What Does It Mean When You Dream About Arguing?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Arguing?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Arguing?

We each have an argument with someone else from time to time.

The discussion is in human nature; it is something we cannot resist altogether; it’s like fuel for our brain, in a way. It is an example of the complexity of human behavior.

Just as nothing in life is constantly in perfect balance, human relationships cannot be harmonious and relaxed all the time. The argument is dynamic and really good, although we often find it negative.

However, it is clear that we must know when it is enough. This is, you have admitted, the hardest part of any discussion!

It certainly happened that you felt relieved after having an intense argument with someone, no matter who was right in the end.

Other times, you definitely felt exhausted. It depends on the subject, the people involved, your current mental and emotional state, even physical and so on.

Humans are prone to argue, even about simple, not-so-important things and problems, compared to some bigger issues.

Everyone has their own reason for starting an argument.

Sometimes we argue about trivial, everyday things, sometimes to prove we are right, but also to defend ourselves or someone else, sometimes even deliberately to annoy someone and we have a lot of reason just to start a fight.

Our nature is, well, debatable.

Certain fights and arguments are, in fact, very positive. They are necessary to calm things down, to better understand our situation, to solve problems that worry us.

Discussions help us to ease our pain, get some relief, express our thoughts and feelings, let go of our frustration and even our fears.

Discussion is a characteristic practice unique to humans and has existed since the dawn of humanity on this planet.

We all argue from time to time. Perhaps our loved ones are the ones we argue with the most; it is a natural and normal part of people’s lives.

Arguing is something that makes our lives dynamic. Usually, discussions are not major conflicts, but just an explosion of disagreements that we have.

Small fights over everyday things are quite common in every home.

Arguments really get us. They act as fuel for taking action. So we might even consider discussing an energy fuel for life.

The energy that comes from an argument can be both bad and good; it can be a creative and driving force, but also a draining and negative energy.

However, argumentation represents activity, dynamics and life force.

Dreams about argument

Dreams of arguing can be unpleasant and uncomfortable, but they can also be relieving. Dream interpretation about quarrel depends on a whole list of factors.

Of course, it is important to take into account all the details of a dream.

Note where the argument takes place, who you are arguing with (or who are people arguing), who ‘wins’ and so on.

In general, the simplest explanation of dreams on the quarrel says that such dreams represent a channel of relief.

Dreams about quarrel are useful channels to vent all the frustrations and pressures we feel in reality, but we can’t find a way to let them out. Dreams about arguing are often associated with unresolved conflicts, unspoken mind, unexpressed and repressed negative emotions.

Often such dreams represent a subconscious need to express a palette of negative feelings; in fact, we don’t even have a conscience, like sadness, anger, sadness, sadness, weakness, guilt and frustration in general.

In some cases where there is real conflict, dreams of arguing could mean that you are going to face the person you have issues with and argue.

Dreams about arguing with a stranger

Dreams about arguing with a stranger usually have the same meanings as an argument in general. The dream suggests that you are frustrated and cannot find a way to express your dissatisfaction in your waking life.

This means that you may or may not be aware of the real things that are bothering you, but you feel restless and under pressure.

Arguing with a stranger usually symbolizes an inner conflict, not the one a dreamer is having with other people. The stranger represents a part of your own personality; the one you’re not proud of.

You probably struggle to change something in the way you think or behave in reality and it’s a hard thing to do.

If you dream of having an argument with a stranger, think about what was the subject of your confrontation.

This can help you realize what the problem is that is bothering you inside in your waking life.

If you can’t remember the subject, try to introspect and find out what parts of your personality, your actions and decisions make you feel frustrated.

Dreams about arguing with someone you know

If you dream of arguing with someone you know, for example with a friend, a partner, your brother, your parents or so, it probably means that you have an unresolved conflict with that person in reality.

This dream means that you are going to face someone with whom you already have a conflict or who will be in conflict with someone from your closest environment.

This dream could also mean that you are trying to avoid real conflict and feeling very restless about doing so.

Maybe the person you have a disagreement with is right and you are not; you are aware of it, but you are not willing to accept the truth and admit that you were wrong.

Dreams about arguing with a person you know very well could help you resolve a real conflict. Such dreams could even offer a good solution that both of you are failing to see in reality.

Sometimes the conflict resolves itself in your dream in a way that you no longer have to deal with in your waking life.

Often such dreams mean that you are trying to avoid responsibility for your actions. It could be something related to the business you have with someone else, or it could be something just for you.

You are not true to yourself and you find it difficult to accept that you have made a bad decision.

Dreams about a telephone argument

Dreams of having a phone argument symbolize your deep frustration at not getting the attention you feel you deserve in your waking life.

In reality, you find it difficult to speak your mind and draw attention to what you are doing.

You feel helpless and very angry. You feel like people who don’t deserve to be praised are getting the full spotlight.

The dream suggests that you should be more realistic. Maybe it’s something about your own actions and decisions that you should change. Don’t blame others for everything and stop being too proud of yourself.

Maybe you’re not really trying too hard, but you expect to be respected and admired. Think about it.

A telephone argument in a dream also means that you have been put aside in reality; no one is listening to what you have to say, in your work, in your social environment, even in your relationship or your family life.

Perhaps there is something you should change in your attitude. Don’t demand others to listen to you, because it irritates people and you reject them. Try a different approach.

Dreams about stopping an argument

If you dream that you had a role of mediator in a conflict between other people, it is a very positive dream.

It suggests how amazing diplomatic skills you have. You must work to develop your talents, because you are someone who easily deals with problems on the main plane; you have great organization and guidance skills.

The dream suggests that you are about to experience good things in your life, which means that you will be proud of yourself for doing something.

You are an altruistic person who is ready to dedicate your life to doing things for society. Think about it, because it could be a very good life path for you.

Also, this dream means that maybe there is a real situation in your waking life that you feel you should step in and help you settle down.

Maybe you were thinking about it, but you’re still not sure if you should act. The dream suggests that you should and would be a good thing to do.

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