What Does It Mean When You Dream About Tornadoes?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Tornadoes?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Tornadoes?

Strong winds like tornado can carry strong symbolism, especially if a person dreams about it.

The power of the wind is commonly associated with the destructive energy of nature itself; the one that humans adore and fear at the same time. Winds are something that represents constant motion, activity, strength and liveliness.

The tornado, seen as one of the strongest and most destructive types of wind, clearly symbolizes devastating power; on the one hand in the symbolic sense, the tornado represents total destruction and horror.

On the other hand, every natural destructive phenomenon that induces fear in people for life and survival, in the symbolic sense, represents a possibility of a new beginning, renewal, rebirth, new opportunities and options.

The Tornado represents a magnificent, powerful, unconquerable and dizzying force. Tornado destroys everything and has no mercy. In that sense, it symbolizes forces of destruction, but seen as an inevitable part of the cycle of creation.

The tornado destroys everything, making it clear that everything has to be built from nothing. This is just part of the natural cycles of change.

No end, no beginning; without destruction, there is no creation, and so on, until the end of the world as we know it. Destructive energies are symbolically always strongly related to those of birth and creation of a newer and better world.

The tornado represents aggression and threat and is commonly used as a metaphor for such concepts in art and literature.

The Tornado and other related devastating winds are often featured in mythology and folktales. They often appear in creation myths and always play an important role in new world building quests.

In mythology, the tornado often symbolizes the inevitable and necessary destruction that leads to the establishment of a new value system and a more beautiful and prosperous environment.

Dreams about tornadoes convey all these concepts and ideas at the deeply personal level of a dreamer.

Dreams about tornadoes

Dreams about tornadoes reflect the strongest of human emotions. When a tornado appears in a dream, it actually represents an escalation of the person’s waking life emotions that are somehow contained, silenced and repressed.

Such dreams can reflect certain emotions that are so strong and overwhelming in reality that they completely blind a person and affect all his thoughts and actions.

On the other hand, they can be reflections of such deeply rooted emotions, usually frustrations and tensions built up over a longer period; are emotions that a dreamer (unconsciously) does not express in reality.

Whatever the real cause, tornadoes in dreams are always a metaphor for a release valve for these emotions.

Tornado in dream helps a dreamer to express and let go of some of these strong feelings even if not in waking life.

General interpretation of dreams related to tornado

Dreams about tornadoes may seem scary but they are usually positive. They are a special channel for our stressed minds to let go of things that we can’t always express in reality.

Frustrations that make a person feel miserable and lead to destructive behaviors, especially self-destructive ones, can be dangerous for our body, mind and soul. Dreams help us to deal with them.

On the other hand, positive emotions can also be devastating if excessive, so dreams about destructive energies like tornadoes also help with them.

Changes and turnovers

In general, tornadoes symbolize sudden and inevitable changes, which can come as a result or consequence of devastating but short-term actions. There are many things in life that we are unable to foresee or even imagine.

And yet, they happen suddenly and surprise us, in a positive or negative way. If you dream of a tornado, it could mean a big change soon.

The tornado sweeps away everything you’ve ever known and you’ll have to start over.

This interpretation related to change can be quite disturbing as it is human nature to be afraid of change.

People really love routine and when that routine is shaken, we become insecure and fragile.

However, it depends on your personality and the nature of the changes, of course. If you keep dreaming about tornadoes, try to think about situations in your current life.

There are certainly some signs of an upcoming change; the dream comes as a warning and a blessing.

Emotional disorders

In most cases, dreams about natural destructive phenomena like devastating winds reflect a dreamer’s current emotional state.

Generally, such dreams are a channel for a dreamer to express repressed emotions and build up frustrations and tensions that he or she is unable to express in reality, for whatever reason.

Perhaps a person is dissatisfied with their work, relationships with colleagues or friends, even with family members. Perhaps a person feels held back and under pressure in their emotional and romantic relationship.

On the other hand, some people get so emotional that even expressing those feelings in reality is not enough.

They need even more space to let those intense feelings out. In dreams, tornadoes, being aggressive, destructive, angry and intense, are a perfect imaginary channel for such emotions.

If that’s the case, the emotions we’re talking about are usually a combination of incredible anger, rage, feelings of helplessness, and weakness. Such strong feelings are usually expressed in reality, but they also reflect a person’s dreams.

Loss of control

The destructiveness of tornadoes could also symbolize certain unpleasant, harmful and harmful situations in a dreamer’s waking life. If there is something in your life that has been bothering you for a long time, it may reflect in your dreams.

Maybe you’ve found yourself inside a circle you can’t break; toxic work environment, certain obligations related to family life, a relationship that you feel doesn’t work anymore.

To make matters worse, you are not in charge; you feel weak, drained and manipulated.

A dream about tornado could symbolize your loss of control over emotions, which is best interpreted through the other two explanations we have given.

You feel like you don’t know yourself anymore; you cannot help yourself to act destructive, self-destructive, etc. You let yourself be shaken by emotions and don’t know how to get out of this situation. You worry a lot, you are anxious about everything in your life, but you are unable to calm down.

Also, dreams about tornadoes can be related to certain really upsetting and serious situations like realizing and finding out that you are sick or that someone you care about is sick.

Whether these are conditions with no known cause, long term or known to be fatal, a dreamer truly feels out of control.

It produces stress tones that are usually released through symbolic channels and means, such as dreams about devastating, sweeping, destructive forces.

Specific dreams about tornadoes

Now, when we have the picture, let’s move on to the interpretations of the most common dreams related to tornadoes. The meanings are quite similar as tornadoes are very determined in nature and could only be seen as destructive and powerful.

There is no such thing as becoming calm or benevolent, even if your true nature is neutral, natural.

However, in the symbolic sense, tornadoes are always destructive, but destructiveness itself can lead to creation and progress. Tornadoes suggest that a fresh start is not easy.

Dreams of seeing a tornado

Dreams of seeing a tornado can be related to any of the interpretations already given, but there are several that are more specific. Tornadoes in dreams can be an omen and a prediction of changes in your life.

Such changes are usually sudden and can be good or bad. However, dreams about tornadoes usually mean that such changes end up bringing progress and reward, even if they seem harsh and uncomfortable at first.

That means you will face challenges, big challenges, but you will overcome.

More specifically, certain interpreters claim that seeing a tornado in a dream indicates a conflict and confrontation in your waking life; you can no longer bear certain situations or people and you will face them and clear things up.

If a woman dreams of seeing a tornado, it means that most likely she would get into an argument with her partner/lover. Interestingly, many interpretations report that pregnant women are more likely to have tornado-related dreams.

Usually the case is that a woman is not yet aware of being pregnant, so such dreams are real blessings.

Dreams about seeing more than one tornado

If you see several tornadoes in your dream, but you are far from them and they cannot hurt you, it means that you have found yourself in a turbulent period of your life, but changes and problems around you will not affect any aspect of your life much. .

You will be able to save yourself; you have enough common sense not to take risks in turbulent times. You must be patient and wait for a storm to pass.

On the other hand, if tornadoes are too close, you may not be able to avoid problems and could get hurt.

Specifically, this dream could be related to financial failures, unresolved social relationships, a lot of conflicts in life in general.

Dreams about more than one tornado could also indicate that you have surrounded yourself with unstable characters, those who change moods and minds quickly and you never know what to expect from them.

Perhaps you should take a step back and take another, broader perspective.

So you will be able to see if some of these people harm you.

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