Wound Dream: 12 Types & Their Meanings

Wound Dream: 12 Types & Their Meanings

Wound Dream

A wound in a dream fortune-telling represents a trauma, stress, anxiety, etc. that you have.

Wounds are not limited to the body. It is thought that someone’s words or experience of failure will remain in you as pain that cannot be healed, and that will be reflected in the dream of a wound.

In many cases, the way of thinking about things is also negative, so it is characterized by a lot of bad signs. This time, I will introduce the dream of such a wound.

A dream that hurt my heart

If a dream that is emotionally shocked and traumatic is impressive, it means that your luck is low in oneiromancy.

It is important to note that there is an increasing possibility that negative events such as anger and sadness will cause a great deal of emotional movement.

Dream of self-harm

If you were doing any self-harm in any way, it’s a suggestion that you are now under intense anxiety and stress. It means that you are mentally cornered.

If the current situation continues, it may have a bad effect on your physical condition. Before you get sick in earnest, take a rest and resolve the causes of stress and anxiety.

Also, if an acquaintance or friend is self-harming, it is a sign that the other person is in a mentally difficult situation. It is probable that you felt the desire to help from something different than usual.

Please help the person by going out with a distraction or getting a consultation.

Dreams to hurt

A dream that you hurt someone else for some reason is a oneiromancy that means you are dissatisfied or stressed by the person you hurt.

Maybe you don’t have the mental space to spare, and the other person is too busy to repair the relationship.

If you don’t think you can stay as it is, you should take the time to discuss it.

Dreams to be hurt

A dream that is hurt by someone being cut with a knife is a sign that your health is declining. Please note that there is an increasing risk of being ill.

If you feel unwell, don’t overdo it and see a doctor as soon as possible.

Dreams of people with scars on their faces

A dream with a scar on the face means that for some reason your self-esteem is hurt or you are in a situation where your self-esteem is hurt.

If you have a scar on your face, you will hurt yourself, and if you have a scratch on someone else’s face, you will hurt your self-esteem.

A dream with an impressive scar

If the scars you once injured are impressive, it implies that you have failed in the past due to interpersonal trouble or love affairs.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable looking at the scars, it’s a sign that your troubles and failures at the time haven’t been digested or completely resolved.

But if the scars don’t make you feel uncomfortable, it means that your previous troubles and failures have been resolved within you. You will be able to make use of that experience in the future.

A dream full of scratches

If for some reason you’re impressed with a dream that’s full of scratches, oneiromancy shows that you’re out of luck. Be aware that there is an increasing risk of trouble or being disturbed by someone.

Also, a dream full of scratches may hurt you mentally. Don’t hold it by yourself, but talk to someone you can trust.

A dream of seeing a person full of wounds

The dream of seeing a person full of wounds is a dream fortune telling that the person is deeply hurt. If it was an acquaintance or friend who was full of scratches, watch over them gently and follow them if necessary.

Also, if the person who was full of scratches was a stranger, that stranger is your own symbol. In other words, it is a dream fortune telling that you are severely hurt mentally.

A dream that hurts my wounds

If the dream that the injured wound feels painful is impressive, it means that you are in poor luck in oneiromancy. Maybe I’m mentally unstable because I may be worried or anxious.

It’s also a suggestion that the way of thinking about things is completely backwards, so it seems that no matter what you do, it doesn’t work.

In order to switch to positive thinking, it is better to take a rest and relax.

A dream of healing wounds

The dream of being injured but healing the wound is a sign of rising luck! Even if we are in a difficult situation due to troubles and problems, it means that the situation will improve in the future and we will move toward a solution.

Things will go smoothly and you will be free from stress. Oneiromancy teaches us that we can open our luck by thinking positively.

Dream to sew a wound

If you can sew an injured wound cleanly, it will be a dream fortune telling that your luck will increase.

A sign that the relationship with the estranged partner is restored or the trauma is healed. It may take some time, but it will slowly come to a solution.

However, if you don’t sew the wounds cleanly, it means that you want to get rid of the broken interpersonal relationships and trauma, but you don’t get what you want.

It may be difficult to solve by yourself. Please consult with a reliable person or listen to your opinions to find a clue to the solution.

A dream of blood coming out of a wound

If the dream of bleeding a little from the wound was impressive, the oneiromancy suggests that you are still dragging the trauma you have inflicted in the past. Even though it is small, the trauma that cannot be healed will still hurt.

Also, if blood bleeds from the wound, it is a sign of good luck. You may have some trouble, but as a result, it will settle down for the better.

Oneiromancy tells us that even if you struggle to make ends meet financially, it will improve in the future.

Psychological state when dreaming about wounds

When you dream about a wound, it seems that you are often mentally unstable because you are still dragging the trauma of the past, or you have worries or anxieties.

However, if the wound is healed or you can sew cleanly, it is a sign of good luck! Please judge by the condition of the wound and who was injured.

Wounds are painful, but they will eventually heal. There is no medicine to keep in mind, but time will be resolved to some extent.

It may be difficult to completely forget the trauma and anxiety, but please try to overcome it with positive thinking.

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