What Does It Mean When You Dream About Elevators?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Elevators?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Elevators?

Elevators are not a common dream motif, but when they occur, they can be a metaphor for your emotions or life events. Elevators are metaphorically used to describe things in a person’s life, going up or down. Elevators symbolize success and failure, retreat and leadership, revolt or loss of power, and more. Elevators have a double symbolism and are very strong motifs both in reality and in dreams, when used as a metaphor.

Often people would describe certain events in their lives through an elevator metaphor.

The meaning of a dream related to an elevator will depend on many factors, but there is one that will possibly decide the further course of interpretation. The crucial thing to think about is the direction of movement of the elevator.

Dream meanings about elevators are easier to understand if you think about whether the elevator was moving up or down. The next important thing is to determine where you were in the dream.

Were you inside the elevator or did you just see him? All details are also important. Were you alone in the elevator? If not, who was with you? Was it a human? Did the elevator work well or was it broken? Did you know where you were going in the elevator?

You know, there are a lot of details that we’re likely to skip and just focus on the essence of a dream. However, these details are useful for interpreting the deeper meaning behind dreams.

Dreams about elevators are quite rare compared to other types of dreams where you go somewhere, using certain technological assistance or a vehicle.

Situations and emotions from our waking life often reflect on our dreams or dreams serve as a channel to exercise those thoughts and feelings that we are unaware of in reality.

Anyway, dreams are useful and very useful, especially those with strong motives, like elevators. If you had a dream about an elevator, think about your current life circumstances.

Do you feel like you are heading in a good direction and your intuition is telling you that you are doing well?

In this case, you most likely had a dream about an elevator in good working order, moving upwards. The interpretation may vary, but this can be an extremely positive sign and vice versa.

If you feel sad and hopeless, chances are you dream about a broken elevator, an elevator going down or something.

Dreams about elevators

Okay, we have seen some of the basic meanings about elevator related dreams. The problem is that elevators in a person’s dream are usually a metaphor for that person’s emotional state.

Often, we don’t know if there is something that makes us feel uneasy in reality.

Dreams about elevators could help us to recognize such things and eventually resolve them in our waking life. For example, a person feels sad, but still cannot understand exactly why.

If you dream of an elevator in a negative context, for example a broken one or one that is going down, this definitely reflects your emotional state at the time of the dream. In this case, an elevator is a metaphor for negative emotions, such as feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, sadness, lack of aim, and so on.

Think about elevator details; advertising stickers, buttons and their numbers and so on. Perhaps there is a detail that gives you an easily recognizable sign and helps you understand what problems you should focus on solving in reality.

This was just one example; in the following paragraphs we will go into more detail and instructions on interpretations of this type of dreams.

You can feel good in your waking life too, of course, in which case you’d probably dream of a clean, shiny elevator that would take you to higher floors.

It could be a reflection of your possible professional promotion, financial or social success, positive emotions in general, bold decisions and so on.

Dreams about seeing an elevator

If you dream of seeing an elevator, the dream is a reflection of your waking life dreams, fantasies, desires and possible plans.

You want to move forward and succeed in life, but you still have no idea how to carry out your ideas. You probably have some good ideas about what you’d like to do, even as it could be possible, but you’re still waiting for the right opportunity.

Right now, you are watching. You see the door to your possible success, but you are still uncertain whether or not you should walk through it. This dream is a good dream in general.

Especially if the elevator seems to work fine.

However, if you just stand there for a long time, watching people get off or on the elevator, it reflects your insecurity, lack of real motivation, lack of self-confidence.

Don’t wait too long; Patience is golden, but you can also miss out on a lot of good opportunities if you never dare to get on the elevator, metaphorically speaking.

You may feel insecure about your decisions before you have actually made any of them.

You are afraid if the elevator will take you up or down and you feel as if you are not the one who should push the desired button. Try to be more self-confident in reality; you don’t have much to lose, really.

Even if you fail, the elevator of your life will find a way to get you back up again. Just believe you can, don’t be so afraid of life’s uncertainty.

Dreams about going up in an elevator

Dreams about taking an elevator up are positive dreams. It’s a good sign for all aspects of your life, but most likely it’s limited to your professional and financial success.

This dream means that you are doing well and that you are successful in your work environment in the first place. It may even symbolically imply a new and better job or a higher salary. This dream also means that your plans and ideas will be brought to life.

Dreams about an elevator that takes you up symbolically represent fulfillment, big plans, new goals, success, glory and fortune. This dream represents you as an independent, self-sufficient and very capable individual.

If you’re alone in the elevator, it’s a warning sign of a loneliness that great success brings with it. If you are with other people, it means that you fit in well in their social environment and have a prominent place among people.

However, if the elevator is crowded and going up, it means you have to work really hard to get to the top. There are many other contenders for a position you would like to win, for example.

Not that others are trying to bring you down, but you will have to prove your skills and talents, so that others recognize your potential. Ad astra per aspera, says the Latin proverb.

You should get to work and it will definitely pay off.

Dreams of going down in an elevator

Dreams about going down an elevator are usually reflections of negative emotions and situations.

If you find yourself alone in an elevator going down slowly, it reflects your current, sad state of mind and your feelings. You are losing hope that things can get better in your life and you lack the energy and motivation to change things.

In short, you are in a stage of surrendering to your dark thoughts. However, this dream can wake you up and make you realize that this is not where you want to be.

If you dream of an elevator going down and being inside it with someone you know, it means a family tragedy, loss of financial sources, loss of home or any similar kind of mutual crisis.

However, you are not alone; you have each other to support each other.

The dream is to remind you that you must wake up and use all your strength to at least start looking at life differently. The most important thing to note is that there are others who need help and support, too.

If the elevator is crowded and going down, it symbolically represents a situation where many people will suffer together. It sounds scary, but it doesn’t have to be a big tragedy.

For example, it may reflect your fear that the workplace you are in is going to close, so you and your colleagues will lose jobs. On the other hand, it could also mean that all the students are about to fail an exam or something less.

Dreams about a broken elevator

If you dream of a broken elevator that does not react to any buttons, kicks or anything else you do but you are not stuck inside it is a good warning sign type of dream.

It means that you must abandon certain plans or ideas, because they will definitely get you nowhere.

There are a lot of pointless ideas and decisions we make, but it’s never too late to change your mind.

You are stubborn, however, so don’t give up until it proves that what you were thinking is simply useless.

Dreams about being stuck in an elevator

If you dream of being stuck inside an elevator, it means that you are stuck in certain situation in your life and you cannot see the way out. It’s usually a rather unpleasant situation than a scary or really threatening situation, but it drives you crazy.

For example, you can’t see the way out of a minor financial crisis or you can’t finish a project or you have an argument with a loved one and it’s still unresolved.

However, if you dream of having spent a lot of time in a broken elevator, it means that you are in serious trouble in real life. You have accumulated a lot of problems and you are suffocating.

This dream could be a reflection of extremely intense feelings of being helpless, manipulated and controlled by others. You can’t just press the button and make the elevator move; you need the help of others.

This dream could also mean that you should be less proud of yourself and ask others for advice or help.

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