Magic Dream: 9 Types & Their Meanings

Magic Dream: 9 Types & Their Meanings

Magic Dream

What is the basic meaning?

Magic tricks always have seeds, but the magic tricks performed by professional magicians do not seem strange at all, and make you feel extraordinary effort and talent.

When a magician appears in a dream because of his skill, it becomes a dream fortune-telling that implies that he is envious of the talent of the other person or is in love with the talent.

If you’re a magician and have a successful magic trick, you’re in good luck.

However, be aware that dreams of failing magic tricks or having a magician do magic tricks in front of you indicate that you are tired and distracted.

Dream of magic failure

If the dream of failing the magic trick you tried to show off was impressive, dream fortune-telling means that you are tired now. You may not be able to get enough rest because you are busy working and studying.

Make sure you get a good rest before you get sick from tiredness or stress, or get distracted and injured by mistakes.

It’s also a dream fortune-telling that suggests that you want to change yourself, but you’re still lacking in ability or premature. Don’t overdo it, and try to maintain the status quo for a while.

A dream of seeing a magician on TV, having magic tricks done in front of you

If your dream of having a magic trick in front of you or watching a magician on TV was impressive, then you are quite mentally tired and want to take your eyes off the reality. Oneiromancy shows that you want to see something sexual and forget what you don’t like.

It’s also a dream fortune telling that you’re tired of the unchanging everyday life and want to change.

Dream of successful magic tricks

If you become a magician and have a successful magic trick, it implies that you are in good luck. It’s a sign that your unnoticed talent will blossom. It’s a good time to start a new job or hobby.

In addition, since interpersonal luck is also good, dream fortune tells us that there is a high possibility that we will have the opportunity to get along with people we have never had a relationship with.

A dream of magic tricks

If you are impressed with the dream of being able to perform magic tricks such as going up to the stage as a subject or drawing a card, it means that your love luck is good in dream fortune-telling. You may be blessed with a chance to get along with someone you like.

Oneiromancy teaches you that you can open your luck by doing something that deviates from your daily routine.

In addition, oneiromancy shows that there is a high possibility that good news will come from familiar places such as relatives and family members.

Dream of becoming a magician

When you become a magician, oneiromancy shows that you want to be noticed and appreciated by the people around you with techniques and skills that cannot be imitated by others.

Dream of a lover becoming a magician

When the lover you’re dating becomes a magician, it’s a dream fortune telling that you’re longing for and adoring the special skills and talents of the other person.

On the other hand, oneiromancy shows that you are not confident that you are really needed or loved by the other person.

A dream of a friend becoming a magician

The dream of your friend becoming a magician shows that in oneiromancy you are longing for your friend’s talents and skills and feel great. On the other hand, it implies that you feel envious of the talent of the other person.

Overcome your envy by developing your own good points, rather than lamenting what you can’t or don’t have.

Also, be aware that it may be a dream fortune telling that the friend is trying to deceive you.

A dream chased by a magician

If for some reason you are chased by a magician, oneiromancy shows a loss of luck. The chasing magician is your own symbol.

It implies that you are mentally cornered by the accumulated stress, such as being unable to speak your true intentions in your daily life.

Before you get sick from such stress and pressure, it will not be a fundamental solution, but please try to reduce the mental burden by having a reliable person listen to your complaints and real intentions.

A dream of a strange magician

The dream of a completely strange magician who has never been seen on TV is a dream fortune-telling that means that someone who is trying to deceive you is approaching. Please note that the risk of being scammed is increasing.

Keep in mind that there is no good story about being lucrative and never losing money.

What is the state of mind when dreaming of magicians?

When dreaming of magic tricks and magicians, it seems that people often feel envious of someone’s talents or are tired both physically and mentally.

If your lover is a magician, it’s a dream come true that you’re in love with the talent of the other person, but you’re not sure if you’re loved or not. If your friend was a magician, it’s a suggestion that you envy the talent of the other person.

If you fail in magic tricks, it means that you are tired both physically and mentally, so be careful.

Begging for something that isn’t there doesn’t make things better. Don’t mourn what you don’t have, but try to develop the good side.

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