What Does It Mean When You Dream About Crocodiles?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Crocodiles?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Crocodiles?

Dreams about crocodiles or alligators are usually at least partially disturbing because the animals mentioned bring about the feeling of being in danger and threatened and of course scared.

In most cases with dreams related to crocodiles or crocodiles, people dream similar scenarios with these deadly animals chasing or biting them. It’s not funny at all, we have to admit.

These dreams are either extremely frightening and disturbing or, at the very least, unpleasant.

If you had any kind of dream about crocodiles or alligators, you would surely wonder what it could mean, especially if you live in a country where these animals could only be seen in the zoo.

Dreams about crocodiles and alligators have many interpretations but most commonly they reflect negative emotions from a dreamer’s waking life. A dreamer is more likely to feel uncomfortable, threatened and somehow threatened in reality.

Most people who dream of these dangerous exotic reptiles feel restless in their real life.

Maybe there are people around you who want to “bite” you, to hurt you and spoil your plans. Perhaps you are not even aware of their intentions or even who these people are.

Dreams about dangerous animals often reflect our difficulties in dealing with stressful or very negative situations in our waking lives. Our reluctance and discomfort to face challenges and take responsibility or accept consequences are common triggers for dreams related to dangerous animals.

However, the exact meaning of your crocodile or alligator dream depends solely on the personal and intimate details about your life and the dream itself. It would be helpful to memorize and recall details of your dream.

For example, it is not the same if the crocodile was calm and still or if it was aggressive. Try to remember if the reptile was on the ground or in the water, if it was swimming or running. All the details can be helpful when interpreting your crocodile/alligator dream.

Also, let’s talk about specific dreams with these large reptiles. Dreams about crocodiles and alligators are not as common as dreams about, say, dogs, wolves or various types of birds, but they still occur in many dreamers.

Of course, if you have recently seen a crocodile or an alligator, in the wild or in captivity, the very sight of such strong and frightening animals can make a big impression on you, so you still see it in your dreams.

Furthermore, we would like to mention that the interpretations are the same for both crocodiles and alligators in dreams, including other close relatives of these large reptiles such as alligators.

They all have many biological characteristics in common and they all belong to the order of crocodiles.

That’s why we refer to all of them as crocodiles. To make things clearer in the following paragraphs, we will simply use the term “a crocodile” for all these animals.

Dreams about seeing a crocodile

What if you see a crocodile in your dream? This terrifying reptile must have left an impression, no matter what the details of the dreams.

If you only saw a crocodile in your dream, without having any contact with it, your dream could be better interpreted through understanding the basic crocodile symbolism.

Crocodiles could symbolize many things, but most of the time they are associated with strength, patience, tact and lethality. If you have ever seen a crocodile in your dream, try to connect this symbol with your current real-life situation.

If you generally feel good and satisfied, a crocodile or crocodile can represent yourself. It means that you are strong and considerate about your decisions and actions. This can also be a reminder to stay calm and not let outside factors shake you and spoil your plans.

You are preparing to act and patiently work on your plans, with dedication, focus, and caution.

Just as a crocodile waits patiently for its prey to approach, you wait until the right opportunity presents itself. This can be a very positive dream.

On the negative side, seeing a crocodile in your dream may imply betrayal. If you generally feel insecure and like you can’t trust the people around you, the crocodile poses a threat.

Someone you trust may betray you or use you to achieve their own goals, without thinking about how it might affect you. Someone is hiding an unpleasant truth from you and you will be deeply disappointed when you find out what it was all about.

It may be something intended to harm you or something with a good intention, but it has not been successful.

Seeing a crocodile in your dream can have another positive interpretation and it is about protection and guardianship. If you feel strangely calm and good seeing such a terrible creature in your dream, the crocodile possibly represents a strong and influential figure from your waking life.

It is someone who is always keeping an eye on you and cares about you, even if you are not aware of his or her protection.

The person is not pushing or pushing; he or she just wants to always make sure you feel safe and secure. That person could be your parent, your best friend, your partner, even your mentor, your boss, your doctor, or anyone else you feel close to.

This type of dream is always related to an invisible and subtle form of protection that doesn’t put you in a cage, doesn’t control you and has nothing to do with manipulation.

It could also mean that someone you see and is insensitive really cares deeply about you.

Dreams about a crocodile in the water

Dreams about a crocodile or an alligator in the water are usually positive, especially if you feel good about such a vision in your dream; that is, you don’t feel scared, but curious about it.

The crocodile represents your talent, strength and potential if the animal stays still in the water. Water is their natural environment and crocodiles are familiar with it.

This dream means that you feel comfortable in your environment, like a fish in the sea or, better said, a crocodile in the water.

If the animal is calm and you can’t see its whole body because it’s partially covered in water, it means that you really have incredible abilities, talents and potentials, but you’re afraid to show them off.

You are a talented but insecure person; you must think better of yourself. You hide your talents because you are afraid of others’ judgment or you think you would be laughed at.

Maybe you too follow a path that is out of the mainstream, so you feel like you might be rejected by people.

