What Does It Mean When You Dream About The Color Yellow?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About The Color Yellow?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About The Color Yellow?

The yellow color symbolizes the sun, light, energy, health, warmth and joy. In chromotherapy, it is considered a very positive and beneficial color, but also one that should not be used in large quantities; for example, if you are painting and decorating a room.

Too much energetic yellow color can make you feel upset and anxious.
There are claims that babies are generally more sensitive and irritable if their room is painted yellow.

Yellow attracts attention, yellow gives energy, and yellow can be really annoying. Yellow and black are a common combination to draw attention. That’s why warning signs are usually painted in these two colors.

The color yellow is also present in heraldry and represents honor and loyalty in flags and coats of arms.

However, yellow is also sometimes considered a symbol of cowardice and jealousy. The color yellow always stands out, so it’s a common choice for advertisements and product packaging.

Many food sources are yellow. We eat grains, vegetables, fruits, yellow plants; therefore, yellow is a symbol of health and the gifts of nature.

Speaking of nature, yellow represents one of the colors of autumn, harvest and the sun. Yellow is the color with which we represent fire, along with red and orange. It symbolizes warmth, life and good health.

Gold is also associated with the color yellow. When people try artistically and in a stylized way to represent something gold, they are likely to use some yellow paint.

So yellow can symbolize wealth, but it’s not that common association.

The secret meanings of yellow also depend on a particular hue. For example, pale pale yellow symbolizes youth, optimism and joy, while dusty yellow can be associated with illness, jealousy and caution.

Dreams about yellow

The color yellow is a more or less present motif in dreams. Although you are not very likely to dream about yellow as an abstract idea or even about yellow paint, you are likely to have dreams about yellow objects.

In dreams, yellow means different things, depending, of course, on what is painted yellow or whether an object is naturally yellow.

The most common interpretation is that the color yellow in dreams means jealousy and something that draws attention.

Dreams about yellow flowers

Yellow flowers represent joy and happiness, so dreaming of picking yellow flowers from meadows or receiving a bouquet made of yellow flowers are good omens. It means that you will experience something good very soon.

It could also mean that you are about to start over and see some new opportunities in life.

However, yellow flowers are not always a good sign.

Yellow roses are normally considered a symbol of jealousy. If you see yellow roses in your dream, it means that either you are jealous of someone or there are people who are jealous of you.

If you are buying or giving yellow roses, it reflects your discomfort and envy and if someone gives you yellow roses, he or she has bad intentions towards you.

Dreams about yellow clothes

Dreams about yellow clothes could mean opposite things. If you are buying and wearing yellow clothes, it means that you are not afraid to stand up for your cause or that you like to be the center of attention.

Maybe you feel like you’re in the shadows of others and want to be seen and taken seriously.

On the other hand, it means that you will definitely not be taken seriously and that others will most likely laugh at you and your ideas.

The bright yellow suit is usually an object of laughter, so if you dream of wearing it, it most likely means that you will be laughed at.

On the other hand, a bright yellow dress can be a positive sign for the ladies.

If you are a woman and you dream of wearing a yellow dress, it means that you will definitely be in the spotlight and that you will enjoy attracting attention.

Dreams about yellow food

Dreams about yellow food are good. Yellow is the color of many natural sources of delicious and nutritious foods such as bananas, corn, sweet yellow apples, pears, potatoes and many more.

Dreams about eating yellow food mean that you will be in good health and have a lot of energy.

Yellow food in dreams symbolizes strength, abundance and well-being.

Dreams about yellow skin

Dreams about yellow skin are not so good. These dreams imply that something is wrong with your health if you have yellow skin in your dream, or with someone else’s health if your skin is yellow.

Dreams about having yellow skin usually occur in people who neglect their essential needs because they work too much or worry constantly, or a mixture of both.

This dream reminds you to rest, recharge and take care of your physical self. On the other hand, yellow skin is not about your physical state, but about your mental state.

This dream could mean that you are not feeling good about yourself.

You feel like you can never fit in and you feel too exposed and emotionally vulnerable. You take everything others say seriously and personally and it makes you paranoid and look ridiculous.

Yellow paint dreams

If you paint objects or walls in yellow in your dream, it means that you will let go of your worries and surrender to the joys of life. This is a positive dream and suggests better days are ahead.

This dream also reflects your own determination to change things for the better. You’ve decided to stop feeling sorry for yourself for things you didn’t do or lost and you’re ready to start all over again.

You want to attract happy events by turning to good things in life because now you realize they exist.

Yellow ink represents good company, having fun and enjoying life.

Painting things yellow in a dream means new beginnings, new opportunities and positive thinking.

You end up with dark thoughts and you don’t want them to paint your world black ever again.

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