Lilac Flower: Meaning & Symbolism

Lilac Flower: Meaning & Symbolism

Lilac Flower

Flowers have always been with people’s lives. Flowers are everywhere around us, so we sometimes wonder about the meanings and symbols behind them.

In this article, let’s learn about the meaning and symbol of the lilac flower.

The meaning of lilac flowers

All flowers are known to have different meanings, so it’s important to know what they mean to choose the right flower for your case. The most important meaning of lilac flowers is love. In the past, it was used to express love to someone. It was commonly used as a symbol of first love.

If lilacs appear frequently in your life, they can be a reminder that love is everywhere around you. It can also indicate that it may be an appropriate time to let new love enter your life.

One of the most important meanings associated with lilac flowers is purity. The flower that especially carries this meaning is the white lilac flower. Because of that, white lilac flowers are commonly used for weddings and childbirth.

Another meaning of lilac is confidence. Therefore, this flower can be a great gift between friends or partners.

Lilac flower language – meaning and symbol of each color

The meaning of lilac flowers can vary by color. To understand what the received lilac flower means, you must first know what its color means.

Purple lilac flower language: symbolizes first love, the beginning of love, and spirituality.

The representative color of lilac flowers is purple. If you received a purple lilac flower, then its meaning means first love or the beginning of love. Also, dark purple lilac is associated with spiritual life.

White lilac flower language: symbolizes purity and innocence.

The white lilac flower is a symbol of purity, so it is often associated with childhood. It can also be said that the white lilac flower symbolizes purity. Because of all these facts, white lilac flowers are commonly used for wedding ceremonies, but are also used for births and other important occasions.

Blue lilac flower language: symbolizes happiness and serenity.

In addition to the meaning of happiness and serenity, the blue lilac also symbolizes joy.

Pink lilac flower language: symbolizes love and friendship.

Another typical color for lilac flowers is pink. Pink lilac flowers are a symbol of friendship and love, meaning that in the future you will spend a lot of time with friends and lovers.

Lilac flower – Secret Message

It is always interesting to discover the secret message of any flower. When it comes to lilac flowers, it can be said that this message is associated with love.

You should enjoy the love you have now, not the love of the past. If you regret your past love, you will not be able to enjoy your present love.

Lilac flowers remind you to focus on love and spend more time with your partner, family and friends.

You should know that the secret message that lilac flowers convey to you is always associated with love. It should motivate you to accept love with all your heart and enjoy it.

Lilac flower – etymological meaning

According to Greek mythology, the history of lilacs begins with a beautiful nymph named Syringa. Her forest god Pan, fascinated by the beauty of her Syringa, pursued her into her forest. Fearing Pan’s affection, Syringa escaped him by turning into a fragrant bush we call lilacs today.

Since lilacs bloom in the spring, one of the main meanings of lilac flowers is a new beginning. Lilacs are also a symbol of Easter, as they begin to bloom during this time. People often refer to lilacs as the harbinger of spring because the moment the lilacs bloom indicates whether spring will come late or early.

The cultural meaning of lilac

A deeply rooted part of Mediterranean culture, lilacs are said to have originated in southeastern Europe. Because lilacs usually bloom at this time, they are often associated with the Easter season.

While the Celts believed that lilacs had magical powers because of their overwhelming scent, in Victorian times, giving a lilac to someone meant an old and often past love. Widows often carried these flowers to commemorate their husbands.

In Russia, there are those who believe that by placing a twig of lilac on the chest of a newborn baby, wisdom can be obtained.

In the United States, the lilac is the state flower of New Hampshire. This flower is often used to symbolize the hardy nature of New Hampshire people.

Several cities in the United States, such as Boston, hold annual lilac festivals.

Also, Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh were famous for depicting lilacs in their paintings.

More about lilacs

Lilacs are the official flower of the couple’s 8th wedding anniversary.

Lilacs have a short flowering period and only bloom for three weeks at the beginning of spring.

More than 20 species of this flower are known.

The most common colors are purple, pink, and white lilacs, but there are other colors such as blue and red.

Lilacs love sunny places.

Many insects, such as butterflies and moths, rely on lilac plants to survive.

Lilac flowers are often used as an ingredient in luxury cosmetics and perfumes.

Lilac is also used as an essential oil. This oil is also used to treat skin disorders and bacterial infections.

Lilacs are also popular for aromatherapy. The scent of lilac flowers is said to promote relaxation and help fight symptoms of depression.

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