This dream suggests that you have a lot of inner strength, both emotionally and mentally; you should be more courageous, because there is nothing to stop you from progressing except your own restrictions. You feel good about staying in your comfort zone, where you have everything you currently need.

However, a very silent and not very silent inner voice tells you that you really want something more. The time has come to leave your safe haven.

Dreams about a crocodile on the ground

If you dream of a crocodile out of water, it means that you are not comfortable with your current life situations.

You can handle it, but you feel awkward, as if you are continually and unsuccessfully trying to fit in. You feel your best when you are used to staying in the environment you are used to, maintaining relationships with people you already know. You don’t like change, especially not big changes. They make you insecure and scared.

However, this dream can have a positive meaning. It may reflect your feeling of discomfort with the current situation, which is not negative at all. You just need more time to get used to the positive changes.

If you’re the type of person who likes routine, well-established schedules and habits, you may feel shaken and out of the way, even as you face positive change. You’ve probably embraced a new opportunity in your waking life, but you still wonder if the decision was the right one.

Dreams about an aggressive crocodile

Dreams about an aggressive crocodile can be very upsetting even if the animal didn’t bite you in your dream or anything else.

An aggressive crocodile represents incredibly strong emotions, especially feelings of helplessness, anger, and sadness. We talked about a type of dreams in which you only see an aggressive crocodile.

Animals are a symbol of your suppressed emotions or those that are so strong that you cannot control them either in your waking life or in your dreams.

An angry crocodile in the water represents your terrible fear of change. You literally can’t imagine your life any differently and you’re really anxious about some changes you’ve been thinking about.

You can’t influence everything, so you have to deal with certain new plans and new organization (eg moving to another place, job changes, changes in some family relationships, etc.).

However, such a thing makes you feel restless, anxious, and angry with them. You like your life to be calm, without large amplitudes.

If you dream of an angry crocodile on the ground, it means that you feel helpless and manipulated by others.

You don’t fit in and you don’t feel comfortable speaking your mind. You let others control you, even though you are very aware that things can be different.

However, you don’t have the will or motivation to stand up to those who control your decisions and actions.

You let them do it and you feel very angry. You are angry with them, as well as extremely dissatisfied with your own behavior.

Dreams about being attacked by a crocodile

Dreams about being chased and/or attacked by a crocodile are extremely unpleasant, frightening and terrifying depending on the particular scenario.

If you are being chased by a crocodile in our dreams, this could be a reflection of a threat to your waking life, a threat that you are either aware of or not.

On the other hand, this dream could also mean that you are trying to run away from yourself, which means that you do not want to face the consequences of something you have said or done.

A crocodile is a reptile and reptiles are symbolically associated with something ancient, primitive. They symbolize our instincts, our unconscious part of the mind. Therefore, dreams about being chased or attacked by a crocodile mean that you instinctively react to certain real-life situations.

It can also be a warning sign; your intuition is perhaps so strong that it uses dreams as a channel to alarm you at the right time. Analyze your current life circumstances and think about possible dangers.

Dreams about being attacked by a crocodile could also mean that you are likely to be betrayed by people you trust a lot. You will be angry, sad and disappointed at the same time and you will not know what to do with such strong emotions.

Partly, you’re also feeling scared, because now you’re suspicious of everyone and don’t trust anyone.

If you dream of a crocodile attacking another person, it reflects your concerns about someone dear to you. This dream is not uncommon in those who have children and it may reflect their fears about what could happen to their little ones.

It may be a reflection of being overly concerned and overreacting to normally potentially dangerous situations in waking life (for example, if a child cuts himself, if a child is a little sick, if a child is late for dinner, or so).

Particularly, dreams about a crocodile attacking or biting a child reflect the parents’ overprotective behavior.

Dreams about taming a crocodile

If you dream of trying to tame a crocodile, it means that you are looking for peace within yourself.

You are finally ready to face the consequences of your actions and decisions and to embrace yourself as you are. You are ready to change yourself for the better, being aware of your flaws and things that could be improved.

Taming a crocodile in a dream symbolically represents calming your primal, instinctual side and putting more sense into everything you do.

On the other hand, dreams about taming a crocodile mean that you are ready to forgive people who have hurt you in the past. It will bring you incredible relief and you will feel much better.

You don’t want to burden yourself with sick thoughts about people and now you know what gets done – gets done. There is no turning back, because life goes on. This realization will make you feel good about yourself and help you move forward.

Dreams about taming a crocodile and stepping on its back means that you are really close to achieving balance between your instinct and your sense. You know there are things you have to accept and things you can improve on.

This dream means that your emotions, thoughts and actions are being synchronized and harmonized. Another meaning of this dream is that you rose above your problems and started thinking very rationally about them.

This means that you will definitely be able to handle all the challenges ahead of you, you just have to believe in yourself.

Dreams about getting on the back of a crocodile mean that you are either conquering your own bad sides and negative thoughts and emotions, or you are dealing with certain problems in your waking life successfully.

Whatever the true meaning of this dream, it is generally positive and encouraging.

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