What Does It Mean When You Dream About Clowns?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Clowns?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Clowns?

Clowns are artists and actors, who work mainly in circuses. With the gags they make, they aim to make people laugh, most of whom are children. Many people don’t like clowns, or are afraid of them.

The reasons are mainly many horror books and movies with clowns as main characters.

Clowns have masks on their faces and we don’t know what’s behind the mask. That’s why they symbolize something unknown and unexpected, as well as deceit and betrayal. Clowns have many different roles, usually happy or goofy as well as sad ones.

Each person has a different association of clowns. Some people find them amusing, others fear them, while others feel sorry for them. Because of this, the meaning of such dreams depends on your personal association and feelings towards clowns.

Clowns often point to some issues you have to deal with soon. In some cases, they can indicate exaggeration in some aspects of your life. Sometimes clowns can indicate that you need more fun and enjoyment in life.

This dream could be a reminder to enjoy life more and start doing the things you want.

Often this dream indicates that you take on some roles in life, pretending and not appearing to others as you really are. It can indicate secrets and hide something from others.

Sometimes these dreams indicate pretending to be happy, while in reality you feel sad, depressed or hopeless.

Sometimes dreams about clowns represent remembering some past moments in life when you were happier and life was simpler. Maybe you want those moments to come back.

These dreams could also be a sign of childish behavior or ease of life, or appreciating simple things. In some cases, it indicates your lack of consideration.

A happy clown in a dream indicates satisfaction with your current life circumstances while a sad one usually indicates disappointments and sadness about some life situations.

People who are afraid of clowns may experience a dream as a nightmare. This dream for them could indicate that they are being threatened by someone. Maybe someone might try to hurt them and subconsciously they feel it.

A dream about clowns often indicates hiding your true self from others. This dream could also indicate your ability to entertain other people, making them laugh and feel happy.

You may be prone to behaving goofy or having a hard time keeping yourself serious.

Sometimes this dream indicates something that is causing you embarrassment or you are afraid of looking stupid or foolish in some situations.

This dream often represents an encouragement to endure some difficult situations and laugh even if you don’t feel like thinking about the time when problems will be a thing of the past.

Dreams About Clowns – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming of you as a clown – If you dreamed that you were a clown, that dream could be a warning. Maybe someone is trying to dominate you or manipulate you in some way. This person’s behavior may cause you public embarrassment, but luckily you will be able to deal with this person and avoid their attempts.

Dreaming of acting like a clown in front of people – If you dreamed of acting like a clown in front of an audience, that dream is often a bad sign, indicating misfortune and bad luck you could soon experience.

Dreaming of a clown attacking you and raping you – If you dreamed of being sexually assaulted and raped by a clown, that dream could indicate being unable to help but feel ashamed about something. You may feel humiliated for some reason and not be able to do anything to change it.

Dreaming of trying on a clown costume – if you dreamed of trying on a clown costume, that dream could represent your trust in others and believing that everyone has a good soul, ready to help and support others. This dream warns you because someone might try to use your kindness and naivety and take advantage of you.

Some dishonest people around you could cheat on you or betray you and possibly take away some of your assets. You may also be deceived by them in some wrong way.

Consider this dream a warning message to pay attention to the people around you and their true motives.

Often this dream is a warning to stay away from some people because they might jeopardize your reputation.

Dreaming of a clown in general – If you dreamed of a clown that dream could represent a warning. It could indicate being romantically involved with someone who could easily ruin your reputation and publicly embarrass you. It often indicates a lack of control in situations where you know your reactions should be different. Learn to control yourself and your actions.

Sometimes this dream indicates making new acquaintances that can be a bad influence on you and lead you to stray from yourself.

Consider this dream a serious warning and pay attention to the people you meet soon. Otherwise, you can cause a mess in your life.

Dreaming of a sad clown – If you dreamed of a sad clown, that dream could indicate that you did not trust some of your close family members or other relatives. You may be the one with a bad opinion and your family members may not know how you feel and think about them and would be very disappointed if they found out.

Dreaming of an evil clown – If you dreamed of an evil clown, that dream is usually a bad sign. It often indicates someone you consider close, being deceitful and dishonest towards you. Possibly that person may soon betray you or deceive you in some way, and cause you great disappointment.

Often, a dream about an evil clown indicates being afraid of embarrassing yourself in some way and being laughed at because of it.

If the evil clown was in your room, that dream could symbolize some well-hidden secrets of yours. It could indicate hiding your true self from others and representing a message from your subconscious to start showing your true face.

If the evil clown chased you in the dream, maybe the dream indicates that you have problems with other people because they don’t support your ideas and efforts.

Dreaming of being entertained by a clown – If you dreamed of seeing a clown show and in reality you like clowns, that dream has a good meaning for you. Your subconscious is trying to cheer you up after you’ve been through great difficulties in life. This dream is a confirmation that everything will go well in your life.

If, on the other hand, you are afraid of clowns, that dream could mean someone or something that is a big burden for you or that annoys you.

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