What Does It Mean When You Dream About Eyes?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Eyes?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Eyes?

The eyes are a window to a person’s soul; the one through which we could see his thoughts, said the famous Victor Hugo. We believe the same.

All over the world, through the ages, history and various cultural systems, people have always believed that the eyes can hide and reveal a lot. In a way, these characteristics are common to any living creature.

In the case of us humans, the eyes can tell a lot about the character behind. Alternatively, at least, we believe we can see through them and get a better sense of someone’s personality.

The eyes, as a symbolic and metaphorical motif, are present in all popular belief systems, mythologies and superstitions, throughout the world.

To name a few of the most popular and widely known, you’ve probably heard of Egyptian Udjat and the well-known and mysterious All-Seeing Eye. The Eye of Horus or the Udjat, is an ancient Egyptian talisman that represents royal power, health and protection (it is basically a charm against bad luck and evil spirits).

Another surprising example, the Eye of Providence, associated with various concepts, mysteries and beliefs (the symbol of the all-seeing eye, with its origins in Christianity, where it is represented as the eye of God).

It is also considered a protective and powerful symbol.

The magic of eye symbolism

You’ve probably seen some other amazing examples of powerful eye talismans. One is the nazar, an amulet made of deep blue, clear, white and black glass, shaped like an eye, meant to protect its wearer from evil eyes and misfortune.

It originates from the Ottoman Turks and is common in countries ranging from Azerbaijan to Macedonia.

The so-called evil eye is the universal symbol of bad luck and misfortune. To be more precise, it is actually a type of curse where someone is bewitched by a malevolent gaze. It usually happens when the victim is not aware.

People all over the world have invented all kinds of talismans to take with them for protection against this curse; these are usually conceived as eyes.

One of the most famous ancient philosophers, Plato, claimed that the human soul has its eye, which is necessary to understand the truth. Silesius, a noted mystic, physician and priest of the 17th century, went even further.

He stated that the human soul has two eyes; one turned to time and the other to eternity. These are examples of how strong the symbolism of the eyes is.

The eyes are used to seeing around, but also to being seen through them. The famous anthropologist Desmond Morris considers the eyes one of the most interesting and informative features of a human face.

It’s the first thing people would notice about another person; they will look someone else in the eye first, before they notice anything else.

This is well proven by psychological research and statistics.

Dreams about eyes

Now, when we’ve had a look at how powerful the eyes can be in the symbolic sense, let’s discover the power of this motif in our dreams.

What does it mean to dream about eyes and how can we interpret such dreams?

Rarely would a person dream of an isolated motif of eyes, but every dreamer will be sure if the eyes are the most important feature of the dream.

Dreams about eyes and vision in general can tell us something about ourselves, but also more about people around us or people we are about to meet. The eyes are a mirror to our souls, many people say.

Every detail about someone’s eyes is considered to be full of meaning and information about that person. Try connecting the eyes you see in dreams with someone from your waking life.

If you see your own eyes (eg in a reflection, in a mirror, in a photograph or otherwise), try to remember what they looked like.

The strangest and rarest type of eye-related dreams is the one about having eyes different from your innate ones; for example, eyes of a different color or shape, eyes of an animal, demonic eyes, eyes of another person.

All these dreams have specific meanings. The exact interpretation falls to a dreamer, of course. We will do our best to provide as many answers as possible to these complex dreams.

The symbolism of the eyes is strong in reality; in our dreams, eye motifs have combined meanings.

They always feature a little bit of general symbolism, a little bit of specific symbolism, and a lot of the more intimate information.

Dreams about blue eyes

Blue eyes in dreams symbolize love, longing and romanticism. This dream means that you probably miss someone very much; someone who is far away and you haven’t seen him in a long time. It could be a good friend or a person you are in love with, for example.

Blue eyes symbolize memories.

The dream reflects your nostalgia and melancholy about past times.

You try to forget and move on, but you can’t. This is not a negative dream; it only reflects the difficulties we have in accepting things that are no longer as they used to be.

Also, that doesn’t mean things have changed for the worse, but they’re definitely not the same.

However, it also means that not all of these will stop you moving forward, it’s just that it’s never an easy thing to do.

Blue eyes, if you dream of having them (and in reality you don’t), also symbolize loneliness. It means that all these difficult times you will go through by yourself, away from the eyes of others.

You have the strength to do it and you prefer to do it yourself. You don’t like others to see your weaknesses.

Dreams about green eyes

Green eyes symbolize jealousy, turbulent love life, possible adultery.

The dream suggests that your partner is not so honest with you; not necessarily that he or she is cheating on you, but they are not telling the truth about something.

The color green is often associated with lies.

Green eyes usually represent dishonesty and disloyalty. However, they can also symbolize white lies; maybe your partner is hiding something from you, but not out of bad intentions.

Most likely, he or she wants to save you from harm and spare you unnecessary worries.

Dreams about brown eyes

Dreams about brown eyes are positive. Brown eyes represent romance, love, affection, warmth and desire.

His dream suggests that someone wants you very much. It’s probably someone close to you; however, he or she has difficulty expressing his or her feelings toward you.

They are probably afraid that you will reject them. The dream suggests that you should pay more attention to what is happening around you and how people behave in your presence.

You could discover new connections with someone in your closest environment.

Dreams about bloody eyes

Dreams about eyes that don’t look healthy or that are bloody represent negative things, no matter if someone else’s eyes look that way or yours.

This dream means that someone is about to get hurt, emotionally. Bleeding eyes are also a sign of illness, so it would be good to check this out.
Bloody eyes are associated with crying, sadness, misery, sadness, misfortune.

This dream means that you should be suspicious more than usual, especially about people who claim to be your friends but disappear when you have problems.

Bleeding eyes in dreams can mean that you are going to get hurt by someone you trusted.

Dreams about vision loss

Dreams about loss of vision or, even more dramatic, loss of eyes, are rare and particularly unpleasant and frightening dreams. Such dreams always convey strong messages and you should try to interpret them as best you can.

Possibly, such a dream suggests that you are failing to see what is happening around you.

For example, you are failing to realize that someone else controls your life, manipulates your decisions and actions.

It could also mean that you don’t realize how your actions, behavior and attitude affect the lives of other people, your closest ones, in the first place.

It could also mean that you are failing to see if someone needs your help, support, and love. In general, these dreams are negative, but they can help you to realize what you don’t realize in reality. Paradoxically, dreams about losing sight and eyes are eye-opening dreams.

It is a reflection of what you are not aware of in reality. You are looking around, but your focus is narrow and you fail to see many things.

It could also be something related to your future; because of your narrow perspective, you are about to miss out on valuable opportunities.

Dreams about having eyes that aren’t yours

Dreams of having eyes that are not like your real ones are confusing and uncomfortable.

Such dreams really reflect those parts and sides of your personality that you are unaware of in reality.

If you dream of having eyes of different colors than your natural eye color, it reflects ideas and concepts related to dream interpretations about a particular eye color.

In this case, it means that this or that emotion worries you, so you should think about it.

If you dream of having eyes that are not human, you are letting your instincts guide you rather than your reason (for example, if you dream of having the eyes of an animal).

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