Lily Dream: 16 Types & Their Meanings

Lily Dream: 16 Types & Their Meanings

Lily Dream

In dream fortune-telling, lily flowers represent purity and love luck.

The lily comes in several colors, but the white lily is used for brides’ bouquets, and is also depicted in paintings represented by the Virgin Mary, which is said to represent purity, and is treated as a symbol of chastity. I often do it.

Perhaps because of such an innocent impression, there are many interpretations that imply purity even in dream fortune-telling.

The feature is that the interpretation changes depending on the color of the lily flower and what you were doing with the lily.

Dream of seeing lily flowers

If the dream of seeing the lily flowers in the florist’s storefront or room is impressive, dream divination indicates that you are in a very pure love.

It’s more of a “love” than a “love”, and it implies that you’ll be happy just to see the other person’s smile from a distance, or that you’ll be happy for a day just by greeting them. I am.

It may just be too pure to develop into a love affair. From now on, if you want to turn a faint love into a true love, you may need to change your attitude and way of thinking about love.

Many lily flower dreams

If the many lily flowers are impressive, the oneiromancy shows that you are now filled with good relationships and affection with those around you and have a sense of well-being. increase.

A dream of decorating a lily flower in a room

If the dream of decorating a lily flower in a room was impressive, a dream fortune-telling that reflects your desire to know and understand your pure feelings and enthusiasm for a specific person or thing. It becomes.

However, it is not something that appeals excessively, so if you really want to understand your thoughts, it is better to show it with your daily actions and work.

A dream of a lily that became a bouquet

If the lily flower in a bouquet like a wedding bouquet is impressive, it becomes a dream fortune-telling that implies a confession. Someone may tell you what you think, or you may be blessed with an opportunity to convey your thoughts.

Love luck itself is not bad, so no matter which one you confess, your feelings for the other person will be conveyed.

A dream of being presented with a lily flower

If the dream of giving a lily flower to someone other than yourself is impressive, then dream divination indicates that you are in love with someone.

That feeling is considered to be sincere and pure, so if you actually make a confession, why don’t you go out with it if you don’t feel like refusing yourself?

Dream of presenting lily flowers

Oneiromancy shows an increase in romantic feelings when a lily flower is given to someone. It means that you can convey your feelings to someone who has a crush on you, or you can have a chance to deepen your love for your partner or spouse.

Also, dream fortune tells you that good news will come to you.

Dream of picking lily flowers by yourself

If the dream of picking a lily flower yourself is impressive, it’s a dream fortune telling that your actions are a bit aggressive.

It is important to note that there is an increasing possibility of trouble with people around you due to the aggressive behavior.

A dream of someone picking a lily flower

If someone other than yourself had an impressive dream of picking a lily flower, it means that in oneiromancy, you may be swayed by the other person’s forcible actions and behaviors, which may cause trouble.

Dream of dying lilies

If the dream of a beautifully blooming lily dying is impressive, it becomes a dream fortune-telling that indicates a loss of luck. There is a high possibility that you will have troubles that will cause you a great deal of emotional shock.

It’s best to keep in mind so that you can deal calmly in any situation.

Dream to grow lilies

The dream of planting bulbs, watering and fertilizing yourself to grow lily flowers shows that you are gradually developing a sincere love feeling for someone. increase.

If the lily you raised is in full bloom, you can think that the love is likely to come true.

A dream of throwing away lilies

If the dream of throwing away the lily flower is impressive, it will be a dream fortune that reflects your feeling that you cannot accept the other person.

You may think that your pure thoughts will be neglected because the other person does not feel sincerity or your behavior so far is bad.

However, it is difficult to see the true intentions of the other person only by superficial relationships. You may end up with an unacceptable conclusion, but don’t deny the positive attitude of trying to understand the other person.

Dream of artificial flower lily

If the beautifully made lily flowers are impressive, oneiromancy shows that you are not looking at new romance because you are beautifying your past romance too much.

You may have fallen in love, but even if you don’t, the past is easy to beautify. Don’t cherish the romance that has already ended, but try to organize your feelings and look at the new romance.

Even if it is a beautiful artificial flower, if you have a strong sense that it is a fake, it means that your health is poor. Please note that you are more likely to be ill.

Also, if the artificial flowers of a lily that are sloppy or old and dirty are impressive, it is a dream fortune that means that you are dragging past romance in a bad way.

It is important to note that it implies that the romance itself has become completely backwards due to a terrible broken heart or a flurry of affairs. It’s about time to put a button on such an unpleasant memory in your heart and look for a wonderful next love.

Lily flower color

There are several colors of lily flowers depending on the type, but the interpretation of dream fortune-telling changes depending on the color. If the color of the lily flower is impressive, it is a good idea to use it as a reference for interpretation.

White lily flower

If the white lily flower, which is often used for wedding bouquets held by brides, is impressive, dream fortune-telling implies pure love.

It shows that you are sincerely thinking about the other person. It is also a dream fortune-telling that means that there is a person of the opposite sex who thinks of you purely.

Yellow lily flower

If the yellow lily flower is impressive, the oneiromancy shows that you are now feeling like you are soaring in the love feelings you have and the affection you have from the opposite sex.

Orange lily flower

If the orange lily flower is impressive, oneiromancy implies a love affair like an extension of friendship. Even if you think that you can have a full-fledged relationship as it is, the other party may not feel that way yet.

Don’t rush to close the distance, but take your time slowly and cherish the calmness.

Pink lily flower

If the pink lily flower is impressive, the oneiromancy shows that the feeling of thinking about the other person is too strong and the affection is heavy.

Because I love you, I feel that I like you too much, and that enthusiasm may be a burden to the other party. If you interact with them a little more naturally, you will be able to build a good relationship with each other.

What is the state of mind when dreaming of a lily?

When you dream of a lily, it seems that you are often in a pure love rather than a love affair, or you are directed to someone with a pure love affair.

The love that the white lily flower, which is sometimes regarded as a symbol of the Virgin Mary, is reflected in the dream fortune-telling as a single-minded feeling of longing for the other person, not a passionate love of being loved. I am.

On the other hand, the bright yellow lily implies a feeling of love.

However, purity and dedication are also attractive, but the strength of that feeling may be heavy for the other party. Even if you are an important partner, please try to keep a proper sense of distance.

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