, financial attachment is low, so even if your fortune is high, your luck may pass by. Even if you have a large amount of income, there is a risk that the expenditure will also be large, so I would like to save frequently from time to time.

What is your favorite birthday for January 9th?

Birthdays that are compatible with people born on January 9th are as follows.

March 15
March 26
March 30
June 21
November 4
November 17

What birthday wasn’t compatible with you on January 9th?

The following birthdays are not compatible with people born on January 9th.

February 6
February 29
March 4
March 21
June 30
July 10

What is the legend of Capricorn and the parts that affected it?

Have you ever seen a picture of the Capricorn that January 9 belongs to? The head is a goat, but the lower half is a fish for some reason. The answer can be found by reading the legend of the constellation.

Originally the Capricorn was the faun God Phan, the son of the messenger god Hermes (also known as the son of Zeus). Phan is a god who had a beard like a goat and a horn of a goat, and at the same time, the lower half of the body had the strange appearance of a half-body and a beast. The God of Capricorn born on January 9th had such a strange appearance.

He used to be a cheerful and carefree god who laughs a lot, but one day, a huge and horrifying monster, Tuporn, appeared at the banquet hall where Phan was doing.

The gods flee in a short distance, but the hurried pan transforms into a strange figure in which the upper body is a goat and the lower body is a fish. It was so funny that the figure desperately crossing the river was so funny that Zeus held it in heaven as a memorial. It’s an embarrassing story if you try to learn it.

What is the character of Capricorn derived from the legend of the constellation?

It’s a capricorn myth that doesn’t look so ridiculous, but the Capricorn person to whom the person of January 9 belongs was influenced by the original personality that Pann had and this myth, and therefore full of humor. , Has one side that is mischievous.

In addition, Phan was capricious and at times enthusiastic and insane, and even the name of Phan became the etymology of panic. As a result, Capricorn people are sometimes not only stimulating to the people around them, but also prone to selfishness. In a good sense, it means that you have the power to act.

What is the character part influenced by Saturn, the guardian planet?

And there is another entity, the Guardian Planet, that affects the Capricorn born on January 9th. This is the eight planets of the solar system (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. At the time when astrology was established, Pluto was a definite planet, so it will be treated as a dwarf planet like it is today. One of them corresponds to the constellation, which is Saturn in Capricorn.

This planet is the sixth constellation of the solar system, and has been treated as a bad star since ancient times, but it also plays a role in guiding self-growth from the crisis of life to higher levels.

And the guardian planet Saturn gives “hard” characteristics such as “limitation, fixation, patience, practice, work”. It is the opposite of the nature that Capricorn has under the influence of Pan.

However, when the two characteristics are combined, Saturn’s influence adds to the characteristic of Capricorn born on January 9th, that it is good at starting things, and it has a strong sense of responsibility and duty. There is also a strong enthusiasm for the target. And because some people are patiently responsible, and ambitious in their work, some of them will be great team members.

Carve out your future

What did you think.

In the first place, fortune is not judged as it is given from heaven, but in addition to the influence of those around you, it is the way to open the way with your own feet. Please refer to fortune-telling and think about your present and future.

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