Recurring Dreams: 13 Types & Their Meanings

Recurring Dreams: 13 Types & Their Meanings

Recurring Dreams

Things that are repeated many times in oneiromancy can be thought of as emphasizing your strong feelings, aspirations, and implications. It may be a desire to change the status quo that doesn’t come to mind, or it may imply worsening or trouble.

However, the dream of being killed many times, which seems to be unlucky at first glance, is a sign of auspiciousness that implies rebirth and positiveness!

This time, I will introduce such dreams that are repeated many times by situation.

Dreams of being killed many times

The dream of being killed means that interpersonal luck will improve in oneiromancy. The fact that it is repeated many times implies that there is a strong desire for interpersonal relationships to improve.

Death is a suggestion of rebirth, but since it is killed = someone else’s hand is defeated, it is thought that the trigger for rebirth is brought to another person, not to himself.

Dream of going to the bathroom many times

The dream of going to the bathroom many times is that it’s not so refreshing to go to the bathroom once. A dream that isn’t refreshing even though I went to the bathroom like that and added some extra work is a sign that my health is declining.

Maybe I’m getting sick because I’m not healthy or have a lot of stress. The urinary system may actually be tired.

First of all, try to have a regular lifestyle, and if you feel unwell, do not overdo it and see a doctor as soon as possible.

A dream of coming to the same place many times

A dream that comes to the same place many times means that there is something that you have to solve and face.

Do you have any scenery or things that are particularly memorable among the places you have visited many times? Those conscious things may symbolize what you care about.

It may be a trigger for a solution, so it is a good idea to remember it well and refer to it.

A dream that the same person appears many times

If the same person appears in your dreams many times, the implication that your own deep consciousness is trying to convey something through your dreams.

If there are any concerns about the person’s words or actions that have appeared many times, that is what you need to know. A hint of what consciousness is trying to convey. Please remember it well and use it as a reference in the future.

A dream that a favorite person comes out many times

If you dream of someone you like many times, it’s a dream fortune-telling that means that you have a growing feeling of love for the other person.

Especially if you have a good atmosphere with your favorite person in your dreams, you can’t get along easily in reality, you can’t turn around, but you still like it! It can be said that this thought was reflected.

Rather than being in a bad romance, it is considered to be in a state that has not yet begun. Even if you confess with that momentum, there is a risk that you will be drawn by the other party.

You should refrain from confessing or approaching until you can think more calmly about yourself and the other person.

A dream of receiving calls many times

The dream of receiving a call is a sign that you will receive important news. But if you get the call multiple times, oneiromancy shows that you are more likely to have some trouble with your relationships.

If the person you call many times is an actual acquaintance or friend, you may experience some change or trouble in your relationship with that person. Please think carefully about whether there was any trouble with the other party.

A dream that is stabbed many times

If the dream of being stabbed with a knife many times and bleeding is impressive, it is a dream fortune-telling that means that your problems and luck will flow out.

The blood that has been stabbed and spilled symbolizes your luck, but it is good if only bad luck or troubles flow out, but be careful as there is a risk that even money luck will flow out as a set.

However, an unnatural dream that has been stabbed many times but does not bleed at all shows a loss of luck in dream fortune-telling. There is an increasing risk of prolonged troubles and poor physical condition, so please be careful.

Dreams that happen many times

If you wake up in a dream, it’s still a dream, and if you repeat what happens in your dreams many times, it means that you are mentally exhausted. You may not be able to get enough rest because you are busy working and studying.

Oneiromancy teaches you to rest your body and soul before you get sick due to stress or tiredness.

Dream to start over again

The dream of doing the same thing over and over again is a sign that you are in a very tense state. It seems that the desire to accept the uncertain and unrelenting reality is reflected in the dream of repeating it many times.

Also, there is a possibility that it is a sign of positiveness that we want to manage the current situation. There may be hints to overcome the situation in the things that are repeated many times.

A dream that goes the same way many times

The road in oneiromancy is a symbol of your past and future, so to speak, life. If the road you’ve taken many times is difficult to walk or has poor visibility, it’s a hint of poor luck. You may be in trouble.

If you walk and follow straight roads many times, it means that your life itself is going well.

Be aware that if you follow the same winding road many times, it implies that you are likely to have some trouble.

A dream of repeating the same work over and over

If the dream of repeating the same thing over and over is impressive, it’s a dream fortune telling that you’re feeling pretty tired mentally.

The desire to manage the current situation that does not come to mind is reflected in the dream of repeating the same work over and over again.

The hint may be hidden in the work that was repeated many times. Luck itself is on the rise, so don’t give up and keep trying to open up your luck.

Dreams of dying many times

The dream of dying may not be very pleasant, but in oneiromancy, death represents rebirth. In other words, the dream of dying is a sign that your luck will improve!

If you die many times, the current situation is harsh and it may reflect your strong desire to improve.

Luck itself is on the rise, so it may be a tough situation right now, but things will be going well in the future.

Have the same dream many times

Having the same dream over and over again is more meaningful than having the dream itself over and over again. You may have strong stress or an unrecovered trauma.

It is also thought that a strong desire was reflected as an emphasis on the meaning.

The thing that makes you feel like the same dream you’ve seen many times and that leaves a lasting impression on you is “something” that catches your heart. It will take a lot of rest and more effort to solve them.

Psychological state when dreaming to repeat many times

Dreams of repeating some action or phenomenon over and over often seem to make you want to do something about yourself. It is thought that the strong desire to manage this situation is reflected because the current situation is difficult and severe.

It is said that people can organize their thoughts and improve their ability to solve problems by dreaming. Don’t think it’s a dream, think that it is meaningful to repeat it many times, and make use of that content in the future.

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